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The Guide to Electronic Signature


It is practical, tamper-proof, profitable, and even respectful of the environment. It is slowly establishing itself in our lives because of its many advantages. But what exactly this e-signature is and how does it work? 

First of all, it is important to clarify that an electronic signature does not have such a visual appearance as a handwritten signature. Both, however, have the same legal status.

An e-signature as such is a sequence of unique characters (letters and numbers combined) that appear in an email, a PDF document, or in applications specific to certain professions.

It is based on cryptographic techniques and represents certain information such as the validation status of the signature, its properties, and a certificate used. 

There are many services offering similar technologies, and to answer all the questions related to this subject, we are going to analyze a platform called SignNow. It is one of the leaders of the electronic signatures industry, designed to sign PDF documents and tackle other tasks associated with workflow optimization.

Why E-Signature Is the Future? 

In the digital era, business is done online, and the Internet has become a virtual space as important as real life. We can easily manage operations and transactions with other companies on the opposite side of the world. As a result, documents are increasingly produced in a digital format and should be signed correspondingly to confirm their authenticity.

Due to an asymmetric cryptographic process implemented in electronic signatures, the security of all the contracts, invoices, and reports sent via the Internet is guaranteed. SignNow, for instance, is SOC II, HIPAA, GDPR, and CCPA compliant and provides an additional level of security enabled by two-factor authentication. 

Thanks to this very handy solution, there is no need to scan or fax handwritten documents anymore. This saves a lot of time, money, energy, and paper.

The platform helps in preventing delays and missing deadlines while contributing to closing deals faster and, consequently, increasing the company`s efficiency. Based on research made by SignNow, the automated workflows ensured by the platform can save up to 6 hours a week per each employee and grow the company`s revenue by an average of 5%. 

Another useful fact is that all types of files can be signed digitally (Word documents, PDF, jpg, XML, etc.). Also, the e-signature solution improves the mobility, flexibility, and speed of managerial processes.

It is no secret that signing a document by all employees of a large company is a tricky task, which is merely impossible to complete within limited terms. The electronic signature tool is just the thing for this kind of job. In addition, SignNow provides the option of sending reminders to urge belated signers if needed.

How Does E-Signature Work?

We have analyzed all the key features of SignNow to clarify how this sort of service functions. As a result, we have compiled a comprehensive guide on the subject. 

Both individuals and legal entities use this e-signature app not only to sign and save papers but also to organize their paperwork. The company offers several partner integrations to open the way to managing documents on a single platform (e.g. Salesforce or Google Suite). 

Signing a paper is very easy in SignNow, and even a beginner can do it without any initial instructions. At the first glance, the interface of the application seems quite straightforward.

Once the signing process has started and a document is open in the program, the Gide Me button will show all the places throughout the file that require to be filled in or signed.

There are a few ways to create a signature: by typing, drawing, uploading, or selecting the existing one if the service has been previously used. After the completion of this stage, the next step is saving the document or downloading it, or just clicking “I am done”. The sender will be automatically notified when the task is completed.

Regarding the integration, SignNow provides a large list of their partners, including Salesforce, Netsuite, Egnyte, GSuite, Oracle, Google Drive, Microsoft Word, Gmail, Sharepoint, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Zapier, and many others. Therefore, there is no need to close any other application in use to insert a signature from SignNow.

What Are Other Useful Tools the Platform Has to Offer?

  • Signing and obtaining electronic signatures. The Invite to Sign button will help to personalize invitations for signing a document. 
  • Creating a team. SignNow allows forming assigned groups from members of the same or different departments for various purposes.
  • Audit trail. Downloading a complete audit trail for each document helps to quickly track all changes made in them.
  • Templates. Customizing and reusing documents save a lot of time and energy. The templates can be also copied if needed.
  • iOS, Android, iPad, or iPhone can be used to access SignNow on the go. For 3 years, the platform has been ranked as the # 1 e-signature service in the Apple App Store. 

The app offers way more features besides the mentioned ones. They vary depending on the package and include the following: 

  • branding,
  • PDF editor,
  • creating links for signing,
  • collecting payments,
  • password file protection,
  • setting a document expiration date, and many others. 

As for the price of this service, there are 3 plans on offer – Business, Business Premium, and Enterprise, which cost $8, $15, and $30 respectively. The price depends on the number and diversity of available functions. 


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