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Top 13 Laptop Bag Must-Haves for Under $50


If you are looking for a laptop bag under $50, this post is completely for you.

With current lifestyles, we are forced to move from one place to another in the shortest time possible, and many times we forget some things before leaving home, but never leave the laptop or cell phone.

That indispensable equipment in the house or office, which we always carry with us, deserve good care, and often we do not take the time to give it the proper maintenance.

Even giving it a good care, always the keyboard of your computer will be filled with dust. Or maybe you’re in one place, you did not take the charger and you almost do not have a battery.

Maybe you are on a flight and you want to listen to some audio and you cannot put the volume to the maximum. You cannot leave the cables watered, they could be damaged.

There are accessories that will help you understand how to be more calm in a trip, because you know you have not left anything, and everything is in place.

In this “Top 10 Laptop Bag Must-Haves for Under $50 ” section, we bring you a selection of accessories to keep your laptops in good condition.

From wireless mice, to organizers so that in your home or office, and traveling you can be calmer knowing that everything is organized.

Here is the list of Best laptop bag under $50

1.Anker PowerCore 10000 Portable Charger

Top 13 Laptop Bag Must-Haves for Under $50

Especially when traveling, often leaving in a hurry we leave the charger at home. If you are one of those who rush all the time and sometimes leave the charger on the bed or table, this accessory is great for you.

It is incredibly compact so it does not take up much space. It is light and will not be a great extra weight when it comes to leaving. It has a capacity of 10000mAh, and can provide 3 charges and a half to an iPhone 8; or 2 charges and a half to a Galaxy S8.

It has a high speed charging technology, which makes your device can be used quickly in any situation. And with the security system, full protection is guaranteed for your devices.

With this accessory, you will never run out of battery again, and you can have a way to charge your equipment even in the field.

It is of excellent quality, very useful and practical. It is economic and its benefits are enormous.


  • Does not generate noise
  • Made with travelers in mind.
  • It is very compact and practical
  • Fast loading of devices
  • Serves to load on either side
  • Different devices can be connected


  • You can only connect one device at a time

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2.Logitech M535 Compact Bluetooth Wireless Optical Mouse

Top 13 Laptop Bag Must-Haves for Under $50

Laptops have a touchpad that simulates a mouse, but it is often uncomfortable compared to a normal mouse. The limitation of many Mouses is the complicated and delicate cable. Thanks to this accessory, that will be a thing of the past.

The Bluetooth mouse allows you to connect with almost all operating systems in an efficient way. It is small and portable, so it takes up little space and is easy to carry.

It has a central wheel and its button to navigate more comfortably. Its design is simple and comfortable for the user’s hand. Thanks to its optical sensor it is manageable and precise on almost all surfaces.

You need 1 “AA” battery that lasts up to 10 months. It is very light and being wireless you do not have to worry about cables getting tangled or damaged.

This product is perfect for all those who like comfort anywhere. They can carry their computers or Android devices and enjoy the best experience in mouse handling.

From a conference at work, to a presentation at home. And even in normally uncomfortable places like vehicles, this accessory is very useful and practical.


  • It is compact and perfect for travel.
  • It works with almost all operating systems.
  • Leave the USB ports free when operating with Bluetooth.
  • It is tough and durable.
  • Its design makes it pleasing to the eye.
  • Thanks to its design it is comfortable for the user’s hand.
  • Works on almost any surface.


  • You have to download software to work with iOS

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3.Sabrent 4-Port USB 3.0 Hub

Top 13 Laptop Bag Must-Haves for Under $50

Many times we are in a bind when we need to use a USB port and we have all occupied. We have the phone, the mouse, the keyboard and in the end we do not have a free port, and we must disconnect something to connect even a Pendrive. With this tool we can add 4 USB ports to our team. Just connect and go.

It is very compatible with all PC operating systems. The difference of this product with others is that it supports speeds of up to 5Gbps. It is small and light, perfect for trips.

It is perfectly compatible with old USB versions. And it has a switch in each port, to individually control each one.

These ports will not be able to load your devices. It does not need installation, just connect and the operating system will do the rest. Its compatibility makes it the perfect ally at any time with computers.

Its design is comfortable and practical for every user. It has LED lights that illuminate the equipment, great for low light moments. With its individual control you can disconnect only one of the connected devices without affecting the rest. It is safe for all public.


  • Save time and frustrations
  • It is safe for teams.
  • It is fast and very functional.
  • It is comfortable and practical.
  • It is very compatible with old versions of USB.
  • It works on all PC operating systems.


The original cable is very short.

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4.Logitech Bluetooth Multi-Device Keyboard K480

Top 13 Laptop Bag Must-Haves for Under $50

 Keyboards are a very important part of our lives as are smart devices. It allows comfort and speed when working. Although the keyboard of the Laptops is very functional, comfort is often the priority.

This accessory allows you to connect with all devices via Bluetooth. It has a base to place the Smartphone or Tablet with an ideal angle to write. You can connect with 3 different devices, just turn the wheel to select the desired one. It is easy communication between devices.

It has a comfortable and practical design for the user, with shortcut keys for PC. With this keyboard you will never have the solution so fast.

It is perfect for writers to work at any time. It is light and small for transport. It uses 2 AAA batteries pre-installed.

Its elegant and friendly design makes using it a very pleasant experience. Its design resembles that of a laptop, but its functionality is better, because it can be connected to any Bluetooth device that allows writing.

It is multi-device, and ideal to connect up to 3 devices, and easily exchange between them when writing.


  • It is light and compact, perfect for traveling.
  • Its base of support of devices is perfect to write in Smartphones and Tablets.
  • It is synchronized with all types of devices that have Bluetooth.
  • It is very durable and resistant.
  • It is extremely functional.
  • Easy exchange between devices without losing synchronization.
  • It is multi-device and its design makes it pleasant for every user.


  • The keys are not backlit, and it is difficult to see them in dark places.
  • The slot is just the right size, you cannot use the equipment with a protective cover.

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5.Magic Innovative Super Soft Sticky Dust Cleaning Gel Gum

Top 13 Laptop Bag Must-Haves for Under $50

For the lovers of new technologies and for the careers of this one, the innovative Gel Gum Super Soft arrived. It is a deformable and reusable gel, which traps the dust and dirt of your equipment.

It uses an advanced technology that makes it special for this type of work. Just take it out of the package, leave it on what you want to clean, and see how it seems to melt, quiet, just do your job.

After a few minutes, just remove it and see how all the dust and dirt sticks to the gel. It is exceptional for traditional keyboards or laptop.

It can be used to clean monitors, smart devices, and even inside the vehicle. When removing it, it will eliminate dirt and more than 80% of germs.

It is very easy to use, and practical for everyone who likes cleaning their equipment. When removing the gel, there may be residues, but with a cotton swab or cotton swab you can remove them. It is soft, comfortable and does not damage the skin.

It does not affect digital devices. It is reusable until it turns a dark black color. The product comes in packs of 4. It is biodegradable. Light and pleasant to the eye. It can be used by any member of the family.


  • It is the fastest and most effective way to remove dust from household appliances.
  • It can be used on any surface and material.
  • Pleasant to the touch and easy to use.
  • Perfect to remove dust from vehicles.
  • Reach and clean difficult places.
  • It is practical and does not damage the user’s skin.


You can leave small residues when cleaning.

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6.SanDisk Cruzer CZ36 64GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive

Top 13 Laptop Bag Must-Haves for Under $50

As well as the cell phone, a good USB memory with enough storage space is also indispensable. Although with the new technologies, you can save everything on the internet, if you drop the connection, or go to a place where there is no internet connection, you will need this accessory.

If you have videos and photos that you do not want to remove from your PC, or you need to backup your files to reinstall your operating system, this USB stick is perfect for you.

With this PenDrive you have plenty of storage space to store your favorite files. With SanDisk Secure Access software, you have additional protection of up to 2Gb available, for your document backup.

Like a normal PenDrive, it has a USB connection. With the USB 2.0 connection, it has a higher speed when reading or transferring files.

It is a device that connects and installs automatically. Unlike a space on the internet to store your documents, this PenDrive is completely confidential. It is ultra lightweight and you can take it anywhere.


  • It has plenty of storage space.
  • It has additional protection with the retraction of the USB port.
  • It is resistant and very reliable.
  • Bring additional protection software.
  • It is reliable and stable when used.
  • It is completely confidential.


  • If you do not know how to use it, the files could be damaged.
  • You can not join a keychain.

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7.Betron DC950 Headphones Earphones

Top 13 Laptop Bag Must-Haves for Under $50

If we talk about essential accessories, surely the phone protectors, the laptop linings, the pens for Tablets, and of course the hearing aids would go into a conversation.

The latter in particular, help us to disconnect from the world, listening to our favorite songs, listening to our contacts’ audios, watching videos, all without interrupting others, or generating bad times.

These hearing aids, in particular, have standard 3.5 mm gold shielded connector. It works with a sound frequency of 20Hz to 20kHz which gives an excellent quality. Its design allows entering inside the ear, enhancing the quality and decreasing the loss of sound.

It has a built-in microphone volume control for your incoming calls. Being light and practical, you can use it and take it everywhere.

It is compatible with Samsung and iPhone. With its established configuration, it provides clarity and excellent acoustics, even with the basses.

These headphones are exceptional companions for music lovers. And the total control he has over the volume and the calls, makes it indispensable when going through the streets and not taking out the phone. Its design is elegant and it comes with a travel case.


  • Your materials are of excellent quality.
  • Resistant and very durable.
  • The buttons allow excellent control.
  • The sound quality is superior.
  • It has an excellent Cost-Value relationship.
  • Functional with any device.
  • Easy transportation.


A small part of material should be removed for use on an iPhone with a protector.

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8.Vinmax 5 Pack Cord Keeper

Top 13 Laptop Bag Must-Haves for Under $50

We have all had problems with the cables of our devices. It seems that they are made to entangle themselves without any effort.

The cables of the hearing aids, the USB cable, the chargers and even the USB mice. But fortunately this wonderful product has come to light that will help you organize the cables of your devices.

Just open it, roll the cable in its center and close it. It is perfect for organizing and shortening cables without any problem. The 5 piece package is perfect for organizing the cables of your devices.

It is created in soft plastic of high quality. It is manageable at the time of opening and closing to organize the cables.

It can be used quickly and efficiently. It focuses on organizing and shortening cables of all kinds of accessories. It is small and light, perfect to store it for storage or trips. It comes in different colors for all tastes.

It is perfect for those who have many devices with cables, and want to get rid of so many knots. Due to its size, it can go unnoticed. It is practical and reliable.


  • It is compact and functional.
  • Useful for the whole family.
  • Serve with all device cables.
  • They are very practical.
  • They can be used at the user’s full convenience.


  • When you buy the product you cannot choose the colors.

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9.Cocoon GRID-IT! Organizer Case

Top 13 Laptop Bag Must-Haves for Under $50

If you ask where you can put all those products that you have and what you need for their usefulness, here we have the answer. The GRID-IT organizer is an excellent ally when organizing all your belongings when traveling.

You can store in this your Smartphone, iPad, cables, Pendrives, among others. When traveling you can perfectly have everything organized, and easily accessible for you or whoever you travel.

It has an elastic retention system, which allows adjusting to the thickness of stored objects. Any object you want to store inside is adjusted and held in position. Storage options are limited only by your imagination.

It is the most practical and safe when leaving long stretches of a house. It is a versatile and elegant design.

It’s the size of a screen, so you can even store Tablets. It is very light and comfortable. If you are one of the people who like to travel, but in your backpack, they have everything messy, this is the product designed for you. It comes in different colors, for all tastes.

It not only serves to store technological devices but also perfect for all your toiletries.


  • Great for the storage of electronic devices.
  • It has totally versatile configurations.
  • If elastic system of adjustment prevents that the organized products are mixed.
  • Save time and space when organizing.
  • It is easy to access and without inconveniences.
  • Excellent for trips.
  • It is an intelligent and practical idea for all people.


  • It does not have a zip pocket.

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10.ButterFox Universal Electronics Accessories Travel Organizer

Top 13 Laptop Bag Must-Haves for Under $50

Unlike other organizers, this is especially for larger items. The power cables, adapter cables for power sources, among others, are the ones chosen for this organizer. It is made of durable and durable nylon.

It has a closure and a hand strap. It has two network compartments, perfect for storing small cables, Pendrives, and others.

It is excellent to carry laptop chargers. Thanks to the network you can verify what is stored inside, in case you are one of those who have something left at home. Perfect for long trips.

It is convenient to store and access stored items. You should not store your cables and adapters in your backpack anymore, and see how they get to the bottom of it and get messed up.

With this organizer you will have all your cables at hand and in order for any time. It is perfectly comfortable to take it anywhere, or have it held by the strap. It is resistant and of excellent material. Durable and reliable in any situation.


  • It is tough and reliable.
  • Durable and excellent materials.
  • Perfect reminder thanks to its transparent mesh.
  • Great storage capacity
  • It is adaptable and of just size.
  • Designed for all users.
  • They work great for long trips.
  • Easy storage and access to these items.


  • It does not work to store Tablets or iPads.

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