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9 Best Study Planning Apps To Make Your Study Life Easier

Are you searching for the Best Study Planning Apps To Make Your Study Life Easier and Organize your study routine?🧐

We got you covered in this post. Let’s dive in.

Being a student is not very easy. Every student has to keep track of endless matters, events, and things every day.

It can range from classes to lectures, from tests to workshops, from assignments to their due dates, and from planning to study events to managing personal time; there are surely a lot of things to handle.

With so much to do in the 24 hours of a day, anyone is bound to have trouble managing their schedules. Events and schedules often clash and must be managed and handled carefully.

There is also the matter of forgetfulness, as it can be very easy for anyone to simply forget or incorrectly remember the date or time of any particular event.

Therefore, time is of the essence. Students should be aware that they must manage their time effectively to attend to, complete, and fulfill all of the tasks, responsibilities, and actions required.

And they should know how to distribute and manage their time and efforts accordingly. Failing to do so would end up creating chaos and trouble for the students and would also definitely increase the stress faced by the student.

Thus, it is vital that every student recognizes the need for planning and managing their time, work, and studying schedule properly, effectively, and accordingly.

But this, again, is not an easy task. The best and simplest way of doing so is to maintain a planner. And today, any person can use their mobile phone as a planner.

With the multitudes of study planning applications available to students today, their life has been easier.

Here are listed some of the best study planning apps that have proven to be extremely helpful for all students.

Best Study Planning Apps – Our Top Pick👌

1. Chipper – Study planning apps To Improve Your Time Management

Chipper is one of the best study planning apps available on the internet. For all those students who have problems procrastinating, avoiding, forgetting, or organizing their study-related events and activities.

But this platform does not only serve as a study planner; it also allows its users to note and remember their social and private obligations as well. This application is completely free of cost. It is available for use on both iOS and Android platforms.

Best Study Planning Apps

Using this application, any student will be able to organize their daily schedules by managing and appropriately distributing their time for their class assignments, their due dates, lectures, tests and exams, class events, workshops, queries, and everything else that they might generally end up forgetting or missing.

Chipper also allows its users to make a note of all their works, events, and activities as well.

The student can use this application to get reminders about meetings, get-togethers, or events they might have planned or intended to attend. As such, there will be no mix-ups or confusion regarding the dates or times of any events.

Chipper acts as a daily planner for all of its users. It has all the functions of a calendar, an organizer, and a to-do list on one platform. The entire schedule can be color-coded as per the convenience of the user.

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It can be customized and personalized according to the likes and preferences of each of its users. This application provides the users with “earnings” on every completed task.

These are not real earnings but rather an incentive for users to get on with and complete their work.

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2. Power Planner

Power Planner is another one of the best study planning apps and an excellent online scheduling platform.

It is generally used to keep track and record all the assignments, classes, lectures, homework, revisions, and events that need to be dealt with by the student who is using the application.

This application is also available on both Android and iOS platforms. Power Planner can be used without the need or requirement for any additional payment. There is a paid version, but it is completely optional and offers several additional useful features. 

Best Study Planning Apps 1

The payment method is a one-time payment only, and all the best and most advanced features and tools of the application will be unlocked in the coming years.

The paid version extends the planning and scheduling options to add more than five grades per class and planning for multiple semesters at once, along with many other features. This platform allows users to organize and manage their semesters, classes, and subjects.

It offers the option and choice to its users to enter and edit the name, location, room number, teacher, lecturer, and other details of every class, along with the dates and times. All the assignments, homework, exams, etc., are noted and reminded to the user accordingly.

Power Planner is synced with the Google Calendar, which makes it easier to use and handle. This application also has a feature that helps users calculate their marks and GPAs.

All the stored information can span several semesters and years, per the specifications provided by the individual users of the application themselves.

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3. School Planner

School Planner is an incredibly impressive platform that students can use to monitor, organize, manage and handle their academic events, including classes, lectures, assignments, tests, exams, homework, projects, etc.

This application makes life and time management simpler and easier to handle for all of its users.

Best Study Planning Apps 2

School Planner is available for Android devices only. The application is completely free for use. Some in-app purchases offered by this application provide quite a few additional features and tools, but they are optional.

The person using this application can enter and edit all the information and details about their academic events like dates and time slots of their classes, room number, buildings, work and topics of the class, and many more.

It also allows its users to save information like when they missed their classes, when taking a break from studying when they are going on a vacation, and other similar personal details. It is an extremely versatile and attractive application with an easy, user-friendly interface and layout design.

The built-in calendar feature of the application is also quite handy. It allows users to make their entries through it directly. The timetable feature provided by this application is also quite impressive.

It can be readily customized and personalized according to the users’ needs and requirements. This application also offers to save other information like the details of the teachers and lecturers, including their contact numbers, email addresses, office hours, etc.

School Planner syncs the data and information of the user with their Google Drive. It also shows them to record and save their lecturers at their convenience.

It has an impressive range of themes and designs inspired by Google’s Material Design. The student can also share their class details with others using this application.

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4. StudySmarter: Flashcards, Notes, Quiz, and Paneer

StudySmarter is much different from the other Study Planning Apps on this list. This platform is not just a study planner but an entire application devoted to enhancing and modifying the studying experience of its users itself.

StudySmarter also provides all its users with tools and features like homework helping material, notes, revisions, flashcards, etc., that help increase the studies and grades of all the students who use it.

StudySmarter - The all-in-one study app

This application is available for both iOS as well as Android platforms. It is completely free to download and use. There are some options for in-app purchases. But it is entirely up to the user whether they want to get these additional features or not.

Not buying them does not, in any way or form, affect the total and final studying and planning experience this application provides. This application has also received excellent reviews along with quite a lot of awards as well.

StudySmarter acts as an all-in-one platform for studying, planning, and revising. It has multiple features that allow its users to get access to or create their flashcards, quizzes, study notes, lecture notes, study planners, study guides, reminders, study groups, textbooks, textbook solutions, reference materials, and other study sources that have been shared on the platform.

It also provides additional study material. Many popular, useful, high-quality study materials, sources, and resources have been provided to the users by the application itself.

The students who use the application can also share their notes with other students and access all the material, notes, and flashcards that other students have shared.

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5. Todait – Study planning apps with a Smart study planner

Todait is a highly impressive and incredible platform that has proven beneficial for all the students who have used it.

Unlike other study planning applications geared towards daily planning and time management for the whole day, this application is more focused on students studying and preparing for some important exams.

This application is also available for both Android and iOS platforms. It is completely free of cost and has an extremely user-friendly interface.

Best Study Planning Apps 3

As mentioned above, it is helpful and useful for students preparing for competitive exams with a wide range of syllabi and topics to cover. 


Todait not only helps the users organize their time and schedule appropriately but also helps them develop routine study habits.

Most students who study for competitive exams generally have problems deciding where to start, what to cover first, which topics are more important, how many topics to study each day, etc. This application is especially useful in solving such problems.

It helps the user create a detailed plan and schedule so that every topic can be studied, revised, and reinforced appropriately. Rather than planning, the emphasis of this application is geared toward studying itself.

It has features that create study plans and automatically adjust them based on how they are enforced. It also keeps track of how much time is spent studying and how many topics have been covered and provides the appropriate feedback to the users.

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6. My Study Life – Digital School Planner You Need

My Study Life is another highly effective and efficient daily planning application. This platform allows all its student users to set reminders for their classes, lectures and assignments, and any other duties or work they might have. But that is not all. This application is equally useful and efficient for teachers and lecturers as well.

My Study Life is available on both iOS as well as Android devices. This application allows all of its users to properly and appropriately manage and handle the dates and times of their classes, lecturers, and even revisions that might be important.

Best Study Planning Apps 4

It seeks to integrate all the aspects of users’ academic life. This application records and sets reminders for every class, lecture, homework, assignment, revision, and even its users have to deal with.

This platform is completely free to download and use. It has specific templates that simplify scheduling one’s events and activities of the week or month.

This platform also allows users to enter and edit detailed information about every event they enter. Such details include the name, place, participants, room number, teacher, lecturer, etc.

The dashboard is another incredibly useful feature that comes with this application. This dashboard is displayed as soon as one opens the application and shows all the latest, urgent or upcoming events, classes, or assignments the user has to deal with.

This is especially useful for those who have the unfortunate habit of forgetting their tasks or missing their deadlines.

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7. Easy Study – Study Planning Apps For Your Schedule

Easy Study is a wonderful and incredibly impressive platform for planning and managing the study schedule for every individual that uses it.

It specifically focuses on the organization of subjects or topics that must be studied and the time management required to effectively and efficiently follow through.

This platform is available on both Android as well as iOS devices. The application can be downloaded, accessed, and used without needing any payments. There is a paid version, but it is completely optional.

Best Study Planning Apps 5

The user might not be satisfied enough to feel the need to get the paid version of the application. Easy Study provides more than enough features to satisfy the studying and planning requirements of the user.

Any student can start organizing their study schedules through this application after three easy and simple steps. All the user has to do is fill in basic information about their subjects and topics.

The user must enter all the subjects they have to study. Then, they must specify how many subjects they want to study daily. And finally, they have to choose a study plan from the provided options that best fits them.

Easy Study offers routine study schedules that are organized in cycles. In this way, no topic of any subject will remain untouched or not revised.

This application also records which subject is studied on which day and how much time the student devoted to studying each subject. It sends reminders and notifications as specified by the student.

It is also a customizable application that can be color-coded and include specific details per the user’s wishes and requirements.

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8. myHomework Student Planner

myHomework Study Planning Apps is a great choice for students looking for an application for managing and organizing their study schedules and the time they would spend on them.

This platform is known for its layout’s simplicity, reliability, and beauty. This application is extremely easy to use and has an extremely user-friendly interface.

Best Study Planning Apps 6

This application is available on both Android and iOS platforms. It is completely free to download and use. There are some in-app purchases, but they do not provide any more important features other than making the platform advertisement free.

This application acts as a daily planner that allows users to remind themselves of and keep track of their classes, assignments, homework, lectures, events, and other related activities.

myHomework Student Planner allows its users to color-code all of their important tasks and works at their convenience. It also comes with a beautiful and efficient calendar display. Its multitudes of features and tools make planning school or college work and classes easy, effective, efficient, and manageable.

This application also comes with additional features that make it easier and simpler for students, specifically those with a block class schedule.

It does planning, organizing, and completing tasks and events easier. It has also been awarded multiple times since it was launched in 2009.

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While exploring our guide to the Best Study Planning Apps For you, I found an awesome video on “11 Secrets to Memorize Things Quicker Than Others,” which is worth watching.😎😎

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Which app is best for your study routine? 

Chipper, Power Planner, School Planner, StudySmarter, Easy Study, etc., are some of the best apps to manage your study routine effectively and stay on top of your studies.  

Is there a my study life app? 

My Study Life is a wonderful study planning app that allows you to keep your lessons, assignments, and tests in the cloud to be accessible from anywhere on any device.

For parents managing homeschooling and home study, MyStudyLife is ideal. It is routinely suggested to pupils by educators everywhere. 

Which app is free for studying? 

My Study Life is a free application that can be downloaded via the web, Windows Phone 8, Windows 8, and iPhone. You may manage your assignments, tests, and classes from any location and device with the help of the My Study Life app. 

Which website is best for study? 

Academic Earth, Internet Archive, Coursera, Brightstorm, Big Think, EdX, etc., are some of the best websites for study and offer a wide range of free learning options for students of all types and all levels.  

Which app is best for online preparation? 

Unacademy, Olive Board, Udemy, Khan Academy, etc., are among the most preferred destinations for all types of exam preparations online and enable you to stay on top of your preparations right from the comfort of your home.

What is the best study method? 

Pre-test, spaced practice, self-quizzing, interactive practice, and paraphrasing and reflecting are some of the best study methods you can try according to your strengths, weaknesses, and other preferences.  

Why do I feel sleepy while studying? 

Not getting enough sleep at night is the biggest contributor to feeling drowsy when studying. Getting 7 to 8 hours of sleep each night is essential to maintain good health.

Stick to a sleeping routine and don’t over or undersleep so that your brain is ready to begin feeling fatigued and sleepy at the same time every night. 

How can I create a study plan? 

You can follow these tips to create an effective study plan 

  • Analyze your unique learning preferences. 
  • Consider your present obligations. 
  • Set aside time to study for each lesson. 
  • Establish a schedule. 
  • Set attainable objectives. 
  • Include study time in your daily routine. 
  • Schedule your breaks. 
  • Make use of the Pomodoro Technique. 

How can I study faster without forgetting? 

You can follow these amazing steps to improve your concentration and memory. 

  • Drink coffee to strengthen memory retention. 
  • To enhance working memory, try meditation. 
  • Berries can help with long-term memory. 
  • Improve your memory recall by exercising. 
  • Gum chewing helps you retain information. 
  • To help memories stick, get more sleep. 

How can I study smarter? 

Here are some ways you can try to study smarter and more effectively 

  • Take control of your education. 
  • Take traditional notes. 
  • Limit your busy work. 
  • Act now while the idea is still fresh in your mind. 
  • Take good care of your body. 
  • Find a study area that suits you. 
  • Find the optimal time for studying. 

How can I focus on studying? 

  • Set up a comfortable study space. 
  • Set definite, specific goals. 
  • Plan your study time. 
  • In addition to a research “ritual.” 
  • Don’t forget to tell your loved ones about your study routine. 
  • Eliminate all sources of distraction. 
  • Make use of the Pomodoro Technique. 
  • Keep a log of all the assignments you’ve finished. 
Some Final Thoughts on study planning apps

A good study planning application can be an incredible resource for any student, though only if used properly and effectively. Such Study Planning Apps help students keep up with their work, studies, and events but also aid them in developing and enhancing their time management skills.

Proper planning and thorough application will help students improve their performance and grades effectively and efficiently.

It is up to the student how they decide to make full use of study planning applications. Their success depends on how they manage their time and efforts, how consistent they are in their work and how dedicated they are to their studies.

If student can give their maximum effort to their studies and use an effective study plan, they are bound to be successful.