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Ten security tips to secure your client’s data


The much-acclaimed technology has had immense impacts on our lives, unfortunately, both positive and negative. A lot can be said about how many technological solutions have made life easier, but you cannot overlook the risks that it has brought into the information security sector. Whether for businesses or individual internet users, the concern for information security is real. Hackers are picking up new trends and coming up with new malware to attack devices and websites.

That said, the question that is a concern for most people in internet space is, how can I protect my information and guard my privacy? Lucky for business owners, this article is a compilation of the top ten security tips you can employ to secure your client’s data:

Create strong passwords

Passwords are the most basic ways to secure data from unsolicited third party access. As a business, you have so many accounts to manage, among them, the customer portal, email accounts, among others. In such cases, be sure to pick out strong passwords.

There are several tips for coming up with strong passwords. At the least of things, make sure you mix your password combinations with upper and lowercase letters, numbers and symbols. Further, consider changing up your passwords frequently, perhaps after every three months. Encourage your clients you also determine strong passwords as well, to further secure their data.

Secure your browser and website

People are busy accessing your service on your site day in and day out. This means that data transmission between your company and your audience happens through such platforms, and sometimes, even financial transactions. In such cases, ensure you have a secure website that people can feel safe in usage. This means upgrading to an HTTPS protocol, instead of HTTP.

Employ cloud services

Tragedies are unpredictable, and every once in a while, a business is bound to experience it. In such times, say an incidence of fire, a lot of items are damaged, and that by far includes the operational devices, along with the client’s information.

Instead of standing the risk of losing all information about your clients, consider cloud technology. The cloud is very spacious and scalable enough to accommodate data growth for any kind of business. This way, you are sure that you have data backups for some of your most pieces of information, as well as the invaluable and sensitive customer information.

Use a password manager

You have so many passwords to manage as a company, which means that you either need to be extraordinarily smart in remembering all of them or use some help form tools. Consider a password manager for all your accounts, for example, LastPass. The chief reason is that you cannot use the same password for all your accounts, and therefore need some help to remember the complex codes.

Encrypt data

If you think passwords are enough, then you have it wrong. Encrypting your data helps to add an extra layer of protection to your information. The encryption codes are in such a way that you have to decrypt your data before accessing it. This is particularly necessary when uploading information to the cloud as earlier mentioned. Since the cloud service providers can obtain your data at will, the encryption takes away that room for third party unauthorized access.

Replace outdated devices

It can get pretty expensive to replace devices as a business. While it is not mandatory to replace your old devices, it is an important security measure. More often than not, and security updates on software may not work on old machines. Remember, for every update, Windows, Linux, and other systems come with inbuilt software and defenders to better secure the network.

Sell you old phones, and market any device you feel will not conform to current digital demands. With new hardware and software, you are better protected from new malware launched by cybercriminals. It also allows a secure way of storing clients’ information, without any security risks because the operating systems, web browsers, and applications are up-to-date.

Keep your employees on the loop

Sustaining a secure business is a team effort. You need every member of the organization to be a deliberate and active participant in upholding the security standards of your company. For this reason, keep them up-to-date with the privacy expectations you have, security standards, technological changes, and updates, among others. This creates for you a functional ecosystem of information security at its best.

Prioritize technology investments

In this age and time, as a business owner, you cannot be ignorant of the essence of technology. If anything. You should be all out looking for different ways to invest in the latest technologies. As you would prioritize functions like marketing, make technological investments a priority. Take time to research the new devices in the market, and go overboard with the latest technology.

Properly dispose of your information

It is one thing to invest in the storage of information with all security measures put in place, but the disposal process also has a role to play in protecting people’s information. For the data on print, it is especially easy to land yourself in huge data security breaches. If you do not discard them appropriately, anyone landing to the confidential data can sabotage the reputation and security of your company in one instant.

That goes for the data on softcopy as well. Right before you dispose and recycle your computers, ensure that all the useless information is discarded correctly.  You can employ the use of special tools like the DriveEraser to wipe off the memories of your machines completely, so that all traces of information like email addresses, images, confidential information, transaction codes, and files, among others, are not left in the exposure of unauthorized third parties.

Vet your service providers

Sometimes you can invite trouble to your home by the kind of people you solicit for help. For any company, it is necessary to stay on top of the type of services acquired, and the service providers.

Ideally, the vendors you consult must be reputable in character, not to mention, in proper customer service. You want to offer the best value to your clients, which means you must be careful about the kind of people they are. Check out their policies, terms, and conditions of service, confidentiality of data, among others. You must be particularly keen with service providers that have access to sensitive information, for example, cloud service providers.


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