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Top 10 Best Email Marketing Tools – One Should Try!


Many of the people think that Email Marketing has no future and it is dead! But seriously have you ever take it seriously? If yes then you must know about the power of the same.

If you are seriously wants your startup or business to grow rapidly then Email Marketing is the thing you should look into it. And today we will only going to talk about the 10 Best Email Marketing tools, that I should go for.

And yes, this Email Marketing should be your prior marketing strategy if you actually want to compete in your market. But the problem that many of us feels that is, we never able to understand what tool exactly we need and choosing the best email marketing service can have immense effect  on your business growth.

Why you need Best Email Marketing Tool?

Email Marketing is the only strategy that I found to be very effective. You can have direct contact with your customer with the help of it. It provides you full control over your subscriber list, helps you to maintain your business database more effectively.

So without wasting further more time, let’s begin with our list of Top 10 Best Email marketing Tools.

The first tool that we have on our list is;


Drip is a great email marketing tool for eCommerce, bloggers, and advertisers. They offer an extensive variety of instruments with their keen email advertising stage.

They support various options like, Webinars, automation training, live chat support, free guides, excellent documentation and detailed course.

You can easily add up to 100 subscribers for free. They have free trial account for the same but after that their pricing start from $41/month.


This tool offers an extensive variety of instruments for little and medium measured business to deal with their email marketing.

You will get live chat, phone support, email support, live webinars as a support options from them and also they will provide how-to and other tutorial.

You will only get 30 Days free trial for using the AWeber and after that you have to pay $19/month.

3.Constant Contact

You can easily manage your contacts, email lists, email templates and amny other things with the help of this amazing Email Marketing tool. It is additionally the most simple to utilize and beginner friendly email marketing tool.

Each Account gives you access to simple following and revealing, worked in internet-based life sharing tools, a picture library and 1GB of capacity for your own particular documents.

If you don’t want to share your credit card no. before for trial then this tool is only made for you. It has 60 days free trial. And after that you will have to pay $20/month for the same.


As its name suggest, this tool is beautifully integrated with Magento, WordPress, Shopify and many other platforms. The one of the best thing about this tool is that it provides its users a forever free plan of making 12,000 emails to about 2000 Subscriber. After completing this threshold you have to pay $10/month as its basic price.


This tool comes with some amazing marketing automation tools which allow you to create smart or professional automated campaigns.

This tool provides easy drag and drop facility. You can easily create various campaigns, segment contacts, and send content designed for specific groups.

You will only get 30 Days free trial and after that you have to pay $15/ month for the same.


If you are looking for the best tool that can combine your email marketing, automation with CRM and sales, then this one will be best option for you. This tool has all the options to make your email campaign look smarter and professional as well.

You can easily integrate many of the third party software with it, if you want to, like wordpress, etc. You can request ActiveCampaign Admin team for its demo, which will let you to run the same with limited features.

The monthly plan for this tool starts from $9.


With ConvertKit, you can undoubtedly fragment contacts into the individuals who are intrigued and the individuals who have just bought. This is incredible for marketing automation tool.

This is the best email marketing tool for the professional bloggers, marketers and the authors. The pricing for the same starts from $29, along with it they provide 30 Days refund policy.

8.MailGet Bolt

It is the most proficient and simple to-utilize email marketing program at present accessible in the market.

You can begin sending messages inside 5 mins with this administration as no facilitating and muddled SMTP setup is required.

The pricing for this Email marketing tool starts at $42/month with unlimited email delivery.

9.Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor is an expert review email marketing and automation service intended for the present quickly developing businesses.

You have to pay $89/monthly for making up-to 10,000 Subscribers and you can do unlimited emailing with the same.

10.Mail Jet

As its name suggest, this one is really a jet. It can easily boost up your business growth. You can easily send bulk marketing and transactional emails with it very easily.

This tool comes at a very affordable price of $74.95/m for 150,000 emails.


So, here we have reach the end of our article. These are the Top 10 Best Email Marketing Tools that one should go with. If you still have any doubts in your mind, you can clear out the same with us in the comment section, we would love to hear from you.



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