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25 Of The Best Technology Websites For Tech Enthusiasts


Are you a tech enthusiast and have been looking for the Best Technology Websites for a long time? 🤔

Well, there are tons of blogs and websites on the web that have been publishing useful information and content each day. From the latest news to guides on multiple technologies, you can find everything on these technology websites. 

But it can be a little too overwhelming to select the best among them that has the best content and latest information that you have been looking for. To keep in pace with the change in technological advancements, we have made a list of the 25 Best Technology Websites to save you time.

Best Technology Websites For Tech Enthusiasts 

1. TechCrunch

TechCrunch.com is our top pick and probably the most popular site for all the latest news, gadgets, tech startups, etc. This amazing breakthrough into the Internet world came to being in 2005 and since then have dominated all the other technology websites.

Technology Websites

If you wish to look for information on any specific Startup, well you are at luck since TechCrunch has been keen on analyzing closely all the Startups.

With over 50,000 active users, the site has gained massive followers providing some in-depth reviews of the latest Gadgets, upcoming technology, publications, etc. Some of the most popular sections of TechCrunch are Startup Battlefield, Crunchboard, and CrunchBase. 

CrunchBase is yet another important platform introduced by TechCrunch that provides information and analysis of private and public companies. It includes Startups evaluation, latest funding information, mergers & acquisitions, the current status of founders and other members.

2. The Next Web

The Next Web is a treasure in the technology world that provides all the latest technology news on its site. TNW has been most popular for its annual conferences that have been focused on upcoming technologies and Startups in Europe. With its huge success over the years, TNW gets around 8-10 Million monthly visitors.

Technology Websites

The website has a rather appealing interface with every piece of information and the latest tech news on the front. Every piece of information about the latest funding rounds and mergers has been incorporated in a separate section. 

Other than this, you can find blogs on the latest deals, new launches, latest apps, gadgets, technology, and a lot more.

Similar to TechCrunch, TNW has some popular sections namely, Index.co, TQ.co, and Conference. While Index consists of all the information about private tech companies, TQ is home to the tech community for all the upcoming startups and tech Enthusiasts.

3. Tech Radar

Tech Radar is one of the most popular UK-based online publications for all the Technology news and reviews of the latest released gadgets. It has been reported that TechRadar gets around 70+ Million visitors which is massive considering all the other sites you will come across.

Technology Websites

The site has multiple sections that include How to, Deals, Reviews, Phones, TVs, Laptops and everything you can think of related to Technology.

TechRadar has a very intuitive and easy-to-navigate interface. Anyone looking to buy a new smartphone or any other gadget can surely refer to Tech Radar for verified reviews.

At the time of our research on Best Technology Websites, we found a video about “15 Ways to Search Google 96% of People Don’t Know About” which is worth watching.

15 Ways to Search Google 96% of People Don’t Know About


4. Ars Technica

Ars Technica is known to be one of the oldest technology websites founded more than two decades ago. It covers every piece of information and the latest news about technology for all tech-savvy enthusiasts.

25 Of The Best Technology Websites For Tech Enthusiasts

Apart from this, you will find reviews and guides on computer software, hardware, gaming, gadgets, science, etc.

The articles written on the site are mainly categorized into four sections i.e. News, Guides, Reviews, and Features. The company currently operates and generates funds from online advertising and also with the help of paid subscriptions.

You can easily find long-form guides on multiple topics such as Reviews on Gadgets, theories, research, features, and a lot more.

This tech site not only is suitable for professionals journals but also for newbies. The tone used in the content is very conversational yet informative for everyone to be able to understand and follow.

5. Digital Trends

Digital Trends is another powerful website that focuses mainly on reviews and information on a wide range of gadgets and software. It also covers technology news from around the world including podcasts and review videos.

Technology Websites

According to the analysis by Similar Web, Digital Trends recorded around 40 million visits per month during 2018.

Apart from news and reviews, the company hosts certain award shows as well that include Car of the year, Smart Home Awards, Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, etc.

This led to a huge surge in visitors and followers of this site. Moreover, you can also get detailed insights about future technology and any recent advancement by researchers and innovators.

Speaking of the UI, the site is pretty easy to navigate and look for specific topics. Using the Live option, you can watch technology updates and news even faster than on any other site. Other trending topics have been put down in a separate interface for you to navigate.

6. Engadget

Engadget is a technological website that has been introduced only a decade ago but has left a mark with every tech-savvy person. This site is multilingual i.e. available in multiple languages to the readers namely, English, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, and German.

25 Of The Best Technology Websites For Tech Enthusiasts

It is known to provide content on technology news, guides, podcasts, Video reviews of gadgets and electronics, review blogs, deals, etc.

Now, to add more to its list Engadget also provides detailed insights into the field of the entertainment industry as well. It is solely based on gadgets and technology as well such as Kindle, gaming, etc. You can create an account and remain updated with the daily newsletter on the site.

The sections that this site covers are Reviews, Gear, Gaming, Entertainment, Tomorrow, Buyer’s Guide, Video, Podcasts, and Deals. The site’s UI is very clean and easy to navigate. IF you are more into future tech you can check out the Tomorrow section to keep yourself informed and updated.

7. Mashable

Mashable is another Digital Media technology website that covers news from around the world and blogs about multiple topics such as Gadgets, science, entertainment, reviews, guides, etc.

They have a massive Social Media following i.e. 27 Million followers collectively on all social media accounts and have been growing at a fast pace.

Technology Websites

This site is not only responsible to provide you with news and blogs on gadgets but also everything that comes under technology i.e. Culture, Business, Startups, Social Good, Lifestyle, Science, etc. You can find videos of multiple gadget reviews, upcoming technology, and some latest news on technology.

As you keep on navigating, you will come across blogs on Travel, Guides, How-to, Security, deals, offers and a lot more. If you wish to contribute to the site, you can visit the site and become a contributor.

8. The Verge

This tech website was founded in the year 2011 and created by world-renowned Vox Media. The Verge is a technology-based online magazine that provides detailed insights on the latest tech news, podcasts, videos, reviews, features stories on the web, guidebooks, etc.

Technology Websites

It has been given multiple awards in various categories for its exceptional content and contribution as the leading technology website over the years. 

This site hosts live Podcasts every week such as The Vergecast, The Verge Mobile Show, Ctrl-Walt-Delete, which has been among the most popular since its launch.

Apart from this, The Verge has been actively posting video content online reviewing multiple gadgets, new launches, software through their YouTube channels as well as on their site.

The site Interface is exceptionally vibrant yet easy to navigate and look for the right content. Some of the sections that these online magazine covers are Tech, Reviews, Science, Creators, Entertainment, Video, and More.

9. Wired

Wired.com is not your regular technology website that covers news or guides. Instead, it focuses on how technology has been emerging that could impact our lives. Not many websites have been focusing entirely on future technology and what it has for mankind in the days to come.

25 Of The Best Technology Websites For Tech Enthusiasts

This site has both online as well as offline publications for everyone who loves to read in both printable and digital formats. The first issue of Wired came in 1993, which was almost three decades ago and has come a long way making its place among the best technology websites in 2020.

You can easily subscribe to the Wired newsletter and keep getting regular updates. But this is not a free deal, you can only view 4 articles per month for free or otherwise, you can become a paid subscriber.

Also, the site covers some important sections such as Business, Culture, Gear, Ideas, Science, Security, and Transportation.

10. Tech2

Tech2 is a technology news website that covers topics such as Gadgets, Mobile Phones, Reviews, Gaming Products, Tech updates, etc. This is currently a part of the First Post entirely which is a part Network 18 group.

25 Of The Best Technology Websites For Tech Enthusiasts

It is popular among techies who are looking for more gadget reviews, comparisons, Best of, and Gadgets related to all the popular brands.

Some of the sections covered by the site are Reviews, Gaming, News, Photos, Videos, How-to, Science, Auto. Every section has tons of blogs and articles on multiple topics that you will find helpful in every aspect.

In fact, all the insights and articles based on future tech such as AI, IoT, Gene therapy, etc have been covered as well on the site.

Most of the Technology Websites visitors are also interested in Dark Web but I want you to check out below mentioned video on “Why You Should Never Visit The Dark Web

Why You Should Never Visit The Dark Web

11. Gizmodo

For all the technology enthusiasts, this site is something you cannot miss to look at. Gizmodo is a technology, science, design, and science fiction site. This too is a multilingual website available in multiple languages such as English, French, Dutch, Italian, German, Spanish, Japanese, Polish, and Portuguese.

Technology Websites

It has been on the web since 2002 and has created a huge impact. The blog came up with multiple languages one by one over the years making it user-friendly and more diverse to reach people globally.

This site has the caption “ We come from the future”, meaning it has a good amount of content on future technology and how it can be impactful. This section has been named as IO9.

Other sections that have been a part of Gizmodo over the years are Reviews, Science, Field Guide, Earther, Design, PaleoFuture. The topics are unique and the content in each of these sections is surely unheard of.

12. CNET

CNET founded in 1994, has been among the popular technology websites known for creating content on the latest tech news, Gadget reviews, articles, blogs, podcasts and videos related to technology.

25 Of The Best Technology Websites For Tech Enthusiasts

This company also covers multiple events and shows providing its viewer’s insights on the upcoming technology and Gadgets in the market.

In 2015, it was rated as the highest-read technology blog with over 200 Million readers per month. As of now, it may not be the highest-read but among the best technology website preferred by readers all over the Globe. The site looks very interactive and appeals to its viewers.

13. Tech Insider

Tech Insider is an integral part of Business Insider, which is a Business news website covering news from around the world. This blog started out in 2015 and since then has been merged with the parent website.

Technology Websites

From covering tech news, it also publishes articles and blogs about Mobile Phones, apps, Enterprise, and Gadgets.

Currently, it is available in around 17 countries including one International edition. You can even apply for “Write for us” if you wish to be a contributor to the site and share your piece of content with the team. Also, they have millions of followers and reach through social media making them a bit hit among all.

14. GeekWire

Founded in 2011, GeekWire is worth mentioning among the tech giants since it has left a mark on readers within a short span of time. It is a fresh tech news website that publishes mainly news on multiple brands such as Apple, Microsoft, Google, etc.

Technology Websites

Also, you may find multiple Podcasts as well on various topics about each of the above brands’ latest information and releases.

They have GeekWire Events each year that brings tons of people together to connect, share, grow, and have fun forming a tech community. You can also apply for a membership program where you can avail of multiple benefits such as special discounts, VIP passes for the events, and a lot more.

15. ZDNet

Since we are listing down some of the oldest tech news websites, ZDNet is worth mentioning. It was founded in the year 1991, owned by CBS Interactive which deals with Business Technology News release each day. Currently, it has over 36 million monthly visits and has been growing each day since its launch.

25 Of The Best Technology Websites For Tech Enthusiasts

This site covers news from across the globe and provides insights on all the trends, technological advancements, and better opportunities to IT professionals.

Whether you are looking for tech-related issues or solving business technology problems, ZDNet is the best site you need to search for.

16. Venture Beat

VentureBeat.com is the ultimate destination for all the tech news and events around the globe. It was founded in the year 2006, and has been able to help businesses take better insights from the blogs on the site. This site not only provides content on the latest news but also long-form articles, blogs, interviews, and videos.

Technology Websites

It isn’t like any other ordinary site with all the sections right on the home page. Instead, all the sections are covered under Channels that include future technology such as AI, AR/VR, Big Data, etc. Also, you can find more informative content on topics such as Entrepreneur, Business, Marketing, and a lot more.

17. Extreme Tech

This technology Website was founded in 2001 which is almost two decades ago and has covered some major tech news all these years. Extreme Tech specializes mainly in digging deep into technology and providing deep insights on multiple topics.

25 Of The Best Technology Websites For Tech Enthusiasts

It covers Computer hardware and software, Phones, Cars, Gaming, Science are among the few. You can find multiple deals and offers on the site which can be very useful to you in the long run.

Unlike others, it captures news based on Space and related topics that are generally left untouched by writers. The UI may not be the best as seen on other sites but works perfectly smooth.

18. 9to5Mac

Apart from being a Tech-savvy person, if you are a crazy Apple Fan, 9to5Mac is for you. This site covers everything you need to know about Apple and its products. From the latest news, releases, fixes, How-to, and a lot more, you can get everything in here.

25 Of The Best Technology Websites For Tech Enthusiasts

You will find separate sections for each Gadget by Apple i.e. Mac, iPhone, Watch, iPad, Music, TV, and Guides that includes How-to articles as well reviews.

The site also has provided specific pages to help you get a repair or sell your Gadgets for Cashbacks. In fact, you can turn on the dark mode for better viewing and reading.

19. Android Authority

Since we have mentioned a separate site for all the Apple fans, we have Android Authority for all the Android fans as well. This site was founded in 2007 and has been growing at a tremendous pace since its launch. It is an independent publication that receives over 50 Million monthly visitors. 

Technology Websites

The site currently has around 34 active contributors who love to write and read about technology, especially the Android Operating system. 

You will find every piece of information and news about Smartphones newly launched in the market and genuine reviews about them. Moreover, you can also search for Best of, How-to, Deals, Features, Android development-based articles, and blogs which will help you in every aspect.

20. SlashGear

SlashGear founded in 2005 has been listed among the best technology websites. It is dedicated to covering trending news and cutting-edge technology-based articles and blogs on its site. Currently, it publishes articles based on Cars, Gaming, Entertainment, Science, Reviews, and Columns. 

25 Of The Best Technology Websites For Tech Enthusiasts

Readers can trust the reviews provided by the site and make other important analysis accordingly. Furthermore, it has tons of in-depth articles on technology that you love to read and gain knowledge about. Follow them on social media sites where they have millions of followers and active monthly visitors.

The site also gives a great opportunity for all the visitors or readers to provide the latest news ideas or tips that they can cover. You can visit the site and provide them with the necessary info.

21. Futurism

Futurism is a Science and Technology based News website that provides every piece of information about future technology and how it can impact or is going to impact the world.

It has multiple sections that cover current trending news on technology and science, more insights through videos and a lot more. Some of the topics or categories covered on this site are Artificial Intelligence, Earth & Energy, Future Society, Enhanced Humans, Health and Medicine, Virtuality, Robotics.

You can subscribe to its newsletter as well which will keep you updated with more news and articles published every day. They have Social media presence as well with millions of followers and have a YouTube channel where you can watch some incredible tech-related videos.

22. How-To Geek

How-To Geek is the go-to technology website that brings to you detailed information about every piece of tech and Gadgets such as Mac, Windows, iPhone, Android, Security, Linux, etc. Not only does it have articles based on How-to but also the latest news and long-form informative blogs.

25 Of The Best Technology Websites For Tech Enthusiasts

As of now, the site has over 15 million visitors every month and around 10,000+ articles published in multiple categories.

The company also has a network of other websites as well that are focusing on building a community of tech enthusiasts that are Review Geek and Life Savvy. You can also apply as a Freelance Writer on the site to become a part of the team.

23. Make Use Of (MUO)

MOU is an online technology site that focuses on informative articles and blogs to provide you with tips and tricks on multiple categories. It covers some major hardware and software reviews such as Windows, Mac, Android, Smartphones, Internet, Security, Programming. Everything related to these topics you can find on the site.

25 Of The Best Technology Websites For Tech Enthusiasts

Apart from this, you can search for some free stuff such as cheats, tricks, deals, offers, and much more.

Furthermore, for better understanding, you can watch review videos of hardware and Gadgets newly launched in the market. Make Use Of also has two other websites launched some time back namely, WhatNerd and Blocks Decoded.

24. Make Tech Easier

MakeTchEasier is solely dedicated to contributing more to the tech world. It was launched with the purpose of sharing knowledge and information with the tech nerds which the founders have gained over the years. Since then, the site has grown with over millions of visitors every month reading and sharing content within the community.

Technology websites

You can learn tons of computer tricks and tips that will make your life easier and less complicated. Some of the topics that you will find on the site include How-to, Fixes, Hardware Guides, Software Hacks, and thousands of similar approaches.

25. Scamspotter.org

Google has partnered with the Cybercrime Support Network to launch Scam Spotter (scamspotter.org), a website designed to help people detect and avoid online scams. According to the website, scammers are set to pilfer $2bn this year alone. 

With that in mind, Google highlights three “golden rules” we should abide by to keep our money and data safe.

25 Of The Best Technology Websites For Tech Enthusiasts

Rule number one, “Slow it down”, explains how criminals – both online and in the real world – often seek to pressure you with a sense of urgency that clouds your judgment.

“Spot check” highlights the need to verify anyone claiming to be contacting you from apparently official sources, such as your bank. 

Finally, “Stop! Don’t send” reveals why you should be suspicious of demands for immediate on-the-spot payments (asking you to send money via gift cards and vouchers is a red flag). Each rule is accompanied by example messages, to help you recognize these scams out in the wild.

However, there’s more to Scam Spotter than just a set of rules. The website is also packed with tips on how to spot and swerve a whole range of scams – each one neatly laid out and divided into clear sections according to the three golden rules.

There are also tips for avoiding scams related to the Coronavirus, alongside evergreen classics such as the ‘Nigerian prince’ emails. Scams also feature a ‘share this tip’ button, so you can send them on to susceptible friends and family members.

How will it affect you?

No matter how impervious to online fraud you think you are, cybercriminals are always working hard to stay one step ahead, so, it’s worth visiting Google’s site if only for a refresher course. 

While you’re there, be sure to take the Scam Spotter quiz, which displays a series of potentially fake messages (many will be familiar to anyone who’s been online in the last 20 years) and asks you to decide whether they are safe or a scam. We got them all right, of course!

What do we think?

While ‘stay safe online’ sites are nothing new, Scam Spotters is one of the best. Visually appealing, uncluttered and easy to digest, it’s ideal for all ages, though it is predominantly targeted at US web users (with references to dollars and 1RS scams). We hope that with Google’s involvement, vast numbers of users will be drawn to the site.

Best Way To Find Technology websites or Other Category Websites

it’s not easy to task to go to each and every website and read their updated posts, in this case, feedly.com will be your one-stop place to read our all the latest updates from all the websites.

Feedly is not only for technology websites, but it’s also for all categories. let’s have a look at the below-mentioned videos on how it’s working.

Navigate to https://feedly.com/ and signup with your Google or Facebook account or create a new account.

Click on the + icon, it will show you all the Featured category in the right-pane side.

25 Of The Best Technology Websites For Tech Enthusiasts

Like if you want to follow technology websites then just click on Tech, it will show you all the websites in that category.

Select the website that you want to follow and click on the Follow, here you have option to create a Custom Feed.

25 Of The Best Technology Websites For Tech Enthusiasts

after subscribing you are able to see all the updates like below.

Technology Websites

Even this tool has the option to Follow specific keywords or twitter alerts. Just click on the keyword section and enter the keyword that you want to follow.

25 Of The Best Technology Websites For Tech Enthusiasts


These are some of the best technology websites that we came across and listed to be among the Top 21. Surely, there are loads of such sites other than the ones mentioned above which may be very useful to gain insights and knowledge about technology and the latest trends in the market.

Mostly, you will find technology news sites in abundance but we have mentioned some very unique and interesting websites that not only have been covering the latest tech news around the globe but also amazing insights about the upcoming technology or future tech. 

If you are into future technology, you can also visit Futurism, a site that has been mainly dedicated to future tech. Otherwise, you can check out the above list and follow them or subscribe to their newsletter to keep yourself updated at all times.