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How Technology is Improving the Moving Industry?


We often seek help from professionals for moving. Undoubtedly our work burden is reduced to a great extent yet we hardly notice anything new from these professionals. They are stuck to those age-old methods it’s just our work process speeds up due to increased helping hands.

With the technological advancements where every work is easy and accessible online, the customers expect a one-touch technology for moving from one place to another. And yes with technological advancements it is possible. iMoving provides you with numerous solutions that help you save a lot of money and time. The attachment of technology to efficient working can help gain a better experience. Let us check, how?

Improvement of Moving Industry with Technology:

  • Every moving industry visit your home to give you an estimated cost for moving, it can be very well carried out using video technology. It saves a lot of time, fuel and money. Being at home or in office for movers may not always be possible and it looks like a waste of time. It is used by a few but not all moving companies take it into consideration.

  • Online storage for industrial and home movers is expected but as a layman, they may not estimate the space requirement. The automated system employed in a moving company can judge it very well. The automated system may also let the clients know the availability of space as per the requirement and if it would be available as per their required dates.
  • Online scheduling is expected by a customer. It is very tedious if it is done manually. To check if the movers would be available on the required time and date. If an automated system is employed than this work can be done at an instance. If the movers are not available then the client can look for an alternative date or moving company.
  • An automated price calculator, is another useful tool for the moving companies. It can directly help the user to estimate the cost of moving as per the distance. Without having to contact the moving company personally, they have an exact approximation. It save the time for both that is the client and a service provider.
  • Moving and transportation are gaining a lot of pace with time. It can be as a part of imparting online shopping goods or change of home or setup of a new business or business relocation. Everything needs vehicles for carrying of goods along with a trained driver. The number of vehicles can be increased but the availability of manpower cannot match the expectation. The result is a delay in all the transportation and moving services. Several companies like Uber, Google and some other have already put a step forward in self driving technology in cars. But to your surprise self driving cars have hit the road in Colorado. It is the biggest revolution for the moving industry.
  • A mobile application for a moving company having all the automated tools detailed above can be of a great help. You can schedule your moving being anywhere and anytime. You necessarily need not be your home. Just a video of your luggage to be shifted is all you require in your phone.


48,000 posts of drivers went unfilled in 2015 in US. The proper management of moving industry without the help of automation is nearly impossible with the growing demand of moving. Almost 15 million household movers were recorded in US alone you can imagine the overall moving number subjected to different field. Automation is highly required but to launch it in full flash digital mapping is a tedious task. But you can expect moving industry to be fully automated in near future.


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