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How Technology Is Changing How We Treat Home Assignments


In recent years, technology has answered some tricky questions related to education. Technology has improved the state of education by integrating personalization and human integration. Now it is clear that technology affects education in myriad ways. Although many schools rely on the old model of education, many are adopting technology, and learners around the world are reaping the benefits. Now we treat home assignments in a different way than we did just a decade ago. When it comes to homework, technology has great benefits to offer. Many educational institutions are making the process easier and more effective by integrating learning management systems. In this post, we will show you how technology is changing the scenario.

From paper to pixel

Many digital tools and assignments have made learning more interesting. For home assignments, learners now do not solely rely on paper. The flipped classroom model is very promising, and many schools and colleges are using this effecting model. Unlike the traditional model, the flipped model uses videos chosen by the teacher. Students learn at home and practice their skills during class time. It has already proved to be one of the most effective ways of learning. If this method is implemented, students are more likely to complete their homework.

Personalized learning

One of the great benefits of technology is that it enables us to personalize assignments. As a result, every learner can learn at his or her own pace. Different students get different assignments, and it makes the learning process more effective. Students study the same materials, but they do not need to conform to the needs of other students in the class. Technology has also made academic life easier for learners who do not find enough time to write their academic papers. Now they can hire writers who can write their papers. Whenever I find myself overwhelmed with too many tasks, I hire a writer to do my assignment in Australia cheap. Learners can now focus on their preferences. With this method, teachers can now target the unique preferences and needs of the students. Both students and teachers are now benefited from modern digital devices.

More engagement

Technology is now readily available to students. More and more students are now using digital devices for their homework. Recent surveys show that about 30% of students in the USA are using tablets for doing their homework, and about 60% are using laptop computers. Technology is making learning more appealing, and students now are engaged in their studies more than ever. Even 13-14 year-olds are using smartphones to do their home assignments. Among 6th graders, about 39% are using smartphones. Most learners report that technology helps them complete their assignments more easily.

Inserting questions into videos

There is no doubt that the flipped classroom method is effective, but it does not mean that students can learn everything just by watching videos. For better learning, engagement, focus, and completion are equally important. Now teachers have some methods that make the flipped classroom method more effective. A modern classroom is different from a traditional classroom in many ways. One such tool is Edpuzzle. Using this tool, teachers can insert questions into the videos learners are supposed to watch. It ensures accountability, and students can learn more effectively.

Getting down to do homework

Technology has some drawbacks, too. Because of the availability of digital devices, many students now find it hard to focus on their studies. The check social networking sites, email and text messages too often. Students also waste a lot of time watching TV. As they switch between studying and digital devices, they pay less attention to their studies. While technology has made it easier for students to complete their assignments, students are constantly distracted these days. Many educationists are worried about the easy availability of technology, and they think that the future of education is not very bright. But that is simply a hypothesis. In reality, everywhere we notice the positive effect of technology.

Considering all the aspects, we can say that technology has made learning easier and more effective. It is the students and teachers who need to decide how to use this blessing. With the help of simulation technologies, students can now master different skills in an artificial environment which is based on a real-life scenario. And when it comes to completing home assignments, students are less overwhelmed because they are always connected with their classmates and teachers. When learners need to know something new, they do not always ask their teachers; they can find the information online. When we look forward to the future, we see a bright future where every student will learn at his or her own pace, and no student will lag behind.

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Susan Wallace has written numerous articles on the relationships between technology and education. Her goal is to encourage more students to use digital devices for learning purposes. Students around the world have been benefited from her numerous blog posts.


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