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5 things to consider as a video game learner


Video games and the apps, in general, can be both fun and educative. If you want to buy a video game for your child, there is the thing you ought to consider. You need to know your child’s skills and abilities so as to pick the appropriate game. To a child and an adult, video games can be more than a fun way to pass time. Video games can also be educational. They help one to build their skills and compensate for weaknesses. As a video game learner, before you start on one, there is some consideration you should put in place.

Here are the things to consider as a video game learner:-

What’s the purpose of the game?

5 things to consider as a video game learner

You should ask yourself why you are playing the game or using the app. This question has no right or wrong answer. It is important to know that games that improve academics are different from “for fun” games. One can use video games as part of a reward system. Those games can then be fun and not feel like an extension of homework.

What is the context of the game?

Depending on what you want to go to a game or app that will support other aspects of your intention. What skills do you have as a learner? The game you wish to buy should be one that will meet your needs and expectations. For example, if you are a mathematics student, you need to go to related games. Games that allow for more addition practice can be a better option than the ones that focus on new math skills.

The challenge of the game:-

5 things to consider as a video game learner

Educational games can be a fun way to practice problem-solving and other essential skills. An ideal game is one that is challenging enough to keep one from getting bored. But also it should not be too challenging that it frustrates and leads to one giving up. A good educational app and game will expect more of you as the game progresses or when a new level has reached. The game will also allow you to have control of a learning experience. This is by featuring open-ended questions and providing an opportunity to explore.

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Source of the game:-

Your first step of learning how to play is to have an idea of who made the game. This is helpful because trusted brands are known to feature good role models for both kids and adults. These brands are also known to have less to none inappropriate language or in-games add. If you are not sure about the content of the game you wish to buy, you can view Common Sense Media. This platform provides a detailed review of a particular game. The reviews mention the learning opportunities built into each game or app. It also includes ratings for things like the ease of playing the game and the violence or scariness of the game.

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Your Limit

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) advises that screen media should be completely avoided for kids under the age of two years. If your child is older then limit the time spent on video games. As a learner, you need to know your limit no matter the age. Too much of a game has its consequences. When looking for a game or an app ensure you are in a position to maintain a balance between the time spent on screen for entertainment and for educational use.

There are various educational games and everyone has their own distinct likes and dislikes. Learning a game should not be because a friend or colleague has or is playing the same game. Pick a game that you will enjoy and if possible learn from. Tech Finder is an app that one can use to search for games that are appropriate and those that will fit or meet your needs. Well, games are good, but you need to find what is appropriate for you.

Hope my article “5 things to consider as a video game learner” helps you to consider as a video game learner. if you have any query, feel free to comment.


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