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The Best Apple Back-To-School Deals 

Students are looking forward to the new school year as schools and campuses all over the globe are reopening their doors for in-person classes. Activities such as back-to-school shopping are in full swing, and a new survey indicates that parents will be spending more on school supplies. According to the National Retail Federation, families are expected to spend about $864 on school supplies this year as they’re considered to be essential items. Moreover, 37% of parents are likely to spend around $661 per child for school gear.
The Best Apple Back-To-School Deals 
Having the right school supplies can help students to learn and do their homework more efficiently. However, there are ways to get quality supplies without breaking the bank. One of the best ways to do that is by looking for good deals, especially deals or sales on tech items since these will take the biggest chunk out of your school supplies budget. If you’re a parent who’s in the market for some tech gear for your children, check out some of the best Apple back-to-school deals for 2022.
MacBook Deals 
MacBooks aren’t cheap, and those who are planning to get a brand new MacBook Air M2 or a MacBook Pro know that these devices can cost over $1,000. However, getting a MacBook from the Apple Education Store will enable parents, teachers, and students to save $100 on these laptops, and each purchase comes with a $150 gift card. Walmart also offers huge deals on the MacBook Air, with the 11.6-inch Retina display laptop available for $215.
Meanwhile, if you want to save a lot more money, consider getting an older MacBook model. A renewed Apple MacBook Pro 2017 version can cost just a little over $400, while a refreshed MacBook Air (2014) costs $230 on Amazon. At Walmart, refurbished Macs are even cheaper as they range from $189 for a restored Apple MacBook Air to $299 for a 13.3-inch MacBook Pro. Most of these refreshed laptops come with new processors, and some are even equipped with an Intel Core i5 processor, which can handle long hours and the demands of programming-heavy tasks.
If your child will use a renewed MacBook, remind them to constantly delete old files from their hard drive and declutter their desk top to ensure that their device is in optimum condition. They should also regularly delete bookmarks since doing so can get rid of clutter and info that they no longer need on their MacBook. If your child asks how to delete bookmarks on my Mac, let them know that they can do so from Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, and even on Safari.
iPad Discounts
An iPad is the best gadget for students who want a flexible device for their schoolwork. Not only is it suitable for note taking and reading, but it can also be used as a drawing pad with the help of drawing apps like Procreate or Linea Sketch. For an affordable option, the Apple 10.2-inch 9th Generation iPad can work as a tablet or a tablet-PC, and it’s the company’s cheapest tablet to date as it starts at $299 to $329. Students can conveniently type reports and homework on it by attaching a Smart Keyboard to the device. They can also draw or take notes on it using an Apple Pencil. Parents should note that these accessories come separately– the Pencil costs $99 on BestBuy and Amazon, while the Keyboard comes in different models and ranges from $150 to $250 from the Apple Store and Walmart.
For even more savings, consider checking out eBay for secondhand or refurbished iPads. You can find some seventh-generation iPads for about $220 on this site. Walmart also has pre-owned iPad models starting at $199, and they’re bundled with tempered glass for protection, a stylus, a fast charger and a BlueTooth headset.
iPhone Deals and Sales
There are a lot of deals on various iPhone models this month, including the newly-released Apple iPhone 13. Consider trading an old iPhone at Verizon or T-Mobile. If your device qualifies for the trade, you can get an iPhone 13 for free. Meanwhile, if you don’t want to get tied down to any particular service provider, try trading at Apple. You may have to pay $199 if your device qualifies, but that’s still a very good deal considering that you save more than $600 on the phone, plus you get to pick a carrier and plan.
A used or refurbished phone can also be a good option, especially for elementary school children or first-time iPhone users. Check out Woot for refurbished iPhones where you can get an Apple iPhone 8 for $140 or an iPhone X for about $215.
Massive Savings on Apple Watches
An Apple Watch can help high school and college students to be more productive in school. With it, they can keep track of their to-do lists, as well as schedule and manage tasks. Moreover, it can also help them to stay fit since it has an app that tracks their fitness and activity levels everyday. For the best deals on the Apple Watch, head to Walmart, where prices for the Apple 7 Watch starts at $279 for the 41mm Green model. The Green Apple Watch is usually the most affordable, while other colors such as Red, Starlight, Midnight, and Blue are available at a higher price. You can also check Amazon, where the Apple Watch SE in Blue is available for only $240. For families who need at least two smart watches for their kids, check out AT&T’s buy one, get one deal on the Apple Watch and Apple SE models.
Keeping Apple Devices Safe and Secure
Some kids can be a little rough or careless with their tech devices, so teaching them to care for their Apple gadgets is a must to ensure that their laptop, iPad, iPhone, or Apple Watch performs well and lasts a long time. If your child will use a MacBook Pro or a MacBook Air this schoolyear, get them a padded laptop sleeve that can fit in their backpack, such as the Baggu Puffy Laptop Sleeve or the Mosiso Shock Resistant Sleeve. Placing the laptop inside any of these sleeves can protect it from dings and scratches.
Meanwhile, iPhone and iPad screens should be reinforced with tempered glass screen protectors to prevent the screen from cracking or breaking in case of falls. It’s also a good idea to get silicon cases for these devices to protect them from moisture, dust, and shock. Meanwhile, Apple Watch wearers should be advised not to wear their smart watch while they’re in the shower. The Apple Watch is water-resistant to a certain degree, but it’s likely to wear down a lot faster if it’s constantly exposed to water or personal care products such as soaps, shampoos, and body wash.
Back-to-school shopping shouldn’t put a massive dent on your savings. Consider these awesome Apple deals to give your child all the devices that they need to do their schoolwork this year.