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The Difference Between Internet TV and Web TV


People who are interested in broadcasting videos would have definitely come across two major technologies which are Web TV and Internet TV. Although both these terminologies sound similar, they are quite different when it comes to the features of both the technologies. In addition to this, there are other television services as well, for example; https://localcabledeals.com, a service provider that offers a fair amount of HD channels for the viewers.

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The Difference in Broadcasting

While Internet TV is delivered through an application that works like the traditional TV system, Web Television gets delivered through different mediums available on the internet like YouTube, Dailymotion etc. Moreover, Web TV is available throughout the day as you can access YouTube and other websites with the help of the internet at any time. Internet TV, on the other hand, is broadcasted at certain times of the day. This means that you need to know the timing of the shows that you want to watch as they will be broadcasted once at a designated time.

The Future of Web TV

Web TV is still at an emerging stage and is evolving on a daily basis with more channels going on air for the viewers. The shows available on Web TV can be downloaded and you can store them in your portable gadgets like tablets, smartphones, and other media players so that you can watch them later. In addition to this, Web TV mainly contains videos produced by amateur artists who are new to the field whereas Internet TV contains channels that are generally preferred by the customers.

Web TV is a business that does not require any initial investment. You just have to start a channel of your own and you can post videos for free. You can record videos with the help of a webcam and upload multiple videos on your channel for the audience. You will get paid once you manage to attract a certain number of followers to your channel. This would be beneficial for both the parties because the website will be able to generate more traffic and you will be able to make profits from the videos that you post online.

The future of Web TV can be colorful if the videos posted online are interesting for the audience because users prefer watching videos online that are relatable and interesting at the same time. As technology is advancing on a daily basis, more channels are emerging on streaming websites for the audience. Web TV allows you to watch the channels of your choice and there are several options for you to choose from.

The Future of Internet TV

Internet TV is one of the major TV streaming models as it is preferred by the majority of the broadcasters. Network providers want to work with this technology because the customer base is very strong and some of the channels are broadcast in HD quality. Internet TV is delivered to the users with the help of telephone lines or an internet connection. You can have access to Internet TV with an application or a set-top box that needs to be plugged into your computer. The internet TV is still in the evolution stage and will soon become the most preferred mode of viewing as it provides channels that deliver news and sports and movies as well.


The difference between the two technologies does not end with the method of broadcasting as the difference lies in the user preference as well. People who want to watch their favorite TV shows at any time of the day would prefer Web TV whereas people who prefer watching regularly scheduled programs on television would prefer Internet TV.

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