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The Best Kodi skins


There’s no need to stick with the basic Kodi interface: skins let you completely change the way the media player looks and feels.Simply put, Kodi skins change the entire look and feel of the media player, completely replacing the standard interface.

Best of all, skins are completely free, so you can experiment with different ones until you find the one that you like the best. We’ve picked our favorite skins on this page, with all of them available in the official Kodi repository. This makes them very easy to install.

Just go to Settings, Interface and click the Skin option (the default setting is Estuary). Click the Get more button and you’ll see a big list of all of the available skins.

The best Kodi skins

Just select the one you want and Kodi will download it. You now need to go back to the Skin option and select your downloaded Skin from the main list.

The best Kodi skins


Kodi is great in its original form, but Xperience1080 offers a slightly better user experience. Xperience1080 is panel-based so it’s very easy to understand and navigate, and if you’ve got an Xbox One, you’ll find it looks very familiar. Using the home screen is extremely intuitive, and the clever design continues throughout the theme.

Aeon Nox

If you like Confluence – the default skin for older Kodi versions – then chances are you’ll
like Aeon Nox. Although it looks stylish, it’s not too much of a burden on your system.
The result? It looks good, but it also runs smoothly on even the smallest devices, such as the Amazon Fire TV Stick.


Amber might not look like the most exciting Kodi skin, but it offers a light, easy-to-read
interface that won’t bog down your device. Text is sharp and clear, while navigating menus is rapid, even on slower devices. It’s not the most sophisticated skin we’ve
seen, but it does the job perfectly.

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Metropolis is designed to blend retro and the future, a bit like a 1930s sci-fi film. It does a brilliant job, and the settings screen with its art-deco style icons is absolutely beautiful. If you wantaKodi skin that really looks different, then Metropolis is the one that we recommend installing.


Another skin designed to be simple and effective, Titan does exactly that. It’s pretty but
makes it easy for you to pick your next film or TV show. The best thing about
Titan? Its simple user interface is ideal for smaller devices.

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