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11 Of The Best Stretching Apps That You Need Today

Are You Looking for a list of the Best Stretching Apps for Android and iOS which will help you to live a stress-free life? 🤔 Then this article is dedicated to you only.

Without Any Further Delay, Let’s Explore

Exercise is big business. Either you’re coughing up thousands of dollars for gym memberships or you’re getting ripped off by a shabby personal gym instructor, it all comes down to you losing tons of money.

For some certain individuals who have got lots of money to spend, it doesn’t make any difference. All they’re interested in is staying flexible, losing weight, and getting fit.

What if there’s another way to lose weight at little or no expense, will you go for it? Some say, “no, I don’t have time, I don’t think I can do this,” but you have time to not do this?

Do you know that the biggest cause of obesity globally isn’t eating fatty foods? No, certainly not! The biggest cause of obesity by far is not doing anything to stay fit.

There are tons of physical activities to do around your house, at work, on the train home and lots more. Modern-day technology has simplified the process of losing weight with smart devices like fit bands, ultra shape trimmers, and even smartphone stretching apps.

For this article, we will be learning about how we can lose weight conveniently on our own through exercise and stretching, without having to cough up thousands of dollars to satisfy the ego of one gym instructor that’s always full of himself.

You have to admit that those killer abs they’ve got on them are very tempting, but you can attain that yourself at home by using the stretching apps that you’re going to learn about in this article.


Stretching is a form of exercise that helps the body to self-heal and stay consistently productive.

A recent study revealed that individuals who engage in stretching activities daily are more relaxed and stress-free. Stress-Free well-being means that you’ll be less susceptible to fatigue and bodily injuries. 

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People say “I want to stretch my body, but I don’t know how I can’t do it on my own. Those gym instructors are rip-offs.” If you fall within this category of people, then this article dedicated to stretching apps for Android and iOS is just what you need to live a stress-free life.

After digesting this article, please feel free to download the stretching app that appeals to you.

Please note:- Before you use these apps to engage in your stretching exercise routine, please ensure that you adhere to the instructions. Failure to do so might be catastrophic. You don’t want that.

Best Stretching Apps: Our Top Pick 👌👌

1. Stretching and Pilates Sworkit – Workout for Anyone

Stretching and Pilates Sworkit – Workout for Anyone is a free stretching app that is tailored for use on Android and iOS smart devices.

Stretching App

The app schematics is built to improve the flexibility of its user’s body and also the prevention of injuries during physical activities. There are over 100 workout and stretching routines that are built-in to the app.

There are also 3 different specialized workout routines in the Stretching and Pilates Sworkit app, they are:-

  1. Pilates essentials
  2. Full body stretch
  3. Head to toe stretch

Whichever routine appeals to your stretching goals, go for it.

The Stretching and Pilates Sworkit app elements are customizable, this means you can create a specific workout routine that suits your goal.

There are so many categories you can customize from, you can choose from Cardio, Stretching, Yoga, and Strength categories. It all depends on your stretching goals.


  • It has 3 unique workout modes you can perform
  • You can choose the time frame you want to use to perform your stretches, from 5 to 60 minutes or more
  • There’s a built-in video trainer that you can follow to perform your stretches or exercises

Whatever your stretching or workout goals are, Sworkit offers you personalized routines that you can adapt anywhere and anytime. By following the workout routines adeptly, you will achieve your stretching goals in the shortest possible time.

2. Flexibility Training & Stretching Exercise At Home

Flexibility Training & Stretching Exercise At Home is also a free stretching app that is tailored for the use of Android and iOS smart devices. The advantages of the Flexibility stretching app are numerous.

This app allows users to attain body shape goals easily and also stimulates their body flexibility.

Stretching App

The app constantly notifies you with tips to achieve your fitness and stretching goals. The app’s stretching routine is designed to prevent injuries that may arise during workout sessions.

 Another great advantage of this app is that it has an inbuilt learning process, where users can gain knowledge on how to perform different stretching routines like workout variations, warm-up variations, and Yoga routines on your Android or iOS device.

This app also improves muscular build, blood circulation, mediation, thought process, and lots more of its user’s body system.


  • You can perform over 60 bodyweight exercise
  • The App contains 4 dedicated romwod pieces of training
  • You do not require any equipment to engage in the exercise routines
  • There is an inbuilt voice coach
  • The app contains vivid HD video demonstrations
  • It is a unisex app that the elderly or youth can use to perform exercise routines
  • This app can be used in offline mode
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The beauty of this app is that it allows users to customize and build their workout routines. You don’t need to follow all the routines outlined in the app, it offers users true flexibility. With this app, users have the freedom to choose their rest intervals and exercise duration.

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3. StretchIt – Stretching and Flexibility Videos

Do you desire a stretching app that has stretching routine video content? Then the StretchIt app is the right choice for you. The StretchIt App is exciting flexibility and stretching app. 

Stretching App

Once you get the hang of it, learning new stretching techniques by watching and following the simplistic in-app video content will improve your stretching capacity.

There are also 3 different specialized workout routines for free in the StretchIt app, they are:-

  1. Dance stretch routines
  2. Pilates essentials
  3. Yoga routines.

This app has a free 30-day trial training for advanced stretching routines. Through this special program, users can attain more stretching goals in a short period.

11 Of The Best Stretching Apps That You Need Today

The inbuilt video training class content is over 50 hours long, highly audible, and contains crystal clear high-definition videos.


  • This app contains over 40 hours of clear and audible video training
  • It contains thousands of exercise routines
  • It contains highly specialized stretching routines like dance, yoga, gymnastics, and contortion
  • It has an offline mode. The offline mode comes into play if you previously downloaded an exercise class. No internet requirement
  • This app understands that there are varying skill levels, so it makes provisions for professionals and amateurs
  • You can choose varying class lengths to fit your training schedule. You can either select 15, 30 or 45 minutes, it all depends on your schedule preference

It contains 5 different training plans to assist you in attaining your health, fitness, and flexibility goals.

They are:-

  • Bendy Back
  • Get Your Splits
  • Extra Active Stretch
  • Full Body Stretch
  • Middle Split Stretch
  • The app contains a 30-day training program that has been created by an expert trainer and customized to suit your skill level, intensity preference, and flexibility targets
  • The app has what it called the StretchIt cat. It’s a standout feature that shows the cat engaging in simultaneous stretching exercises with you
  • You can easily schedule your stretching classes with a built-in calendar notification toggle

One thing that strikes you with this app is the unique StretchIt Cat logo on Google Play and Apple Play Store. The StretchIt cat feature is an awesome feature that gives you a feeling that you have a workout partner striving to attain the same goals as you are.

4. Pilates – Home Fitness

Pilates is a free stretching and personal fitness app that is tailored for the use of Android and iOS smart devices at home. If you’re someone that doesn’t like the presence of a fitness trainer around you whenever you train, then this app is the best fit for you. 

11 Of The Best Stretching Apps That You Need Today

This is a great app for strength training and stretching. It increases your core and gives you the balance to easily perform daily physical activities while improving your body’s flexibility.

Once you follow the instructions of this app keenly, you will attain your body stretching and flexibility goals in no time.

Please note, while conducting your exercise and stretch routines, ensure that you consume appropriate supplements and also monitor your nutrition intake. By doing this, you will affect the proper growth and development of calf and arm muscles.

This app is a favorite with online fitness trainers and smartphone users, the reason this app was created is to make you fit and flexible by engaging in little exercise routines.


  • Unique user interface
  • A light fitness app for strengthening the mind and body
  • It contains training programs that you can perform on mats
  • It contains programs that you can adopt to target your muscular mass and also improve your flexibility
  • You can schedule your flexible routine training with this app

Although this app is great for working out at home with a mat all by yourself, you still require an instructor to give you instructions on how to attain maximum set goals.

It is a great app for increasing core strength but you still need supplementary exercise routines to complement the routines the app offers.

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5. Home workout – Best stretching apps for iPhone

To be candid, this app is a personal favorite. I have used it for years now and I am addicted to its amazing functionality. Home Workout is a free stretching and personal fitness app that is tailored for the use of Android and iOS smart devices at home.

Home Workout - No Equipment

With this app, you can gain muscle all, stretch out your core and be that rockstar you’ve always dreamed of, without stepping foot in the gym.

Within the app’s user interface are 60 specific high-definition bodybuilding and stretching videos, that help users to attain a holistic fitness experience.

The creators of the in-app HD videos are seasoned fitness instructors and their routines should be treated as professional fitness and stretching video training routines. This user-friendly app allows users to customize its features to suit their stretching goals.


  • You can choose from abundant stretching and warm-up routines
  • The app automatically records your training progress
  • It has a built-in chart that monitors your weight variations (growth or reduction)
  • You can set or customize your workout reminders to suit your preferred training schedule
  • The app has an appealing animation and video guide that gives you vivid training procedures
  • It has a built-in personal trainer that assists you in your weight loss program
  • You can share your results and progress with your friends on social media

If you’re looking for the perfect professional bodybuilding, strength training, and stretching app then the Home Workout training app is the best app for you. You can also engage in high-intensity fat-burning exercise with this app. 

An added advantage of this app is that it has a built-in personal trainer that will assist you in your training routines.

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6. Stretching Exercises

Stretching exercises is a free stretching, personal fitness, and exercise app that is tailored for the use of Android and iOS smart devices at home. It is quite popular with millennials because it has an intuitive user interface. A modern fitness enthusiast’s delight.

11 Of The Best Stretching Apps That You Need Today

Built-in to this app are over 100 stretching exercise routines for users to conduct.

The stretching routines in this app are designed to target specific body parts. So if you’re someone that doesn’t like engaging in heavy workout routines, you can use this app to target specific parts of your body.

You can customize this app’s features to develop your muscular build, increase your flexibility, and do other amazing things you desire to achieve with your body.

The in-app exercise routines are second to none as they are designed to increase your body’s energy intake through sustainable means.


  • This app is 100% free with no hidden features
  •  There are no muscular group restrictions in this app as women, men, old and young can use this app to attain their fitness goals
  •  You can customize the exercise routines to suit your preferences by switching exercise routines, toggling the exercise plans, etc
  •  There’s a built-in voice coach that comes with free explicit animation and video demos
  • It has no equipment requirement, and you can choose the training location that suits your mood
  • A built-in reminder that tells you when your workout is due. This helps you sustain a daily stretching habit
  • This app has a built-in calorie tracker that monitors the calories you burn during the workout routine
  • It automatically records the progress of your training and generates an automated report
  • Built-in chart tracker that monitors your weight variations (growth or reduction)
  • You can perform dynamic stretching exercises that improve your flexibility through targeted flexibility training routines, and warm-up exercise routines that professional runners perform

This app is a pocket fitness coach. The workout training routines within this app specially designed by expert fitness coaches. The app guides you like you’re working out with a personal trainer in the room.

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7. Daily Workouts

Daily Workout is a free stretching app, personal fitness, and exercise app that is tailored for the use of Android and iOS smart devices at home. There is numerous exercise and stretching routines enlisted in the user interface.

Stretching App

Women and men can engage in these exercise routines within a standard workout time of 5 to 30 minutes.

The selection of the exercise plans can easily be done because of the app sports a seamless user interface. While selecting your preferred exercise plan, you can also select the time frame you want to use to achieve your goals.

This app also offers a pro plan for premium users who desire to get more results in the shortest possible time. Within this paid option numerous stretching and exercise routines are available in the app’s free plan option.

Below are some of the features of the Daily Workouts that earned it a spot in our list of top Stretching Apps.


  • You can perform between 5 to 10 mins different targeted workout routines 
  •  Also, you can perform 10 to 30 mins random holistic body workout routines
  • There are over 100 exercise routines to choose from
  • This app is perfect for women and men seeking to increase their flexibility and improve their fitness
  •  It contains video content that has a vivid description of how to perform each exercise routines
  •  A dedicated verified personal trainer is built-in to the all
  • The app contains built-in instructions and a timer that you can use to regulate your training
  • You don’t require an internet connection to perform most of the workouts in the app. Only when you want to stream some of the app’s video you will require an internet connection

If you spend a few minutes a day on this app, you will attain some strength training and body toning goals you have desperately been craving.

The app’s seamless interface enhances your coordination with the exercise routines. All you need to do is to choose your favorite exercise routine and work alongside it.

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8. Stretch HD

As the name implies, Stretch HD is a high-grade stretching application. Stretch HD is a free stretching, personal fitness, and exercise app that is tailored for the use of Android and iOS smart devices at home.

With this app, users are constantly given instructions while they conduct several stretch routines. It has an extensive HD video library that users can select from and observe while they engage in their regular stretch routines.

Stretch HD App explainer video

This app suggests ideal locations for stretches to be done in, it also suggests the ideal stretch routine that suits your body type and you can also customize your routine to suit your preferences.

After personalizing your routine you can save it in your favorites library for easy access at another date.

11 Of The Best Stretching Apps That You Need Today

The app’s user interface is seamless and it has an option for you to push the app’s settings straight to the home screen of your Android or iOS device. 

Another beautiful feature of this app is that in a situation where you exit the app abruptly, all the settings you made initially would have automatically been saved. All you need to do is to open the app and begin from where you left of.

Below are some of the features of the Stretch HD that earned it a spot in our list of good Stretching Apps.


  • This app contains over 60 professionally documented HD videos that suit all levels of ability
  • The user interface contains adequate information and instructions for every stretch routine
  •  You can easily access the professional training video content in the app
  • Over 60 HD professionally filmed videos, for every ability level
  •  The app allows you to play music while using it for your stretch routines
  •  You can customize your stretch routines in “favorites” and perform suggested stretches in suggested locations
  •  The app advises you on the proper body posture to maintain through the aid of videos
  •  It has a dedicated “share” option via email that promotes correspondence between clients, health pros, and trainers.
  •  It has a built-in glossary on stretching theories

Stretch HD is an app that was built for private home use, but its advanced Medical features earn it the status of a “Doctor’s Stretch App.”

The email client feature makes it an important tool that health professionals use to communicate with their clients and track their health progress.

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9. Extreme Eye Exercise

Extreme Eye Exercise is a free stretching app that is tailored for the use of Android and iOS smart devices anywhere you are.

11 Of The Best Stretching Apps That You Need Today

This app is designed for people who desire to train their vision or people who have visual impediments seeking to improve their vision at no cost. Built-in to the app are algorithms containing information that its users can utilize to enhance their vision.

There’s a specialized pattern built into the app called the Gabor patch. This pattern is designed to enhance its user’s vision at no cost.

The app has a match-3 puzzle that is very simplistic for its users to play. All you need to do is to rearrange the puzzles and in the course of arranging this puzzle, your vision will improve.

While using this app you must coordinate your vision and mind, when you do this you will able to solve the tasks in the puzzle and improve your vision at the same time.


  • The app is a game that may improve your vision, it all depends on the intensity of the visual impairment
  • There are various gameplay modes that users can perform to improve their vision
  • It has a set of instructions that users should strictly adhere too
  • Maximum gameplay is set at 20 minutes daily
  • You can choose to play colored or black and white puzzles

Please note that this game (may) improve your visual perception by training your brain to perceive the light hitting the lens and retina. While playing this game you must stick to the Maximum playing time limit of 20 minutes. Overall it is a great interactive app that may improve your vision.

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10. Daily Abs

The Daily abs app is a free stretching, personal fitness, and exercise app that is tailored for the use of Android and iOS smart devices.

Through this app, users can attain their fitness goals within a short time as long as they follow the routines in this app meticulously.

11 Of The Best Stretching Apps That You Need Today

There is a wide range of exercises that users can perform at home or a convenient location. Within the app are exercise routines like flat stomach exercise routines and flat belly routines which do not require a piece of exercise equipment to be done.

The app is not a gender-specific app, so men and women are free to perform the exercise routines within the application. The app gives its users some set of guidelines and procedures to follow to prevent errors from occurring.

For users who want a premium experience, you can opt for the pro version. The pro version contains specific exercise routines that will enhance your fitness rate in a short time.


  • Within 5-10 mins you can perform two variations of ab-sculpting workout routines
  • This app is a unisex stretch training app
  • The built-in video content gives a vivid visual representation of exercise training routines
  • The app was developed by a professional personal trainer that is appropriately certified
  • You don’t require an internet connection to use this app
  • The app contains an on-screen timer and guidelines

The Daily Abs app has a pro version that contains more features. This can be a downside for users that seek free content, but if you have the desire to improve your flexibility and well-being you shouldn’t worry about parting with a few dollars.


Whether you’re at home or you’re at a park, the stretching apps listed in this article are tailored to improve your flexibility, fitness, and overall wellbeing.

We live in a world that is constantly evolving, more and more physical activities are easier to perform with the aid of technology.

Having a stretching or exercise app in your Android or iOS device is a brilliant idea.  It saves you tons of money that you will spend on gym membership and it allows you to track your progress.

Some of the apps contain paid versions that require you to spend little money to attain maximum results in a short period.

Also, you can complement these stretch apps with ergonomic hand-worn fitness bands and trackers. Some Android and iOS devices manufacturers have gone out of their way to produce these hand-worn fitness bands to complement their handhelds.

Whatever your style preference is, you’d agree that stretching apps are the way of the future. You can find any of the stretching apps we listed in this article on Google Play or Apple Play Store.

Have you used a stretching app that isn’t in this article? Please share the name of that app and your experience with it in the comment section.

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