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The Most Helpful WiFi Tools


People today love Video-on-Demand. With streaming options such as YouTube, Netflix, and iflix, it’s easy to see why people are spoilt for choice these days.

However, many of the users pull out their hair due to weak WiFi, especially when you want to watch series and movies.

There are many advice seen in the web forums about this but most of them are useless or cost money.

In many cases, it is advised to simply purchase a new router or a repeater or to completely switch off the WiFi and use a cable connection

In this article, we are going to cover our Most Helpful WiFi Tools which will help you with WiFi issues.

Most Helpful WiFi Tools

1.Ekahau Heatmapper

Look for dead spots to eliminate Your wireless signal can be degraded by all manner of things in your home, including thick walls, floors, furniture, power cables and electrical devices – most notably, microwave ovens.

You can identify weak areas and dead spots by creating a Wi-Fi heat map of your
home using Ekahau Heatmapper to determine the fastest spot for carrying out urgent downloading.

The Most Helpful WiFi Tools
Create a heat map of your home to find the fastest places to download

You’ll need to install it on a laptop or Windows tablet, rather than a desktop PC, because you have to move around your living space to measure the signal.

Heatmapper works best if you have a map of your home to begin with – this can be a blueprint or something you’ve drawn yourself (as close to scale as possible). You can still use the software if you don’t have a map, but the results won’t be as useful.

The Most Helpful WiFi Tools

To create the heatmap, move a few feet at a time and click to measure the Wi-Fi at that point to build up a color-coded map.

In addition to your own network, you can check any nearby Wi-Fi sources (ones belonging to a neighbor or the local Starbucks, for example) to see how they might be impacting on your signal.

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2.Bitdefender Home Scanner

Spot and stop Wi-Fi thieves

Provided you’re using wireless security along with a strong password, the chances of anyone piggybacking on your Wi-Fi connection are slim, but you should check to make sure by using Bitdefender Home Scanner.

This free tool scans your Wi-Fi network and devices to look for weak passwords, as well as vulnerable or poorly encrypted communications.

The Most Helpful WiFi Tools

In addition to spotting potentially unwanted users on your home Wi-Fi, who could be slowing down your downloads and streams, it offers detailed security recommendations
for your network.

The Most Helpful WiFi Tools

To use the software, install and run it, then click the Start Using Home Scanner button. Confirm that you’re running it on your home network and it will go to work.

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3. Who’s On My Wifi

Another way to expose neighbors leeching your Wi-Fi is to use Who’s On My Wifi (www.whoisonmywifi.com), which displays a list of all connected devices that you can go through and identify.

The software runs in the background, scanning your network every five minutes, and alerts you when any unknown devices are found.

‘Who’s On My Wi-Fi’ will show you thieves stealing your Wi-Fi

4.Xirrus Wi-Fi Inspector

Identifying the cause of slow or problematic Wi-Fi isn’t always easy. Sluggish downloads can be the result of congestion; too many people on your network using the connection at the same time; objects or electrical items degrading the signal; incompatible devices; or your neighbors broadcasting on the same wireless channel as you.

Xirrus Wi-Fi Inspector can help you find, connect to and troubleshoot a wireless
network. It provides details about your current connection, including the SSID (name), Channel, and Mac and IP Addresses.Areal-time graph shows the signal strength and history, while a dynamic radar shows all other connections in range, including their
names and relative distance.

The Most Helpful WiFi Tools

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5. Wifi Analyzer for Android

If your wireless signal is suffering as a result of stronger Wi-Fi nearby, you can use the free – but ad-supported–Wifi Analyzer for Android to track down the problem. It shows all the wireless points nearby – including your own–along with their signal strength and the channel they are broadcasting on.

This information will help you troubleshoot any problems and shift to the best channel. You can switch between bands–2.4GHz and 5GHz – and change the view from Channel
Graph to Time Graph, Channel Rating, AP (access point) List or Signal Meter.

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Use this freeware in order to check the data throughput. However, you will need two computers and the tool running on both.

7. WirelessKeyView

If you have forgotten the access code for your WLAN, you can read it easily using
the software – without resetting the router. WirelessKeyView recovers all wireless network security keys/passwords (WEP/WPA) stored in your computer by the ‘Wireless Zero Configuration‘ service of Windows XP or by the ‘WLAN AutoConfig’ service of Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, and Windows Server 2008.

8. NetWorx

With this tool, you will get an overview of all transfer rates of the network card of
your computers. The software measures the data in real-time.

A right-click the NetWorx notification area icon brings up the program’s menu. This menu lets you control the utility. Left-clicking the notification area icon displays the current NetWorx state.



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