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The Best Space Heaters For Every Room In Your House ( Detailed Guide)


Have you ever felt the need to warm up a certain area of the house a little bit extra?  Well, now it is possible to do so, without having to increase the temperature setting on the thermostat, which in doing so, pay to warm up the entire house instead. We have all types of space heaters you may want, small or big.

When purchasing any space heater, I have discussed a few considerations you should have in mind. They are quite simple.

First, you should always consider your safety. You’d want a device that is safe. It makes no sense you having to save those few bucks and end up having an accident and possibly losing all of your property and valuables in a fire, caused by the device you purchased. Safety factors to consider are like having protection against tipping over, a design that is safety-conscious, having the necessary safety certifications and selection of the component.

Secondly, the size of the space heater matters. The bigger it is the better it will serve you. It serves you better have a large heater, which can warm up larger areas than a small heater which struggles to heat such large areas and must always run constantly, even to keep the smaller spaces warm.  This is also in consideration of how much energy it will consume eventually. In the long run, the bigger ones are quite energy-efficient as they don’t run all the time. This saves you a few dollars in your monthly bill.

Finally, a space heater is a piece of furniture for your home. After narrowing down your options, you now can focus your attention on other features. The design should fit in with whatever furniture you already have. Also, you can look at other features, like the presence of timers, and/or a frost guard system. The specific method it uses to heat should not be left out. Fan based heaters could be a little less comfy compared to radiant heaters.

When making your decision, regardless of the space heater you settle on, you can always count the best benefit of the device; savings. The portability of the device makes your life more comfortable, in the office, at home or in the dorm which saves more compared to heating up the entire spaces. Having done so, especially at home, you can run the furnace a little less, decreasing the general tear and wear on the furnace.

Best Space Heaters For Every Room In Your House

The best small space heater: Lasko 754200 ceramic heater at $24 

Ever had the need to quickly heat up a room that is small? Well, the Lasko 754200 ceramic heater comes in quite handy for the job. It is compact, measuring only 5.75” X 7” X 9.2”, practically the size of a shoe box. Interestingly, it has in its design a handle to enhance its portability to different spaces.

With its small size, you might be in doubt about how good it is at heating spaces. Well, it certainly won’t be the best fit to heat up an enormous living room together with a ceiling. But this heater would certainly be perfect to heat the bedroom or even a home-based office.

On its energy efficiency, the Lasko 754200 heater has 3 settings: high 1500 watts, 900 watts (low) and fan only settings. The controls are relatively easy to use and are located at the top part of the device. There is a switch, simply for turning it on or off and a selector for different heating settings. It even offers the frost guard. This option helps in keeping your pipes in working condition in winter.

Finally, this heater is certified by the ETL. This means that the design is in compliance with the set national standards of safety. It also has a sensor to prevent overheating, which is automated. The exterior is cool to the touch to protect you together with your loved ones as well as belongings from burns. It also sports a ceramic heating (self-regulating) element which is safer, when compared to the conventional coil-based older models. It is quite popular because of its safety features, price, efficiency, and compactness.

In summary, the pros are

  • ETL safety listed
  • 3 energy consumption settings
  • Small compact design
  • Newer ceramic self-regulating heater
  • Automatic protection from overheating
  • Cool-touch exterior
  • Adjustable Thermostat Control to increase comfort
  • Convenient handle for portability
  • Easy to use
  • Cheap


  • No tip over protection
  • Not programmable to start
  • No mounting holes for wall mounting
  • Low humming noise
  • Not convenient for humid areas
  • Short 2-meter cord


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Dr. Infrared: The best heater for large rooms at $118

In case you are in need of filling up your room with radiant heat, other than the conventional hot dry air that comes from any other normal space heater, then this space heater is what you need. It consumes 1500 watts and delivers heat 60% efficiently compared to other heaters of the same power consumption. This is made possible by the powerful blower fan that is quite effective in distributing heat. This make also includes a humidifier built in to moisten the dry air of winter.

Not only is the heater effective, it is safe too. It has a shutoff switch timer which is automated, tip over protection and protection from overheating.   Its settings are quite comprehensive. It also has 3 settings; a 1000 watt(low) setting, a 1500 watt (high) setting and automatic mode (auto). The auto mode is its way of being eco-friendly. It allows selection of temperature between 50-86 Fahrenheit degrees. This allows you to be comfortable. Its thermostat ensures it heats up a room fast and maintains the temperature at the selected range as well. This heater also comes bearing a remote control, for your convenience.

In summary, pros:

  • Tip over protection
  • Built-in, a humidifier to moisten dry air
  • Can heat up large rooms conveniently
  • Dual heating system (Quartz tube and positive temperature coefficient- PTC)
  • Auto mode temperature control between 50 and 86 degrees
  • Overheat protection
  • 12-hour automatic shut off timer
  • Remote control for convenience


  • The wheels make it unstable on flat surfaces such as table tops
  • A small amount of blowing sounds
  • Harder to clean
  • Quite expensive


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De’Longhi space heater at $100

The De’Longhi heater gives you both the cozy feeling and a vintage look of the radiator. With a 1500 watt power consumption, this heater is convenient for medium and large rooms. Although it heats up a little slowly, it gives off heat for far much longer.

The heater is oil filled and provides safe silent and powerful and consistent room heating. Its fairly silent besides a small crackling sound heard when the oil is heating up. The oil is sealed permanently and never requires refilling. Its steel design maintains a low surface temperature for safety but maximizes heat flow. There are absolutely no moving parts. It also offers frost protection feature. Also, it has the automatic shutoff feature and wheelbases that stabilize it, preventing tipping over.

Its thermostat is adjustable to 3 settings. It has a programmable timer, which is set manually, to begin heating up before the cold sets in. it also houses a dual-layered design maximizing heat distribution

In summary, pros:

  • Silent operation
  • Convenient for medium or large rooms
  • Gives off constant heat
  • Better heat distribution
  • Adjustable thermostat
  • Stable wheelbase
  • Plumbing frost protection
  • Programmable Timer


  • Not remote controlled
  • A little expensive


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Duraflame fireplace electric stove for a comfy atmosphere at $170

The Best Space Heaters For Every Room In Your House

In case you needed a traditional fireplace look, something cozy, then the Duraflame heater is what you should go for. It can heat up large areas of up to 90 square meters. It also houses a realistic 3D flame, which has 5 brightness level settings. One can always adjust the brightness to match time, mood or weather. This will give you the extra comfort.

This heater also has built-in features to prevent fires; it turns off if its sensors detect unsafe temperatures. Other than the cool traditional look, this heater has more built-in safety features. There is a panel in for controlling temperature. The Duraflame also has a remote control, for controlling 3D effect flame, timer, temperature, and power.

In summary, pros:

  • Can heat up large rooms
  • Beautiful design
  • Infrared quartz heating that maintains natural air humidity
  • Remote control
  • Overheat protection
  • Quiet design
  • Stylish


  • Expensive
  • Quite large in design
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Hope this article “The Best Space Heaters For Every Room In Your House” helps you to identify The Best Space Heaters For Your Every Room. if you have any query, feel free to comment.