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The contribution of 3D Metal Printing Technology to Various Spheres


Discover how 3D metal printing is changing our world. Learn more about pros and cons of this innovative technology.

3D Metal Printing Is Changing the World

The invention and developing of 3D metal printing technology are highly beneficial for many industries. Massachusetts Institute of Technology listed 3D metal printing in the top 10 Breakthrough Technologies of 2018. Healthcare, manufacturing, aviation industries already introduced the technology and expect to get serious benefits from it.

3D printed medical implants are already on their way to get certification. Boeing has already introduced the printed titanium parts to their 787 Dreamliner. Rocket manufacturers strongly develop the usage of metal 3D printers. We will be glad to provide you with the best dissertation help if you are going to tell about this technology in your dissertation paper.

3D metal printing is a great invention for aircraft industries as it uses a lot less energy, reduces waste of the material up to 95% and let’s produce the parts which are up to 60% lighter. Lighter products help the aviation to save billions of dollars, mostly because of reduction of fuel consumption. So, we may suggest, that the developing of 3D metal printing is bringing us much closer to space travelling.

3D Printing in Medicine

Probably, the greatest impact on our life can be rendered by 3D printing in medicine. Medicine does not stand still, it is constantly being improved and developing. Today, in this sphere extremely promising methods are being developed, capable of completely turning the world around.

Basically, these are achievements in the field of bioprocessing – a potentially successful technology that allows creating living tissues, bones and organs that are identical to human ones. But 3D printing in medicine is not limited to just such an application.

At the moment, more real opportunities are available, which are already widely used around the world. Not only 3D printers have a place in the medical industry: 3D technologies in medicine are used in full. Let’s look at the goals for which medical professionals use three-dimensional methods:

  • 3D scanning to determine individual patient parameters. A very popular approach in the development of implants and prostheses in medicine. Significantly simplifies the process of manufacturing auxiliary structures, and also excludes the possibility of occurrence of postoperative complications
  • 3D printing for manufacturing individual prostheses and implants. Universal organic materials, optimal for implantation into the human body and other applications in medicine have already been developed
  • Medical imaging. The results of 3D scanning make it possible to visually assess the patient’s condition and diagnose more accurately
  • Medical prototyping and training models. Such models are widely used in medical universities

Benefits of 3D Metal Printing

No doubt, 3D metal printing is a real technological breakthrough. And here are the main benefits it provides:

  • Production of the full-metal one-piece parts of complex shapes that traditional manufacturing is not able to do
  • Topological optimization of the parts that allow to reduce weight and enhance the performance
  • Outstanding physical properties of metal parts, such as very high density (around 99,8 percent), strength and low weight
  • Minimal waste of material during production

Who Can Benefit from Innovative Technologies the Most?

Due to the fact that 3d printing is widespread today, it is of the high demand in many areas. However, there are three main categories of people who can benefit from this technology the most:

  • Building companies: 3d allows demonstrating a new project to customers making it like the real one
  • Exhibition halls: 3d technology makes it possible to show 3d models of anything, including supermarket models and other exhibits
  • Advertising agencies: It is a great opportunity to demonstrate some good or service using this technology

Disadvantages of 3D Technology

Seems that printing is just perfect, doesn’t it? However, like any other thing it has certain cons. Let’s have a look at them. The disadvantages of the 3D metal printing compared to traditional manufacturing:

  • The high price of the material and manufacturing costs
  • Limitation of the size of the printed parts
  • The existing designs may not suit the metal printing requirements
  • Mass production is not possible

The industry of 3D metal printing is developing fast and we may expect that soon it will overcome its limitations. According to MIT, in 2017 GE presented the printer that produces details up to a meter in diameter and they promise that this is not the limit.

How Significant is the Contribution of 3D Printing Technology?

The Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory announced the method of creating stainless-steel parts three times stronger than the previous results achieved. And the prospective startup Desktop Metal, funded by Google, Lowe, BMW and General Electric is revealing the machine, capable of printing 100 times faster than 3D metal printers worked before. The company’s goal is to provide the possibility of 3D metal printing widely into industrial and home usage as fast as possible.

3D metal printing technology offers numerous possibilities in working with different metals and creating high-quality products in different spheres: healthcare products, jewelry, prototypes and many others. The technology will positively affect a great number of industries. The future of the aerospace industry is definitely about 3D metal printing because it will benefit much due to the opportunity to develop much faster.


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