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The Best Apps That Boost Your Work and Study Productivity

The Best Apps That Boost Your Work and Study Productivity

Every year the pace of people’s lives increases more and more, so sometimes it is pretty difficult to concentrate even on basic household tasks, let alone work or study. However, thanks to the developing market of digital applications, you can easily cope with this modern lifestyle’s drawbacks. And here, we’ll talk about the best apps that will significantly boost your effectiveness.

# 1 Toggl

How do you manage your time? Do you know what you spend it on during the day? Have you ever had a situation where you did less than half of your planned tasks because of social media by the end of the day? If yes, please put aside all your productivity books and download the online time-tracking service Toggl. Be sure that it will help you track your time and develop discipline.

The application is easy to use: create a project, then a task, and start the stopwatch. In Toggl, you can form teams, assign responsibilities, and create estimated budgets for each project involved. Once completed, reports in Excel, CSV, or PDF format can be sent to clients, so they know what they’re paying for. 

Sometimes this productivity app can play against you if starting and stopping a timer takes up much of your attention. But if all of the above interests you, download the app to start. The developers offer different options: install free extensions for Chrome or Mozilla and download the desktop version or the iPhone and Android app. And timekeeping will be synchronized with all devices.

# 2 Habit List

Habit List is an iPhone productivity app that helps you build healthy habits and improve your personal and professional life. For example, it reminds you how many days you exercise, arrive at work on time, or even drink eight glasses of water daily. So it helps you stay focused and see detailed statistics. But first things first.

The app’s main screen is a list of all the habits, both good and bad. First, you must enter all your habits, specify their frequency (every day, every three days, weekly), and put reminders if required. The intervals can be flexibly adjusted by yourself or with built-in intervals. In addition, reminders can be turned on or off at will. 

For example, some habits, like “Quit Smoking,” don’t need reminders. However, you may make a reminder for your “Yoga Hour” habit since it’s more reliable. And if you’re ashamed of your habits or don’t want to show them to your too-curious friends, just enter a password. Finally, you can also turn on a daily reminder to go into the app and mark your daily progress.

# 3 Duolingo

Duolingo is one of the most popular applications for learning foreign languages, which will help you to stay productive during the whole learning process and not lose initial enthusiasm, thanks to an exciting game presentation of the material. Moreover, it is very convenient that at the very beginning, you’ll get a good choice of language learning direction (career, culture, brain training, studies, travel). 

So it dramatically disciplines you and increases the chances of completing the course, focusing your attention precisely on the topic of interest without distractions. Moreover, you can also select a goal in terms of time spent learning a language per day: 5/ 10/ 15/ 20 minutes, which can be changed at any time. 

And everything with this app is generally okay, but don’t exclude the risk that your account can be hacked. Keep calm since there’s nothing wrong with that. The main thing is to know who to turn to for Duolingo hacked help in such cases. For example, the experts of consulting service Howly will quickly solve this issue and provide you with timely tech support.

# 4 Sunsama

Sunsama is an effective app promoted as a teamwork tool, but it’s also incredibly user-friendly for people caring for personal development. It can display your current tasks as a calendar or kanban cards. Plug in your “Google Calendar” or even several, and all the duties marked there end up in Sunsama. Export your projects to Trello, integrate with Slack, and chat for teamwork. So Sunsama is a handy organizer combining a daily to-do list and a calendar. 

And if your work format does not allow you to plan the main flow of tasks by time, the version with a list of tasks for the day, without time reference, will be convenient. However, what to do if you need targets at a particular time, such as meetings or appointments? Sunsama has a to-do list for the day, a calendar, and a task list with no time reference. Everything is simple. Even the lack of localization does not hinder it since everything is clear without words.

# 5 Pomotroid

The Best Apps That Boost Your Work and Study Productivity

You’ve probably heard of the Pomodoro technique that allows you to alternate work and rest periods effectively. The principle is simple: work for 25 minutes and rest for 5 minutes. This way, it is easier to concentrate on the tasks at hand and not get tired. The Pomotroid will help you to use this technique without any effort. And it is probably the best of all desktop Pomodoro applications. 

It’s completely free and has an excellent minimalistic design. For example, the play/pause button starts and stops the timer, red indicates run time, green is a short break, and blue is a long break. The duration of the time intervals is customizable, so if the standard Pomodoro technique seems uncomfortable to you, you can easily change it. The app is available for Windows, macOS, and Linux.

# 6 Pomocado

Pomocado works directly in your browser and uses the same Pomodoro technique as Pomotroid. But it also lets you track how effectively you spend your working time. Sign up for Pomocado, open a web app, and start a Pomodoro timer by getting started. The service marks your activity and rest periods on a chart when you start the timer. Then you can look at it and assess how you manage your time. And remember: the longer you use Pomocado, the better the graph will give you an idea of your time management.

The Bottom Line

The modern market offers many applications to help you stay productive in your work and study tasks. And on the one hand, it is good that you’ve got such a vast choice of quality software. But, on the other hand, it is a bit difficult to find the one that fits you perfectly. But with the help of this article, you’ll be able to choose the best app to help you get things done and stay focused.