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Tools That Salespeople Can’t Live Without


Modern software technologies make the sales process easier: task automation provides profitable deals with a minimum amount of time and effort. Salespeople know how to optimize sales organization, control operations, engage with customers and improve team productivity. What are the must-have tools? How to choose qualitative sales tools among an endless list of alternatives? Let’s find it out!

How to choose the necessary tool

  • Define requirements and select functions: make information more accessible, avoid complex integrations, increase productivity by automating repetitive tasks, facilitate staff training and management, increase the cost of services and decrease time losses by increasing lead processing speeds and closing deals, etc.
  • Find out its compatibility with other applications.
  • Analyze whether the tool meets the needs and goals of a particular type of business, as well as team size and volume of sales.

What is CRM 

Customer Relationship Management system is a software developed to automate the processes of marketing, sales, customer service, and workflow.

CRM systems are irreplaceable for any type of business interested in attracting new clients. This tool is useful for companies with sales departments that interact with customers through calls and letters with the conclusion of remote contracts. AI generates documents according to a template, searches and creates personalized content, sends emails and SMS, sets tasks for managers at each stage of the transaction, calculates the cost services through the built-in calculator, tracks dates and sends reminders about invoicing, renewing a contract, monitors deadlines, collects statistics.

We would like to show you two CRM systems: the first is one of the most popular CRMs on the sales market, and the second is a relatively young CRM with tremendous potential and functionality.


Salesforce CRM allows you to:

  • create a single standardized database for the entire company;
  • control the sales department: you can listen to conversations, read the chat history, check work time tracking, delays, number of calls and sales, etc;
  • monitor current order from lead generation, interaction with potential customers, order management to closing deals, after-sales service and support of qualified customers due to the sales management module;
  • set and distribute tasks at each stage of processing;
  • store and view data on completed transactions;
  • keep accounting records;
  • organize and optimize work with clients by data systematization and regulating the procedure for working with customers;
  • work remotely;
  • have uninterrupted access to the system and data;
  • plan and distribute working hours;
  • receive statistical and analytical data to estimate and forecast sales quality and employees effectiveness; to draw up strategies, prioritize, identify the strengths and weaknesses of transactions, manage marketing campaigns;
  • increase employee productivity and ease their work by performing routine operations in automatic mode;
  • integrate with sites, e-mail, instant messengers, social networks, advertising platforms, mailing services, ERP systems, customer support and customer service software, accounting and online cash registers, end-to-end marketing analytics, maps, IP-telephony, even with incompatible with other applications third-party tools;
  • import contacts, notes, call and correspondence histories from the old CRM;
  • provide omnichannel.


NetHunt CRM is called the best Gmail CRM (CRM integrated with G Suite) for reasons. It works for Web, iOS, Android and provides:

  • recording leads (incoming calls and requests), interactions by email, calendar, telephony. Collecting, sorting, segmenting, and storing customers’ contact information directly in the Gmail client;
  • sharing information about customers and the details of transactions with employees, as well as tracking the path for the order;
  • sending personalized mailings based on an automated analysis of the needs, preferences, previous purchases;
  • viewing a notification about reading letters, following the link, unsubscribing to analyze mail campaigns;
  • integration of contacts and user information from Gmail into the calendar for event compilation and planning business meetings;
  • contacts importing and synchronization from different Google accounts into a single NetHunt CRM system;
  • communication with team members customers through Google Hangouts and saving all the conversation info;
  • placing orders in different modes at separate stages of the sales cycle;
  • individual adjustment of CRM components: fields, folders, filters, pipeline operations;
  • collecting analytics for forecasting;
  • tracking orders from the start to closing in a cycle;
  • import data from another CRM in automatic mode;
  • access to files, contacts, letters from the Google App synchronized with the CRM for all sales teams;
  • automatic filling of lead fields: first name, last name, and email address of the customer immediately insert in the right place;
  • data management function: merging records when duplicating orders;
  • setting reminders;
  • the ability to assign roles to employees so that they perform various functions and have different access to data;
  • multifunctional integration with all services of the Google ecosystem: Google Analytics, Google Maps, Google Docs, Google Keep, Google Talk, Google Calendars, etc.

Third-party tools you need to know

All third-party tools are CRM supplements and perform specific capabilities.

One of the best tools for Analytics and Reporting is InsightSquared. AI conducts a thorough analysis of sales, customer actions, teamwork, site characteristics, examines data obtained from emails, calendars, CRM, and draws up visual reports in the form of tables, graphs. The application helps to plan, formulate tasks to improve, change, or eliminate certain aspects of the work, predict, etc.

In the field of Content Sharing and Management, Docurated takes a leading position. You can create documents with a brilliant visual design affecting subscribers’ decisions and actions. AI identifies the opening time of the email and unsubscribing, analyzes open- and click-trackings, collects user data, and creates personalized relevant content for each segment.

Simple messages, images, presentations are boring for customers who crave something new and unusual. Using Videolicious, you can create, edit, and send colorful videos.

A well-thought-out solution in the field of Contract Management is Adobe Sign or Gatekeeper contract Management Software. Do you still print all documents, collect handwritten signatures, scan papers, and send it by mail or fax? What a waste of time and effort! Create, send, receive, track, control, process, sign documents on any device anywhere in the world with Adobe Sign. The program integrates with any system (including CRM, Microsoft Office, and cloud storage). The app provides eSignature and GPS coordinates for security.

For Performance Management, Hoopla is a great choice. It uses leaderboards and displays real-time sales figures through integration with the CRM. The application stimulates and motivates sales staff, improves cooperation culture, shows the activity and productivity of each sales manager, standardizes the behavior of leaders. High-quality analytics allows tracking the strengths and weaknesses of each specialist: salespeople are trying to improve professional skills and grow positions looking through indicators. The tool obtains gorgeous visual effects and elements of gamification. Analyze, learn, play!

For Lead Generation and Prospecting, you can use Intercom. It segments information about potential customers and generates a list of clients that match the ideal user profile (by geolocation, position, company, customer behavior, corporate data, subscriptions). App also collects contacts and sends emails with further directions. It syncs with the CRM and integrates with Gmail, Outlook, Microsoft Office.

In Email Management, Hunter.io and MixMax are great helpers.

The first one collects the email addresses of potential customers: fill in the search fields the person’s name, surname, and corporation domain, the application will provide the necessary email address.

The second, based on the Gmail client, allows your email not to get into the Spam or Promotions folder in the recipient’s inbox. You can track emails and their opening, clicks, manage newsletters, create built-in polls and schedulers, send letters according to a given schedule, create templates, signatures, emojis, use graphics and unique fonts, organize marketing campaigns. You can add images, animations, tables, quick action buttons, and interactive cards to your messages.

FreshBooks as an accounting application helps you plan company resources, link accounts, track payments, and expenses.

Dashlane is a password manager to protect clients’ personal data, correspondence, bank cards.

Are you annoyed that documents need to be thrown off to a computer to print them? Use Cloud Print and print right from your smartphone.

Google Drive rightfully takes the first place among cloud storage: access from all devices supporting iOS, Android, Windows, Linux, macOS, integrates with other applications, platforms, and Google services, has 15 GB of free space and favorable tariff plans.

Google Calendar is scheduling software equipped with a to-do list. It informs about meetings, has integration with the users’ calendars. So, you can see people’s employment, add a link to video conferences or information about the transaction or the client directly to the event. The application integrates with all existing calendars.

There are a lot of sales tools — choose the best one!


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