Home Digital Marketing The Call vs Mass Text Messaging Face-Off: Which Strategy Reigns Supreme?

The Call vs Mass Text Messaging Face-Off: Which Strategy Reigns Supreme?


The Call vs Mass Text Messaging Face-Off: Which Strategy Reigns Supreme?

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Mass calling and texting have become a vital piece of the marketing puzzle, playing a crucial role in how the public perceives your business and brand. From non-profit institutions to businesses and community organizations, mass calling and texting are a popular and effective advertising tool that can be used to communicate important information to private social groups, emergency services, schools, healthcare offices, and employees. Being able to send important updates via automated messages can help in situations like school closures or a change in a district-wide meeting time. But how do you decide on which medium to use? Here’s the inside scoop.

Focus on the Audience

When choosing between mass calling or texting, there are two elements to consider – the audience who will be receiving the communication and the specific needs of your business. Age will always play a factor in the decision-making process as younger generations are much more accustomed to using their smartphones to text, browse the internet, pay bills, post on social media, and to handle their day to day needs. Younger age brackets are more likely to be receptive to text messaging over phone calls. If your business deals mainly with a younger audience, mass texting would be the preferred communication choice.

Colleges, for example, will find it more advantageous to text student’s information rather than traveling down the robocall route. While mass calling isn’t necessarily the wrong mode of communication to use, you’ll find a higher engagement rate among this recipient pool when using mass texting as students may not answer a call from an unknown number, but are virtually guaranteed to read your text.

In other instances, phone calls are more effective for reaching your audience. In the healthcare community, for example, those who are on the older end of the spectrum will be more inclined to answer phone communication as their medical needs are much more top of mind.

Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of tech-savvy seniors who are dishing out memes, posting on social media, and texting loved ones. However, this recipient pool as a whole, will be more receptive to phone communication and therefore yield a higher return on investment. Healthcare facilities, especially those that specialize in geriatrics or a related field, will find automated phone messages are a great way to remind patients of an appointment, holiday hours, or facility changes.

Getting Down to Specifics

Other factors that come into play when choosing between a mass calling or mass text messaging campaign is your message length and the type of content you’re including. For example, if your message includes specific details like dates, times, etc., sending the information via text will be more effective as the recipient will have the information in writing. If your communication contains proprietary or sensitive information, however, then you’ll want to use phone messaging to eliminate the risk of having sensitive data be seen by the wrong party.

Do you need to pass on time-sensitive information? If you’re a clothing store that needs to advertise an upcoming sample sale or one-day special, or a local eatery offering a special 3-course meal to garner more foot traffic on a particularly slow evening, then text messaging is the best solution. When you need to get the word out about an event or opportunity as quickly as possible, a text campaign will deliver the best results.

The Voice vs. Text Showdown

This battle has resulted in a tie. Choosing between mass messaging via phone or text is largely circumstantial and will depend on the factors listed above. The needs of your audience should be one of the leading factors to consider when deciding between the two modes of mass communication. Both mediums can be highly effective when used in the appropriate situation, so make sure you thoroughly understand your recipient and their comfort level.

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