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The Most Reliable Content Management Systems


The Most Reliable Content Management Systems

Through the years, technology advancement has been a great bane for the business industry. Nowadays, getting content for display to the world is much easier. There’s no need to draft up hand-coded HTML pages or the need to master CSS, all one needs is to make a purchase of a Content Management System (CMS) and they are ready to go live to the world.

Specifically, Content Management Systems are web-based applications that are made for the creation and update of websites. Most systems out there now come with added functionalities like themes and plugins that help make the entire website management process simpler. There’s always the option to install phpMyAdmin CentOS as the preferred administration tool. In fact, in the market, there are numerous websites that have simulated WordPress’s “jack-of-all-trades” tactic. On the other hand, others opt to specialize in a number of groupings, artists are known to like portfolio-focused CMS, musicians and podcasters are likely to opt for audio-focused solutions.


Numerous websites and blogs are built on the WordPress format. The uptake of WordPress in the website world is so intense that every hour, a couple hundred websites come up. It has become a big hit in the industry because of the quick and easy installation when done manually. It is different from all the other, one-click installation solutions out there.  Numerous developers in the digital community have liaised to come up with a collection of plugins that can help one customize a site. Some of them are free, while some go at a premium.

Google Sites

The platform is considered the easiest to edit and create option out there. It is so intuitive that some have compared the entire experience like handling a document on Microsoft Word. In addition, Google Sites support a plethora of other Google technologies like Google Maps, Google Drive, and more. One can comfortably create websites that share the information one wants it to. The only downfall of the creation platform is that one can’t download and install on a server. To make up for the lack of developed features, Google Sites ensures that one can quickly come up with websites, and easy to use CMS solutions.


ExpressionEngine is available in two versions, the free and paid version. The premium license is available for $299. Those opting for the free model get to access the ExpressionEngineCore. It is considered a powerful CMS because it is mobile friendly and content agnostic. Additionally, they support the creation of custom templates that can be easily used with custom tags. To unlock the full functionality of ExpressionEngine and see the other features, one needs to upgrade their membership to premium.


The open source CMS solution, SilverStripe serves a myriad of functions. Key among them is the ability to offer up standard CMS solutions while the other is as a framework for web applications. The CMS solution is so powerful that one can easily develop a web app that is able to sit in the background.     



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