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Five Things To Know About PlayStation VR Before Buying


After so many different gaming consoles and PC gaming, people moved towards PS gaming. After that new technology gaming arrived.

That is virtual reality gaming. Before buying a new PS VR player, you need to consider following things to ensure that you get right the VR player.

PS VR lenses

Five things to know about PlayStation VR before Buying

VR lenses are the main thing. You should look into its specifications before buying a VR PS. If the lens quality is good then you will have good quality images, videos, and graphics. The lenses should be of good material. Here are few of the points regarding lenses

  1. Type of material – they should be anti-reflective with Dual low-persistence AMOLED lenses, Fresnel, Standard or hybrid Fresnel lenses.
  2. Field of View should be good. Most of the player comes with lenses, which are 90-degree FOV to 160-degree Better FOV means better picture quality at different angles.
  3. Display size should be good as it will display graphics at larger size
  4. Anti-scratch lenses with proper coating
  5. Lens adjustment and focusing is important

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Accessories and built-in controls

The PS VR should include different accessories so that you can experience a real virtual reality without any disturbance. Most of the high-end PlayStation virtual reality includes following accessories in it

  1. The headband is a must. Without it, you will find it difficult to control the device. The headband will make sure that you are having real VR experience.
  2. Headsets – some of the PS VR manufacturers include this feature. They have a 3.5mm jack to connect to your phone. This is an add-on feature. You can even use your earphones for listening.
  3. HMD cable will help you to keep the head mount display in its position.
  4. Volume control is necessary when you are playing movies
  5. Magnetic button for screen wake and screen sleep options.
  6. Instruction manual and cleaning cloth
  7. Lens adjustment and headband setting is important

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Compatible with google cardboard and other games

Not all the PlayStation VR are google cardboard compatible. You need to select those which are google cardboard compatible to experience the gaming and 360-degree video watching capabilities.

If your VR player is not compatible then you will face problems like misalignment of the picture, white space in the pictures, low-quality videos etc. to play all kinds of movies the lenses should have the proper focusing ability.

Some of the other developers in play store provide excellent games. You can just configure your VR player to google cardboard settings to play them without any problem.

When you are playing, games you will see smooth navigation options, sensor detection etc. so it is better to buy a product which supports 360-degree video, HSBS, SBS videos etc.

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Sensors, ports and the materials

Every gaming product should include sensors and actuators for smooth gaming. With the high-end processor, you can play all kinds of games without any problem.

The system should offer a refreshing rate of 90Hz or 120Hz. The material used should be lightweight. The different types of sensors are as follows

  1. Gyroscope sensor
  2. Compass
  3. Accelerometer
  4. Magnetometer

The system should also have different ports for audio connection, console connections, and the data transfers. If the system has HDMI cable then you can connect devices to operations.

The material is either plastic, foam, mica or glass for better comfort and design. It should include six DOF PlayStation Camera optical 360-degree LED-tracking technology for the endless gaming experience.

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Connectivity and external gaming consoles

You can watch movies and play games on PlayStation VR play. However, when you wear the system you need some external agents or consoles to control your device. You can make use of different connectivity to connect your consoles.

You can use Bluetooth or the Wi-Fi facilities for such purpose. The consoles include forward, backward, mouse tracking mode, volume control and other options to control your VR. Use the internet connectivity to directly download new games and videos on to your system.