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Things you must prepare before you go for an interview


When you get a call for an interview after submitting your resume, you may get excited about the prospect of getting the job. Afterall, they liked your resume, didn’t they?

While it is important to have a good resume, in order to appear for the interview successfully, you will have to prepare a lot more than just a resume. Here are some of the basic things you must prepare before you step into that office to have a shot at your dream job!

Conduct a thorough research

67% of the candidates said that they research for a company online and 37% said that they will move onto another job offer, if they don’t find any appropriate information about the company online.  A little research about the company works in both ways. You will get to know whether the company is suitable to your needs or not and second you can get really prepared for the next round of your interview.

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If you show up to an interview with little knowledge of the company or their operations, you could very well say goodbye to your hopes of acing the interview. Spend time to research about the company’s holding in the market. Find out about their recent activities and some basic statistics regarding their operations.  

You should also be well versed with the knowledge pertaining to the industry the company belongs to. With sufficient research, you will avoid being caught like a deer in the headlights when the interviewer asks you questions pertaining to the company’s activities.

You should also be well-informed about the position you are being offered in the company. Find out about the responsibilities and tasks your position would entail and go in with some ideas about how you would manage these tasks. This will give you an upper hand as the interviewer would be able to see that you are serious about the job.

Make the Right Impression

The impression you create on the interviewer will make a major impact on whether or not you are selected. From the moment you step into the room to the moment you are back home, every single aspect of your personality, conduct and preparedness will be scrutinized to judge your eligibility for the job.

Carry a clean briefcase or file to put in your portfolios. Convert your resume into PDF format and carry a printed copy of it as it appears more professional. You might be led to believe that this is insignificant, but make no mistake – every little detail counts.

Be prepared to ‘pitch’ yourself

You would have often seen entrepreneurs trying to pitch their products to investors in order to get them to invest. That is what the interview is for you- you have to showcase why investing in you would be a great idea for the company. Hype yourself- talk about your skills, your dedication, and passion.

The minute or two you get to talk about yourself should be used to convince the interviewer that offering you the job would benefit the company. Talk about your ideas and how you plan on improving the company by doing the best work you can in your position.

Practice this speech several times before you head into the interviewer’s office as the last thing you want is to stumble for words on the D-day. While it is important to highlight your positives, do not oversell them. It should not look as if you are boasting. Try to strike a balance between highlighting your strengths and remaining professional while doing so.

Prepare for some common questions

There is a common line of questioning most interviews follow- you have to talk about your credentials, what you will bring to the company, etc. These questions are asked to ensure that you are the right fit for the company and are eligible to be offered the job.

Prepare for these common questions beforehand. Plan out your answers and practice them. You need to be clear in your head about how you would answer a particular type of question before you enter that room as it will indicate that you have clarity in your thoughts, something which is always appreciated by an interviewer. Don’t just limit yourself to giving answers, though. Frame some questions of your own to ask the interviewer.

These questions should be framed so that they highlight your knowledge about the company and indicate your interest. You can ask the interviewer about some new activity that the company is undertaking or about some previously conducted activity.

Follow proper etiquettes

Proper interview etiquette is also a part of making a good impression. If you do not display proper etiquettes, you will not even be considered for the job. When you walk into the office, greet the receptionist politely. Tell them who you are and why you are there. Do not enter the interviewer’s office until you are called in. Greet the interviewer politely and watch your non-verbal language.

Follow these tips carefully and you will surely ace the interview and crack your dream job!