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The best battle royale games in 2022

The battle royale genre has become wildly popular, players liked such a hardcore way of surviving in a combat situation, where, in addition to personal shooting qualities, tactics, strategy, planning of their actions and luck play a role.

The genre is so popular that there are players who are looking for professionals to help level up – for example, Tarkov boosting is a very popular request.

There are a lot of game projects in their genre on the market and all have distinctive features. Today we will discuss the best of them

  • PUBG
  • Escape from Tarkov
  • Call of Duty Warzone
The best battle royale games in 2022


The first game that made the battle royale genre very popular all over the world. Game developers essentially proposed the concept of the children’s game King of the Hill, but for adults and with the use of firearms.

The developers took the engine of the popular military action simulator Arma 2 as a basis, improved it and offered the player a new product with interesting mechanics with an emphasis on realism, but with a share of arcade.

What is realism – the players use active small arms and when shooting, the ballistics of the bullet’s flight is taken into account, and given that the shootings are often conducted at medium and long distances, all lovers of the arcade flight of the bullet in a straight line will have to get used to shooting for a long time as in CS GO.

The developers offered the players a lot of interesting experiments:

  1.  Random distribution of weapons – you never know where you will find a pistol, and where you will find a full-fledged assault rifle, but when landing on large sites, the chance is always greater, because weapons are literally scattered everywhere on the map.
  1.  Constantly shrinking war zone – Since the map is very large, some of the players can use a trick – sit in a safe place, wait until few players are left alive, come and win – therefore the play zone always narrows to some point on the map randomly thus, forcing players to constantly change positions and fight.
  1.  Regular artillery shelling to increase the degree of tension on the game map. Of course, players are warned in advance, but shelling greatly interferes with moving in open areas and forces them to sit in shelters and waste precious time.
  1.  Airdrop – The best equipment is dropped by dropping valuable cargo in an open area at a random point on the map. Players will have to pull up to the drop site and fight each other for the best rifle.
  1.  Large-scale co-op game. PUBG has a mode for playing up to 4 people, which unites players into squads and makes them fight for the title of the best group. It is in this genre that esports battle royale competitions take place.
The best battle royale games in 2022

Escape from Tarkov

Against the backdrop of the popularity of PUBG, a game was released about a local conflict between Russian special forces and American mercenaries.

The game takes place in a dark atmosphere and offers many modes to choose from. The most popular is the game with a squad of 4 people.

Unlike PUBG in Escape from Tarkov, the developers went in the direction of realism. The game takes into account the ballistics of bullets, the basis of shooting is shooting with peeking out of cover and tactical movements are welcome.

Groups should move carefully, carefully inspect the combat zones and move through the locations meter by meter, where the enemy can be everywhere.

Tarkov is very fond of realism and similarity with the actions of special forces. The game was highly appreciated by critics, and the project continues its development.

By the way, a series of interesting short films were shot on Escape from Tarkov about the actions of Russian special forces in the territory of a military clash. The project turned out to be interesting and was filmed with the assistance of real experts in combat technology, who suggested how to shoot scenes more realistically and closer to real combat operations.

Call of Duty Warzone

The golden mean between PUBG and Escape from Tarkov.

Call of Duty Warzone succinctly combines arcade action with jumps and slides and the simulation of combat operations due to the ability to tactically interact with a squad to capture an advantageous position.

The project is not hardcore and is built more on dynamics. It will not be difficult to get a good weapon, the shooting is linear and has a minimum binding to real ballistics.

Call of Duty Warzone will appeal to all fans of dynamic and mass battles and at the same time not to engage in a hardcore search for weapons, having only a pistol or bare fists with them.