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How to Test Your Netflix Streaming Speed


How to Test Your Netflix Streaming Speed:-

You don’t need a blisteringly fast internet connection to stream video on Netflix. Modern compression techniques mean that even a moderate connection should be able to handle UHD 4K streaming with ease. If you do

If you do encounter problems, however, and stopping large downloads and other bandwidth-hogging activities don’t improve matters, it may be worth checking the speed of your connection. Netflix has its own tool called Fast https://fast.com/

Go to the site and it will immediately check the speed of your connection – you don’t
need to select any servers or press any buttons, and you can rerun the test at
any time.

How to Test Your Netflix Streaming Speed

Now Click on the “Compare on  Speedtest.net” option to compare your speed.

Test Your Netflix Streaming Speed

Fast is really only about checking your connection’s suitability for streaming Netflix content so unlike similar services, it doesn’t measure upload speed, ping, latency or jitter.

What is the minimum bandwidth that you need?

Faster the better – this is also applicable for WLAN. But depending on the purpose, other,
complex optimizations are not worthwhile if their network attains these values in several

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Hope my article “How to Test Your Netflix Streaming Speed” helps you to test your Netflix Streaming speed. If you have any query feel free to comment.


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