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The 10 Fastest-Growing Tech Companies In Europe

At present, there are many reliable IT service providers that are of high demand on the market. However, we have made up a list of top software companies in Europe. According to such an authoritative resource as Clutch, the following enterprises have positive feedback from their customers.

The 10 Fastest-Growing Tech Companies In Europe

  1. Mangosoft is a web development company in Europe with high expertise in the fields of fintech and e-commerce. The team takes on projects of any complexity to empower business capabilities by a wide margin. All the tech solutions are focused on the rich functionality of products, innovations, trends, and best industry practices.
  2. Zfort Group is an IT company founded in Ukraine. Since 2000, it has been focusing on such industries as e-commerce, dating, and hi-tech.
  3. N-iX is a software development provider. Their major specialties are fintech and telecommunications. Since 2002, N-iX has been delivering its services worldwide for affordable prices.
  4. Intellectsoft is a digital service provider founded in California in 2007. It has advanced expertise in the fields of IoT, Blockchain, VR/AR.
  5. Intersog is a software engineering company founded in Chicago. Since 2005, Intersog has been delivering web and mobile solutions for startup companies. It has domain expertise in IoT, big data, and AR/VR sectors.
  6. Sigma Software is an IT outsourcing provider founded in 2002. Its main specialties are AI, AR/VR, big data, and finance. Sigma Software has positive feedback from its clients on the Internet.
  7. SoftServe is a digital service provider. Founded in 1993, it provides quality solutions in the fields of IT, retail, and healthcare.
  8. Nix Solutions is a software development provider from Ukraine. The company was founded in 1994 and delivers its solutions globally. It has expertise in the fields of IoT, mobile, and web development.
  9. ScienceSoft is an IT company founded in the USA in 1989. Among its clients are such enterprises as eBay, Viber, IBM, and others. ScienceSoft primarily focuses on such industries as mobile development and data analysis.
  10. Oxagile is a technology service provider founded in 2005. It mainly offers BI and big data consulting services. Besides, Oxagile has advanced expertise in the fields of custom software development and web dev.

The Criteria for Selection: What to Look for in Software Companies in Europe?

When compiling the list of top companies in Europe that have comprehensive expertise in the field of software development, we focused on the following aspects:

  • the services that these companies offer;
  • their customers’ reviews;
  • the quality of their completed projects;
  • the price of their services.

Location plays a crucial role in selecting a software engineering provider. As an option, you can hire the best development company within your geographical location. Also, you may outsource the work to another IT service provider if it has better value for money.

The startups in Europe are the right choice if you are aiming for a good result at a reasonable price. Although there are enough skillful developers in European countries, the standard of living varies from one country to another. Consequently, you can choose the most suitable technology service provider based on your budget limits.

Also, it implies that some companies have lower overhead expenses, and they can deliver their solutions at reasonable rates. There are many options for places where you can choose a web agency for yourself. Some humans employ developers on freelancing platforms, whereas others make a tender offer. Anyway, the list we provided must help you determine the most reliable partner.


There is not an all-purpose software development company that could fit everyone. The list we provided includes the most trustworthy IT service providers in Europe. However, to make the right choice, you should research yourself and work out some unique criteria needed to choose the most fitting partner. We hope the IT service provider you choose, will define your business needs and deliver the top-notch solution.