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The Best Team Collaboration Tools for 2022

For any team, using collaborative tools is beneficial. They improve communication between individual team members and with their managers or clients. Make it easy to keep track of progress, ensure that tasks are done efficiently and on time. This improves the speed at which projects, products, or services are delivered.

This enables teams to provide a better service while keeping costs to a minimum. As a business owner or project leader, all you need to do is to choose the right collaboration tools and learn how to use them effectively. Here are the ones we like the best.

Improve communication

Effective communication ensures that no tasks are forgotten and that everyone is clear on the spec. Without good communication, it is impossible to quickly highlight and iron out problems.

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Webinar and video conferencing for team meetings and training

Face-to-face communication is a fast way to work out what needs to be done, how, and when. Being able to do this remotely using video conferencing is a big plus. Everyone can speak to everyone else, and it is possible to share slides, graphs, and videos to clarify things.

These platforms all have a great reputation and plenty of features:

  •   GoToMeeting
  •   Zoom
  •   ClickMeeting
  •   Google Hangouts (free)
  •   WebEx

It is also possible to physically demonstrate how to do things, in live time. Where necessary, video or PowerPoint training can also potentially be shared via webinars. GoToMeeting is particularly good for this because it has full webinar capability. That makes it easy to broadcast the training material globally while explaining it in live time and providing viewers with the chance to ask and have their questions answered.

Workflow and project management platforms

When there are dozens of people involved in a project, things get complicated. Keeping track of who is meant to do what, when, and whether it has been done, soon becomes overwhelming.

That is why it makes a lot of sense to invest in project management software, which is also known as task management, team collaboration, or productivity software. Examples include:

  •   Asana
  •   Slack
  •   Trello
  •   Proofhub
  •   Wrike
  •   Notion
  •   Monday.com

Trello, which is based on Kanban boards, is probably the best way to introduce your team to collaborative software. But its simplicity means that it is missing some of the extra features you get with Slack or asana. If you want to know more about the differences, click here to read a comprehensive review that compares them all side by side.

Creating training, documentation, and programs together

Increasingly, important documents like process maps, wikis, whitepapers, sales copy, case documents, software, and contracts are created collaboratively. Pooling expertise makes sure that nothing is missed, and that everything is explained in an easy-to-understand way.

But it is not always easy to pull this off. For example, some of these collaborative projects involve dozens of contributors. This results in hundreds of changes and tweaks. These need to be read and checked by other contributors before being included in the final document. This means that dozens of versions of the document are generated during the creative process. Often, several every day. This makes it all too easy for someone to end up inadvertently working on an out-of-date version of the document. This wastes everyone´s time and causes confusion.

Fortunately, there are lots of tools out there that can be used to avoid common issues like the one described here. But you have to use the right one for the job.

When it comes to version control, Simul Docs is a good option. It automatically creates new versions and numbers them in a logical way, while ensuring that the most current document is the one that is edited. If you would like to see how Simul Docs version control works just click the link. You will quickly understand the value of using a system that automatically manages version creation, as well as being able to learn about the other features it offers.

It really is a great tool, but it will not work for every single creative team. For coders, CodingTeam is the ideal place to create and hone all kinds of code. If you are working collaboratively on spreadsheets take a look at Google Sheets, Zoho, or Smartsheet. All of which you can read about here.

Use free trials

As you can see, there are plenty of options. If you are unsure of which of the above will work best for your company, take advantage of free trials. Try each product out on a couple of small projects to quickly work out which is best for you and your company.