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11 Best Teleprompter Apps To Improve Your Presentation

Do you have the curiosity to know about the Best Teleprompter Apps To Improve Your Presentation or Speeches? 🤔 You can easily Find out now in this definitive list with our detailed review.

Without any further delay let’s find out. 👓

If you are in the broadcasting industry, then you may be familiar with a teleprompter and what it does. If you don’t know how this device works, the concept is simple, but the application is a bit complicated.

The teleprompter system has a glass screen that displays a prewritten script at an angle that can be viewed easily. However, when you stand in front of mirrors, you get flipped horizontally.

That is the same thing with a teleprompter device. To make the texts on the glass screen readable, the script has to be displayed in reverse while the camera is placed on the other side of the glass screen for the presenter to stay right in front of while reading.

This is as stressful as it sounds. However, while a teleprompter makes it easy to give speeches and presentations while at the same time reading a script, technology has given us the option of making things even more comfortable with the availability of teleprompter apps.

A professional teleprompter costs a lot, but you can now use your smartphone for this same function. Now, teleprompters are not just for television reporters, but content creators and videographers can also use this to create videos of maximum production quality using only tablets and smartphones!

Best Teleprompter Apps: Our Top Pick 👌👌👌

1. Parrot Teleprompter

Designed for both Android and iOS, the Parrot Teleprompter app comes with all the top features that users would love in a professional teleprompter. It can be used with just a smartphone or alongside the Parrot Teleprompter.

Best Teleprompter Apps

The first favorite thing about this app is that it is free. It features an easy-to-use interface that lets you customize the texts with your preferred color and size.

You can also control the scroll speed, change the background color, and make adjustments to the foreground. With an unlimited number of script options, the power to bring the best out of the Parrot Teleprompter app is in your hands.


  • Unlimited number of scripts to pick from
  • You can scroll through different scenarios in two modes: mirrored and landscape mode
  • You can set the scroll speed to your preferred level
  • Ability to adjust the text size, full customization
  • It has a toggle marker that guides you to where you are in the script
  • Changing both foreground and background colors which aid visibility
  • Parrot teleprompter supports .txt files which allow you to connect to your dropbox account or edit texts directly within the app
  • simplify your production process with loop script settings.
  • Compatible with Android and iOS

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2. PromptSmart

PromptSmart, which comes with more than ten different fonts and about nineteen texts, is another teleprompter app that a lot of users will enjoy.

Being a smart teleprompter app allows for a range of customization options, including the ability to change the font style, color, and use the Notecard format to outline your talk in the form of slides.

A unique feature of the PromptSmart teleprompter app is the embedded voice recognition software. The app can be controlled with your voice when you use it as a voice-to-text application. This feature is known as VoiceTrack.

Using voice recognition software, you can pause, scroll through the screen, and perform a range of other functions. For easy access to your files, you can upload them directly to cloud services such as Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, and iCloud. 


  • Compatible with iOs and android
  • Presence of a reading guide and line indicator which you can use to track your reading
  • Voice recognition software which can be used without an internet connection
  • Access contents via Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, and iCloud, or export them for safekeeping on the cloud.
  • Practice tool in the form of a pacing timer which can be reset as preferred while in presentation mode
  • Record audio files for future use
  • With the paid version of this teleprompter app, you unlock features such as text mirroring, auto-capitalization, and changing background colors.

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3. Pixaero Teleprompter 

The Pixaero Teleprompter is an app that gives users the ease of controlling the scroll speed of texts by connecting the app to any Bluetooth device.

Best Teleprompter Apps

With this, you don’t have to reach out for your smartphone every time you want to adjust the scroll speed. It also has backup features as you can sync your text files and scripts to the cloud and access it with different devices. 


  • Control the pause feature by tapping the screen or volume button
  • Any Bluetooth device can be connected to the teleprompter app
  • Customization ability for adjusting scroll speed and font size
  • Don’t worry about losing your files as you can set this to sync texts automatically to the cloud. Texts can also be edited and imported from files

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4. Selvi – Teleprompter Camera

If you are the type of person who would love to talk in front of the camera and be able to read out your texts from the screen, then you would love the Selvi teleprompter app.

Just like TV anchors, all you have to do is record your video using your 3D camera and read your recently prepared text from your phone screen during the recording.

Selvi Teleprompter by John Galt Studio

It saves you the stress of memorizing long texts or writing them down. While recording the video, you can also change the video resolution.


  • Ability to use both front and back camera
  • Selvi supports .txt files. So, you can create these texts from another app and import them into Selvi.
  • Compatible with iOS and android 
  • While using the selfie camera, you can adjust the video resolution
  • You don’t need another device to record your video as this app allows you to use the camera on your mobile device 
  • Make screen gestures to adjust the font speed and size.
  • Videos can be shared directly to your social media including YouTube

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5. Teleprompter Pro Lite

With the Teleprompter Pro Lite, you can access some basic features for free. The paid version is the Teleprompter Pro. With this teleprompter app, there are several custom fonts; you can input multiple scripts and control speed with ease.

Teleprompter Pro Lite also allows you to control the text size. With a teleprompter app like this, adding texts to your video is quite easy.

As expected with Lite versions, there are limitations to some features. The paid version comes with a lot more features like adjusting background colors, brightness, fonts, and also deleting old scripts.

Teleprompter Pro for Android



  • View your video in full-screen mode
  • Several fonts and background colors to choose from
  • Brightness control from the teleprompter app
  • The paid version has the option of importing from .txt files, mirror mode, and unlimited scripts.

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6. SingerPro Music Teleprompter

For lovers of music, just like the name suggests, SingerPro is one of the best music teleprompter app available on the Google Playstore. With this teleprompter app, users in the movie industry can create a piece of music and video right from their smartphone.

11 Best Teleprompter Apps To Improve Your Presentation

Create and edit videos with your Android device. It also comes with a timer that paces the music while you play an instrument and sing at the same time.


  • Compatible with Android devices only
  • For every point where you stop singing, you can input an instrument playing like a guitar solo. With this, you can sing and play an instrument on the teleprompter app at the same time.
  • Complete control over every song as you can set up a timer that can automatically freeze the screen.
  • Maximum performance with little interaction with your device. 

Download on Google Play Store

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7. BIGVU teleprompter

Although the first thing that would discourage you from using this app is the fact that it requires an active internet connection before it can be used, BigVu makes up for this minor setback with its host of impressive features.

Teleprompter App for iPhone, iPad, iOS & Android

To use the teleprompter app, you have to log in via a social media account or mail. However, the plus of this is that you can make use of the YouTube integration feature to directly upload videos to your channel. Getting your videos across to your audience takes just a few seconds.


  • Compatible with iPad
  • Based on the number of words on each line, you can adjust the speed of the app to correlate with this.
  • Better video quality settings as you can adjust them according to your preferences. You can also change the video speed
  • Want to know what other features on the app you can take advantage of? Tap on the dedicated tab to view tips on how to use BigVu effectively
  • Putting your script on the app is simple and straightforward. Check the list, pick your script, move over to the camera button nestled in the top right corner to launch it, and start recording
  • Controls like text size, a bar for adjusting speed, and the window size are all available close to the record button. The interface allows you to select different options quickly.

The premium version gives a lot of other recording options that give you more freedom to control how your videos turn out. This includes the ability to remove watermarks, record videos in HD format, increase the audio output, and put any music of your choice in the background.

With the premium version, you can also add a custom outro and logo. The video can be formatted to be yours fully without restrictions from the app.

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8. Elegant Teleprompter 

Import your texts from your mobile device or cloud straight into the Elegant Teleprompter app and use the scrolling texts for any broadcast.

To use this teleprompter app, all you have to do is speak fluently in front of your camera, whether you are reading out lyrics as a musician or giving a presentation.

It can also be used for speed reading. Our favorite thing about this app is how easy it is to use, with a simple interface.

Elegant Teleprompter Pro



  • View the current position of the text or change it using the progress bar
  • Ability to adjust the text size, scrolling speed, line spacing, and the width of the scrolling script
  • It has a Bluetooth feature that allows you to connect to a remote
  • You can import texts directly in a .txt file from your device or cloud services.
  • To perform specific actions faster, you can make use of the shortcut keys
  • Mirror text
  • To import texts from .docx files, upgrade to the pro version

Download on Google Play Store

9. Nano teleprompter 

With the Nano teleprompter, you can resize and drag the window around freely using the adjustable floating widget available on its interface. With any camera app, you can launch this teleprompter in both portrait and landscape mode.

A fantastic feature of this teleprompter app is that you don’t have to put all the texts in, especially when you know that you can work around a few points.

This is possible with the feature that lets you “highlight important phrases.” While the rest of the text can be added as a reminder, you can highlight a few that gives you more flexibility and lets you easily talk about your main points.


  • You are not restricted to just one camera app as the Nano teleprompter app is compatible with any camera app in both portrait and landscape mode
  • Pick your preferred colors for the text and background to enhance visibility
  • Select a phrase, highlight it with your chosen color and you can easily view your relevant sentences that help with the presentation process
  • You can open .txt files on the floating widget using the Nano Teleprompter. This action opens your camera app automatically, as well. You can also share selected texts
  • Make texts bigger by pinching the screen and change the window size by dragging it to the corner. Gesture control helps ease the use of the teleprompter app
  • You can control the scrolling speed according to your preferences, delay it by some seconds, or make it faster.

Download on Google Play Store

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10. Prompster Public Speaking App

On our list of free teleprompter apps, we have Prompster, which earned its spot due to its incredibly simple interface. This app, which is compatible with an iPad, has other impressive features.

If you want to use this with the traditional teleprompter, you can easily mirror the text on your iPad to fit the screen. While the free version is undoubtedly cool, upgrading to the premium version unlocks other amazing features.

Teleprompter Software, iPad Public Speaking App, Prompster

First, you eliminate all ads and have access to the Prompster audio-video recording feature.


  • You can mirror your texts and use it just like the traditional teleprompter screen
  • Simple interface
  • Adjust the speed of your recording and texts while also running the prompt
  • Wish to import scripts from cloud services like Dropbox? Prompster allows you to do this and also import from your mail. You can also send it to others via mail right from the Prompster app
  • No highlighted text function, but you can input texts and adjust them to your preference
  • Compatible with iPad

Download on Google Play Store

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11. Video teleprompter lite

The Video teleprompter lite app qualifies as an advanced type of teleprompter app has it has a lot of impressive features. Just like other apps listed above, you can import scripts from the cloud or directly from your phone.

Best Teleprompter Apps

However, the difference is that as soon as you put the texts in, you will be prompted to launch the camera.

With this, you can be recording videos on your iPad while the teleprompter keeps running on the screen. This makes every recording session much easier and faster. 

Below are some of the features of the Video teleprompter lite App that earned it a spot in our list of best teleprompter apps for android.


  • The video teleprompter lite has an adjustable text area, which lets you move the script closer to your camera. While recording your video, you can set the texts so that you are not awkwardly looking away from your camera lens when recording.
  • The premium version is compatible with Bluetooth devices. You can connect a Bluetooth keyboard or apple watch to this app, where you can control several features without touching your iPad. When the app is paired to your apple watch, you can give commands, and the app will respond to them promptly. 
  • Don’t worry about losing your videos as every saved recording is automatically saved to your photos folder.

On the free version, there are watermarks. However, the premium version lets you remove the watermark with several other formatting options like changing the colors, importing scripts directly, and controlling your keyboard.

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12. Teleprompter Pro – Best teleprompter apps for iPhone

Designed with content creators in mind, Teleprompter Pro offers a unique live-view teleprompter experience. Overlaying your script on the video you’re recording, allows the users to record themselves speaking to the camera without breaking eye contact.

11 Best Teleprompter Apps To Improve Your Presentation

You can also add and store multiple scripts at once, and edit them before or during the recording. Plus, the teleprompter text is fully customizable in terms of font size, speed of text, line spacing, or length of countdown. With Teleprompter Pro, you can achieve professional production quality with only a few taps.

Features include:-

– Customisable countdown before the auto-scroll begins
– Overlaying your script on camera live-view allows recording yourself without breaking eye-contact
– The speed, line spacing, and font size of teleprompter text can be fully modified
– Prompter-only mode is also available without live camera view
– Multiple scripts can be added, edited, and stored in the app

– Save and share your creations with the ease of a single tap

Download on Apple App Store

Best Teleprompter Apps: Basic requirements for downloading

This is a video-based app. Therefore, the first important thing to set up is a standard device that can record videos of at least HD quality.

A lot of smartphones pass this essential requirement as they come with excellent camera options, a lot of them with HD quality. The next step is to download your preferred teleprompter app to your smartphone, which allows you to quickly put your script on your screen, control the scroll speed and record a video at the same time.

A lot of apps come with great customization options for both free and paid versions. However, it is easy to get caught up with substandard apps. You want a teleprompter app that will help you make the best presentation from your smartphone while incorporating images, videos, and texts.

Several are compatible with Apple and Android devices, which is why we have tried and tested hundreds using simple criteria. After our research, we came up with the top teleprompter apps that passed our simple tests. Here is how we picked our best teleprompter apps.

Best Teleprompter Apps: How we picked the apps

When making our choice for the best teleprompter apps for iOS and Android devices, we looked out for only three straightforward features that we believe every excellent teleprompter app should have. They include:

Simple setup:- The first thing we looked out for is the interface. No one wants an app where we have to fiddle with more than a dozen buttons just to set up texts.

We picked apps that are easy to maneuver; creating a video shouldn’t be rocket science. You should spend more time speaking in front of the camera and not setting up the app. 

Scrolling speed:- Every teleprompter app we picked has an adjustable scrolling speed. Your speaking rate is definitely different from others.

Therefore, a good app needs to consider that. It will be disastrous to have to wait several seconds for the text to pop up. Our top picks all let you adjust the speed according to your speaking style.

Font size:- No matter how far you are from your device, you should be able to see the texts clearly without straining your eyes.

This means that the font size should be adjustable. You can opt for smaller texts while your device is in your hands or bigger texts when you have it further away from you on a table. Flexibility is a significant criterion for picking our best teleprompter apps. 

Cloud services:- We can all agree that saving files to the cloud is relatively safer than keeping them on devices only. Our top teleprompter apps all allow you to download videos from cloud services such as Google Drive and Dropbox. 


While most of these apps can be used individually on your smartphone, you can decide to purchase a teleprompter kit for as low as $200.

This teleprompter kit will give you access to a lot of additional functions. If you are considering more flexibility, then it is undoubtedly worth the investment. However, this is only optional as all these apps work perfectly with just your smartphone or tablet. 

This wraps up our list of apps. Just install any of the above-listed apps, and you will be holding a professional teleprompter in your hands after spending so little or even for free.