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TOP 3 Android Apps NOT available in Play Store


Is Google App Store all you use for apps? You might be satisfied but aren’t you tempted to use other apps? Because it’s Android and you can!
We bring you the best 3 apps you should be using on your android, not available on Official Android App Store.

1. Terrarium
TOP 3 Android Apps NOT available in Play StoreIf you’re a series or Movies Junkie, this is for you. You must have heard about Popcorn times, which works on peer-to-peer, torrent-like technology. It uses the files hosted on high-speed servers. Even the old episodes that don’t have seeders on torrent, or no one else is watching on Popcorn time will work fine. Not only it’ll save you seeding bandwidth while you torrent but also remember the last episode you watched. Multiple qualities are available to stream as well as subtitles. You can download when you’ve Wi-Fi and watch later. There’s nothing much to left to be desired.

Download it now: https://terrariumtv.com/

2. OGYoutube
TOP 3 Android Apps NOT available in Play Store
Play YouTube videos in the background.

Download, and share YouTube videos.
Tubemate used to be a hugely popular, once. It had many ads and feels more like downloader than YouTube. OGYouTube is a solid replacement to that and YouTube official at once. If you’re rooted, you can even replace the default YouTube app with this one and enjoy all the benefits. It’ll play the Video on a small area for you while you perform other tasks. The official YouTube app now allows downloading, but you cannot share those with another device.

Download: https://www.official-plus.com/ogyoutube

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3. AdAway
TOP 3 Android Apps NOT available in Play StoreTired of ads on Android? You’re not the only one. 

AdAway is an open source ad blocker for Android. It uses the host’s file and needs root access. You can select your own sources of host files; define extra hostnames to block and even redirect. Want to support creators with some non-intrusive ads? You can add exceptions.

Download: https://adaway.org/

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