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The pros and cons of cloud backup that you need to know


If your business is essential to you, then it is a no-brainer that protecting your data is of top priority. There is always going to be data collected or produced by a business, some of which requires high maintenance for their level of sensitivity. https://ottomatik.io/ will give you access to one of the best data backup solution today.

There being a couple of data backup solution to choose from, why opt for cloud backup?

Pros of cloud data backup

Ease of access

You never know when and how soon you may need to retrieve a piece of information, particularly those that are dated. With cloud backup solutions, the first assurance you get is ease of access, with any device, as long as you have access to the cloud, and the internet. Cloud backup solutions are easy to use so you can effortlessly identify files and folders to access without needing an IT assistant or help from an expert.


With the nature of work today, flexibility is fundamental for every business, big or small. You may need to work from the office, at home, or miles away while on vacation. With other forms of data backup, you are limited to working within the site your devices are. However, cloud backup gives you a promise of convenience so that anyone, including you and your staff members, can retrieve, download and share files backed up on the cloud servers.

All-around security

So many things stand in the way of data security, including human errors, fires, natural calamities like storms and tornados. Cloud backup solutions offer both on-site and off-site options for your data. If the nature of a disaster that strikes affects your business physically, you can rest assured that you have multiple copies of your data on the cloud.

Most cloud service providers are constructed with the best materials, armed with all-around security to withstand the test of time.

Effortless maintenance

You know how you always have to worry about your backup infrastructure? Not with cloud backups. Service providers have an offer for businesses that allows you to relax and focus on other aspects of running your business that matter. With a quality cloud backup solution. The vendors will be responsible for any maintenance, upgrades, and reinforcements your backup solution needs. If you notice something wrong with your cloud backup solution, all you need to do is call customer support, and they will fix it up for you.

Reduced total cost of ownership

This is good news for every business owner. There are so many things that need money in running a business, which happen to be the number one reason most companies are still headstrong bout embracing cloud backup. However, have you considered that cloud backup could be the cheaper solution?

Where you would have to worry about replacing the hard drives and tapes, cloud backup is one-off. Even after a long while of using cloud backup, it is very unlikely that you will change your data backup solution. All you need to do is embrace scalability to accommodate data growth, which is yet another advantage of cloud backup.

Clearly, there is an endless list of how much you can benefit from cloud backups, but there is a downside to them that you must know:

Cons of cloud backup

You must have an internet connection

You probably didn’t think of this. Accessing data on the cloud requires that you stay connected to the internet. This kind of demand means that any work you do in an area with a poor network connection, cannot be backed up.

Demands a lot of bandwidth

If you have a lot of data to backup, you may have to secure a lot of bandwidth to sustain the backup process. In case you run out of bandwidth, you may have to wait till your next purchase to access your data.

Full data backups take time

If you have a large chunk of data to back up, you may experience a lot of downtimes as you wait for it to upload to the cloud. Sometimes this might slow down the operation of your devices and limit connectivity. The good news is, some cloud backups allow for idle reserves so your data can automatically be backed up when you are not working.

Legislation and industry regulation

As you acquire cloud backup services, the terms and conditions of service are very important. Otherwise, if you are not careful, you may end up binding yourself in legislation and industry regulations that might work to your disadvantage, for example, some cloud services are strict on storing data on platforms that are within the same country as your business. In such a case, if you are an extensive traveler or in the travel industry, this can be hard on you.

Truthfully, cloud backup is not an entirely new concept, yet most small businesses are still holding back from using it. Whether you choose to employ cloud backup service now or in future, you will bulge because cloud backup is yet to grow bigger. The sooner you transit to cloud backup, the better, especially given all those pros.


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