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Five things for the Parents consider who own PlayStation 4


More often than not parents do not buy PlayStation or gaming consoles for their kids out of fear. They are right in their thinking. Games are like an addiction to kids once they start to play they want to finish it.

It does not matter whether the consoles are costly or not. They do not care whether the gaming platform is safe or not.

In such conditions, parents start to feel pressure about it. Children’s fun can easily turn in to parent’s nightmare.

Parents need a perfect governing system or parent control system to control what their kids see, what their kids hear and what kinds of games they are playing.

It is not only about study time but also about the censorship. Game developers are developing high intense and adult games. Parents need to keep their kids away from it.

The best possible way is a managing system. The PS 4 has such system that allows parents to control different things.

Here are the Best five Tips for the Parents to who owns PlayStation 4, so that they can control kid through the gaming platform.

1.The first step of the process is to create a manager account

The PS 4 has an option of family management account. Here you need to set up a family management account. The parents should create it. Family management account belongs to them.

Then set up another account or accounts for your children. This account is called child family management account.

With the help of these two accounts, you can control your kid’s activity and his PS 4 playing experience. You can control different parameters like

  1. Age filters for your child from the online content
  2. You can easily set up a monthly limit for spending
  3. Because there are a lot of adults playing same games, you need to create a restriction on the communication system with the other players online. In addition to that, you can limit content generated by the user.

Five things for the Parents consider who own PlayStation 4

You can visit the PS 4 center to know how to set up a perfect Family management account and the child family management account.

You can learn to setup proper parental control from this guide to create a secure environment for children.

Setting up and managing family accounts

2.Protect your family parent account

Protect your family parent account with the Passcodes and select option “Requiring a Passcode at the Checkout.”

By Setting, a password you will prevent all children in your house from logging in a parent.

Then purchasing and viewing mature contents that Adult Account has access to view. Requiring passcode at the checkout will ensure that parent must enter their PlayStation® Network passcode before the product payments will be invoked.

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3.PS4 plus online for secure community

Five things for the Parents consider who own PlayStation 4

Purchase the PS4 Plus for the online multi-player viewing and gaming. Then get a lot more security for your child.

The subscription for PS Plus will help you to play games online with other people, storage, cloud saving. Here you will get discounts on new online and offline games every month.

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4. Download the games directly to your console from PlayStation Store and load from the Library.

PS4 offers different options for content downloading that was purchased on PS Store. When you purchase the game, you will see a window with your purchased contents, where a parent can select different games to download just by clicking the down button next to all selected game.

Games purchased by parents on PS Store will have one Download button. Because of this, it prevents parents from repurchasing the content they have already own. Through the Library of your PS, you can easily re-download all games you bought.

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5. Then activate your PS 4 as the Primary system for gameplay.

Activate your PS 4 as the Primary system for gameplay. Because of this PSN will activate your account only. Advantages of this system are your family member can access to all of your games you purchases, and it allows playing multi-player games online.


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