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Things You Need In a Food Truck POS


Things You Need In a Food Truck POS

POS systems are well known for their ability to streamline the business activities in any size of business. It is about time that businessmen realized the need for improving their POS system for their food truck business. If you are planning on getting a food truck POS system, here are a few things you need to consider first:

Supports Multi-tasking

Customers at the back of long queues of a food truck are susceptible to moving on to some faster food truck queue. To avoid this loss, it is important that you sustain peak efficiency of your business by streamlining multiple tasks at a time. Make sure that your POS system allows you to take, process and deliver orders simultaneously to move the queue at a faster pace. In this way, your POS system with ensure peak efficiency of your food truck business and boost your sales.

Allows split orders

Your food truck POS system shall be capable of handling split payments in case your customers want to share their fries or any other such situation. Similarly, if you have a customer who is short on cash, your POS shall be able to offer simple, multiple tender solutions to accommodate tricky payments as well.

Mobile POS

When it comes to food truck POS systems, the mobility exceeds the tiny space of your food truck setup. A strong mobile POS have exclusive abilities which can help you in analyzation of orders and processing of transactions. The compact and wireless features which come with a mobile POS offer just the right kind of push you need to run your business smoothly. Make sure that you use a trusted software provider which offers you round-the-clock connectivity without any disruptions.

Ticket generation for cooks

The last thing you want in your food truck business is a queue of enraged customers complaining about the discrepancies in their “special customized order”. The pen and paper technique of taking orders may have worked in the past but it is not a convenient method to use in the present age. Your customers expect your food truck POS to be well equipped with latest techniques for order placement. A ticket generating POS will not only help your chefs to easily read the requirements of customer’s order but also eliminate the time and effort spent in jotting down on orders.

Accepts multiple payment methods

Gone are the days when customers would carry lump sums of cash in their pockets just to enjoy a good eating time. As with the shifting of technological advancements, the human lifestyle has also undergone some revolutionary changes. While some of your customers may carry a debit/credit card, others may not carry a wallet at all. Smartphones have replaced the material cash with virtual payment methods. Using a payment restricted POS system for your food truck is an equivalent of enervating its potential. If you want to skyrocket your sales, it is important that you offer a competitive range of compatible payment types and methods. Your POS system will be able to generate more customers in this way.

In summary, a good POS system constituting upon above-mentioned qualities can do much to boost your sales by streamlining your business activities and making it simpler for you as well as for your customers.


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