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The most productive virtual reality usages in 2020

Virtual Reality (or VR) technology has come on leaps and bounds in the last ten years, with headsets increasing in fidelity constantly, and input devices/controllers getting better and more fluent, too.

The most productive virtual reality usages in 2020

While the applications in gaming is where VR is used currently, the horizons of the technology are certainly broadening, and more and more industries are starting to use the tech for different purposes. And with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic forcing many of us to stay isolated and not leave our homes, VR is becoming an even more popular tool.

Want to find out more about VR technology, and how it’s being used productively in 2020? We’ve compiled a short list of some different productive virtual reality uses – read on to find out more!

Staying in contact 

With meeting spaces and virtual call technology in VR, the opportunity is there for colleagues and workers to get involved and meet up online, rather than in the typical workplace. On a personal level, these video calling VR software’s and chat features also allow families and friends to keep up with some level of normalcy during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Sure, the average video chat smartphone application might give somewhat of a good substitute for face to face interaction, but the immersion generated by VR and the 360-degree field of view that it gives you are feelings that you simply cannot get from anything else. Those of us that are going a bit stir crazy from staring at the same four walls can benefit from this momentary escapism.

Investing for your future

Investing is something that’s becoming easier to get involved with passively or from the comfort of your own home, with simple smartphone apps and software allowing even the busiest of people to get involved and start building up their income stream while working on other projects. However, with virtual reality, even in-depth and long-term investments are available, and if you want to get started on building your finances, you don’t have to travel long distances to view physical investments such as properties like you may have previously thought.

Property investment company RWinvest are one of the few leading this innovative trend of the ‘virtual reality viewing’. By using a VR headset – even one that can be bought cheaply or made from inserting a smartphone into a cradle – investors can get an immersive, fully 3D view of their chosen property without leaving their front door. This is the perfect productive solution for international property investors, or at this moment in time those that are stuck behind closed doors due to the pandemic concerns.

Company experiences and training

Certain situations just can’t be explained or learned until you’ve experienced them for yourself, and with VR allowing simulations to be more realistic than ever before, some companies are choosing to integrate this technology into training for their staff, so that they might be better prepared for what’s to come. Prime examples of this is in retail staff, preparing for a big event such as Black Friday sales when there is an influx of customers, or even in trainee surgeons, who evidently can’t practice as they go along and so use VR to get as close as the can to the real thing.

Did you know? – While it might not be something that you can afford to have in your spare room at home, NASA use a modified virtual reality setup in order to train their own astronauts before they got shot off into space. By pairing high-quality lenses with physical feedback and zero-gravity, users can get a feel for what it’s like to be floating around when outside of the atmosphere.