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The Selection of Suitable Social Media Platform for Your Business


These days the promotion of the product or service is a “make it or break it” affair. It requires a strategic approach that goes beyond simply banging your drum on your blog. You need to build engagement with your target audience and there is no better way to do that via social media platforms.

How to make most out of social media marketing for your business

In order to effectively promote your product, you need to have a multidimensional presentation that will cover every segment of the target audience. The social media present a short route to the audience due to its reach and marketing features.

You can develop social media app to construct a more personal and trustworthy relationship with the custom that in the future may result in endorsement and ground-level promotion.

But first, you need to know which platforms to use.

How to select the right social platforms?

Market Research

According to the study from The App Solutions, first and foremost thing you need to do to determine the platforms for your social media campaign is a market study. This is not the same thing that performed on the initial stages of the project — this time your focus is on the relevant social media platforms.

Long story short — you need to understand where the action is. Which platforms better suit for the promotion of your product.

Here’s how — you have an understanding of who your customer is. That’s the starting point. Out of that, you can calculate where the related communities are situated.

This will let you map out the platforms of interest and define which of them will be used for which aspects of promotion.

Distinct Messaging for Audience Segments

After identifying the platforms of interest — the next step is to define the messages for the specific segments of the target audience.

The distinct messaging matter because it defines the perception of the product or service by a particular segment.

In practice, it means:

  • Present the value proposition of the product;
  • Use appropriate verbiage;
  • Accentuate on the practicality of the product;
  • Show the impact of the product in the reliable terms.

Consistency of presentation

When the platforms and messages are locked and loaded — the next important element of the equation is the consistency of presentation.

Here’s what it means. In order to effectively transmit your messages, you need to fit them into a bigger narrative. You can’t just post stuff out of nowhere just because and expect people to turn in because your product is awesome. You need to engage with the audience and in order to do that, you need to tell stories.

In this case, stories are extended narrative threads that showcase the product from a positive standpoint and present it as a viable option for the target audience.

Now let’s look at the most commonly used social media platforms.

Suitable Social Media for Business Promotion


Facebook’s greatest asset is the reach. There are several billions of active users and that presents quite an opportunity to experiment with.

In terms of content — Facebook got the widest set of options:

  • You can share photo & visual content;
  • Post press releases;
  • Present new features
  • Perform Q&A or AMA Sessions;
  • Share links of interest;

Facebook is good for the easygoing ebb and flow type of campaigns which show the routine existence and highlight things of interest.


As a professional social network, LinkedIn is good for maintaining a respectable front of the company and the product. While it makes the platform more credible and reliable — it makes it quite limited for the promotion of the product.

However, it also presents an opportunity to present your worth without an excessing icing.

In terms of content — you need to focus on presenting the value of the product and its evolution both aesthetic and technical.


Reddit is known for being the front page of the internet. One of its greatest assets is specialized communities where you can present your offering directly and interact with the target audience in a civilized manner.

In terms of presentation, this is a considerable challenge, because Reddit-based audience values content and products that do something worthwhile and not waste time. In addition to that, you need to engage in the discussions.

The end result of this approach can contribute to building stronger engagement with the target audience.


Twitter gets a bad reputation for its toxic environment and the tendency of causing controversy on the superficial subjects. Despite that, it is a platform with the huge reach and convenient tools for promotion.

Overall, the strategy for Twitter is similar to the one used for Facebook. In addition to that, Twitter is good for polling.

However, the scheduling is different. You need to know for sure the active hour of your target audience in order to be visible in their newsfeeds.


Instagram is one of the fastest growing social networks of the moment. As a visual platform, it operates on an entirely different level than the other platforms.

Creation of a social media app expects diverse groups of people to use it for different purposes. As such, Instagram is a good fit for employer branding activities and the ground-level establishment of the product.

On the other hand, you can use Instagram influencers for an extra push of your product.

Content-wise, there are two distinct types:

  • Regular photo feed for news updates, special offers, and discussion topics.
  • Instagram Stories for live feeds and unconventional promotional content.

These two types combined can make a better connection with the audience with the possibility of crowd promotion in the form of shout-outs and reviews.


Pinterest is another visual-based platform. It is good for niche businesses, especially if you are dealing with retail and eCommerce and your product inventory is big. Outside of that, there is a little chance of target audience overlap.

In terms of content, Pinterest is all about presenting different options with different offers. This means — many variations of the products and also messages appropriate to certain time periods and tendencies in the behavior of the target audience.

You can build discount campaigns and present special offers of specific products.

In conclusion

Social Media are great for building a more personal relationship with the target audience. It brings the company down to earth and allows to communicate directly without relying on officialese.

However, like any other type of promotion, social media marketing requires intricate planning and good understand when to do what. If done right — social media can greatly expand your audience reach and build much stronger engagement with the audience.


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