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The 6 Top Best Noise Canceling (Over-Ear) Headphones


Ever had trouble concentrating or sleeping because of some constant annoying sounds? Such is noise pollution, which is unpleasant and disturbing. Luckily, having a good pair of noise-canceling headphones can help tone down the noise, in turn, make other sounds clearer. Here are some of the best for your use during the next commute or flight, which will make the journey more enjoyable.

Not all the “noise canceling” headphones actually noise canceling. Even for the real noise canceling, not all of them perform at the same level. Some companies actually just insulate their headphones well and end up terming them “noise canceling headphones”. The insulation passively reduces noise, in a similar manner to having earmuffs. They don’t really cancel the noise but muffle them.

All headphones discussed below actively cancel noise (ANC technology). They have external microphones together with complex circuitry to allow them to actually listen actively to any noise present in the surrounding and in turn, create a matching “anti-noise” sound wave, canceling the external sounds. They work quite well and there are videos describing how in detail.

This noise canceling method is active and requires power, from a USB charge or separate batteries to function. This means that the devices will need to be taken care of, and charged for you to enjoy the benefit of protection from outside noise, in a way far better compared to any other methods.

It, however, is important to note that even though most people are enthusiastic about the noise canceling devices (mostly business travelers who travel by plane), some individuals may actually need time getting accustomed to these headphones. Even though not all people are affected by this, some report that this process of noise cancellation used by the technology creates odd sensations of increased pressure in the ears. This, however, disappears with use later, although some individuals never adapt at all. This experience is not uncommon, just a heads up should you find a pair you purchased uncomfortable for some unknown reason.

In this roundup, only over-ear solutions have been focused on. Generally, these have proven to be better than in-ear solutions in terms of design. They provide more space for batteries and circuitry.

Top Best Noise Canceling (Over-Ear) Headphones

TaoTronics Active Bluetooth Noise Cancelling headphones at $70

Are you still not convinced about noise-canceling headphones? Well, this is one of the cheapest available brands in the market. They are the perfect choice to see if you can handle the technology.

These headphones offer lots of comfort, as they are designed using memory foam cushions, as well as silence. That’s in case you do not feel the need to use its audio capabilities. It cannot be at par with the others to be discussed here, but it is still a very good option. This device offers a long-lasting impressive 25 hours battery life, even when playing music. It also has a built-in cVc 6.0 noise-cancelling microphone, which can be handy in answering calls in noisy environments.

In summary, pros:-

  • Long lasting battery life up to 25 hours
  • Comfortable with adjustable swivel ear cups
  • Cheap
  • Wireless or wired for audio


  • Audio quality is not as impressive as other brands in the market


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Plantronics wireless backbeat noise-canceling headphones at $145

This set of headphones is relatively quite cheap compared to the high-end brands in the market. They are good and effective for middle range devices. Their noise canceling capabilities can be switched on/off easily, as situations dictate. They eventually get the job done, but they do not adjust automatically to your needs, as do some of the fly ones.

The estimated battery life when listening to music is around 24 hours. The wireless capability can support up to 100 meters of a class one Bluetooth tablet or smartphone. After the battery is down, you can use a cable for music. This headphone may lack the finest options, but it offers noise cancellation without compromising audio quality for its price. This thus is a good and inexpensive option to consider.

In summary, pros:-

  • Supports long-range Bluetooth
  • High-quality design and build
  • High-resolution audio
  • Long battery life of up to 24 hours
  • Comfortable design
  • Active noise cancellation capability


  • Quite expensive
  • Does not offer self-adjusting capabilities to filter sounds

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QuietComfort 35 by Bose at $350

The Bose brand is well established in the speakers and headphones audio field. It is without a doubt not astonishing to see their noise cancellation devices being one of the top end range. The QuietComfort ANC headphones are of premium quality, having sufficient options. As a crucial part, you have the option of adjusting the noise cancellation level, in order to suit the surroundings. After all, different situations have different amounts of noise.

These headphones also have the volume-optimized equalizer to ensure that music is playing consistently and appropriately. In addition, there is a system of dual-microphones in place for you to control music, phone or even have phone calls that are clearer.

The headphones support both wired and wireless connections, with a 20-hour difference in listening time. In wireless mode, listening is 20 hours while in wired mode 40 hours. If you really are in need of some ANC headphones, the QuietComfort can never be the wrong option. This is especially so if you do not need to engage in comparative shopping. They are a favorite for frequent fliers for a reason.

In summary, pros:-

  • Premium design
  • Studio quality
  • Long battery life
  • Adjustable noise cancellation profile
  • Volume optimized equalizer built-in
  • Wireless supports NFC and Bluetooth


  • Expensive


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The AKG noise cancellation wireless headphones at $300

This headphone promises powerful, crisp and clear sound quality. If you turn both ANC and Bluetooth on, music playtime will be up to 15 hours. This time is considerably less compared to the market price of the headphones. This is however made up by its elegant premium design. Alternatively, you can get 30 hours of listening if you switch on noise cancellation and use the headphones in wired mode. The design is flexible and good. The headphones are actually flat-foldable. It also a button that controls music playback on the side.

The headphones foldability allows you to safely store them in your pocket or even bag. They are quite simple and their fabric is tangle-free, making them neat. These are ideal for you if you are in need of discreet but effective headphones

In summary, pros:-

  • AKG reference and premium sound quality
  • Premium design
  • Flat-foldable
  • Comfortable


  • Shorter wireless listening time at 15 hours
  • Does not auto adjust noise cancellation


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Sennheiser wireless PXC 550 headphones at $350

This set of headphones meets the expectations of many. This design offers premium quality sound, together with noise cancellation. It has the NoiseGard technology which ensures you never fail to get what you’d rather hear, even if there is someone nearby who is making noises or talking loudly. The system of noise cancellation keeps modifying itself to suit your needs.

The best feature about these headphones is their control system. It offers touch controls, smart pause, voice prompts, and NFC pairing. This last function initiates itself when the headphones are unfolded or folded. Touch control dictates playback features, volume, or track skipping. With these features, these headphones are great. They also have 30 hours battery with continuous listening.

In summary, pros:-

  • Long life battery of about 30 hours
  • Outstanding control system
  • Advanced NoiseGard technology for selective listening
  • Self-adjusting noise cancellation
  • Elegant design


  • Expensive


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Bowers & Wilkins PX ANC headphones at $400

Of the 6 discussed, this is the best in terms of functionality. Bowers & Wilkins is established in the market because of their sound devices. Their audio systems are installed in many very high-end cars. These headphones are no exception to their greatness. They have the best sound quality, and also offer adaptive noise cancellation. This technology knows when it is required to function and when it is not. There are three environmental filters installed for city, flight or office scenarios.

They provide up to 22 hours battery life. It has an energy saving mode which makes it sleep the moment you place it down. They are light comfortable to wear and easy to carry around. This is a purchase of the ultimate solution to noise and audio.

In summary, pros:-

  • Premium quality design
  • Self-adjusting noise cancellation
  • Long battery life
  • Power saving mode included

  • Expensive

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