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Tips to Become the Best Warlock in the Destiny 2


If you are a pure video game addict I am sure you must have played Destiny 2. This is undoubtedly one of the best video games available. The power of the warlock today has become much more refined and therefore has a lot to offer to the fire team Chemistry. In this article, we will provide you with certain important tips that will help in becoming the best warlock.

Here are our Tips to Become the Best Warlock in the Destiny 2

The first and the most important move is to enter the space wizard. The titan focuses mainly on heavy strikes and defense and the hunter tries to utilize all those hard hitting moves with a lot of finesse. In order to provide more support to their allies, the Warlock has tried to up the Space Wizard game thereby getting some serious damages when it is mostly required. If you want to get the power of the warlock it is essential to becoming an efficient Space Wizard.

Tips to Become the Best Warlock in the Destiny 2

The warlock can cause only the mid-length to the long length damages and so it will never be able to match up to the abilities of the Titans to face punishments and to protect themselves. One good option is to practice the game with the various modifiers and the traits that come with the skill set of each of the subclass. This can actually make the Mage a very important force in the battlefield. The warlock does not have bullet sponges like that of the Titan and neither does it have the agile ninjas like that of the hunters but it has melee skills that help it to successfully deal with a number of targets at the same time. They also have the capability to completely drain the enemy’s health that helps them in the battlefield.

 Destiny 2 has a group of the best new class abilities and the warlock can actually has the ability to place down certain special rifts that has the capability to augment the special powers that are there. They are also able to heal the wounds along with that of the allies. The class ability is quite similar to that of the melee skills and the grenade is able to cool down by making use of the crouch buttons. The rifts are effective when playing alone but they become more powerful when playing in a group. If you add other class abilities to it like the Titan’s Barricade you will be able to get added protection and also get amplified by the buffs of the warlock. There are a number of skills present in the warlock that is extremely beneficial for the group. If you are taking charge of this particular class you have to be ready to pop rifts and take charge whenever required. There are also certain healing rifts present and when these rifts are placed on a particular spot they will be able to provide an effect to all those that are inside. If the rift is in good health it will definitely be able to provide you with an extra shield but the moment you step out of its area the effect will no longer be there. There is also certain empowering rifts present which helps in increasing the ability of the weapons of the warlock as well as their allies when they are there within the rift.

Both the Titans as well as the Hunters concentrate more on the speed and the Warlocks concentrate on precision and direct control by making use of the aerial movements.

Tips to Become the Best Warlock in the Destiny 2

Gliding is one of the most important movements of the Warlock in the air and this power enables them to land gracefully anywhere. If you are using the warlock for the first time using the balanced guide is the best possible option.

If you follow the steps mentioned above you will be able to make the warlock more powerful and thereby win the Destiny 2 game.

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Hope my article “Tips to Become the Best Warlock in the Destiny 2” helps you to Become the Best Warlock in the Destiny 2. If you have any query, feel free to comment.


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