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Top 3 ways to secure your bitcoin and crypto wallet 

The crypto community is quite expensive, lucrative, and volatile. If you need to understand anything about the crypto community, it is about some of these characteristics.  

More than having bitcoins and other cryptos, it is essential that you also know how to keep them safe. Having crypto locked in a safe wallet is as important as having hundreds of cryptos.  

Due to its lucrativeness, the crypto community is very susceptible to cyber-attacks, and once your wallet is not so safe, it becomes hard for you to monitor your investments.  

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Being unable to keep tabs on your assets could be a result of various factors, and some of these factors are never worth the asset you have in your wallet. Hence, priority should be given to keeping your assets safe, the same way you give priority to investments.  

Investing without safety precautions and recovery services would become disastrous in the long run. There are several crypto services affiliated with how you can recover blockchain wallets even after the hacking. 

Nonetheless, you must understand that these services must be in place when you choose your most preferred blockchain wallet.  

Your crypto wallet should prioritize if you have as many assets as possible. You shouldn’t leave the security to the crypto wallet. Some of these wallets are hackable, and once hacked, you could lose your assets.  

In other words, to prevent this from happening, here are some of the top three ways to secure your bitcoin and crypto wallet.  

Have crypto wallet recovery services ready 

It is advisable that you also have recovery services that understand how to recover blockchain wallets when you conclude on your preferred crypto wallet. 

Having this as a second or third layer of defense for your asset is about one of the best decisions you can ever make for your assets. 

As mentioned earlier, your crypto assets should be prioritized, and one of the ways of prioritizing them is by having recovery services ready. More than you might have thought, crypto wallet recovery services are pocket friendly with a huge success percentage. 

In other words, to recover blockchain wallets, you need to have a crypto wallet with assets and then have the recovery service available at your disposal, since the hacking of wallets could be done at any time. 

Depending on the terms of service agreement between you and the recovery services, you could have an extra backup stored with them to help you keep the asset safe and away from cyber-attacks. 

Do not share your seed phrases with anybody 

One of the most effective means of staying safer than being sorry is by first keeping your seed phrase away from where it could be copied or stolen. 

It’s, however, not a great idea to have your seed phrases written down in black and white if you know you won’t have exclusive privacy to the safe. 

Anybody could access the safe at any time, and once your seed phrase is exposed, it becomes easier for your assets to be moved. Seed phrases are the main security guarding your assets, so you must keep them as safe as possible. 

Your seed phrases could be 12 to 24 words long, depending on your chosen wallet. Nonetheless, it is essential to note that your seed phrases shouldn’t be shared with anybody. 

Nobody should have access to them, except you. 

Activate the 2FA 

The 2FA, also known as the “Two Factor Authentication,” is a form of security that is placed on login and transaction confirmations to be sure you are the one accessing the account at the time. 

Most crypto wallets have the 2FA but not everyone would be so willing to activate it on their crypto wallet. However, it is essential to note that there’s a reason it has been added to the crypto wallet, and that is to serve as an extra layer of protection for your asset. 

So, depending on how you’ve pre-registered it, your 2FA might be a confirmation code sent to both your registered mail and phone number before the command can be accepted. Sometimes, you’ll be given a period before the code expires and the process recycles. 

If you have 2FA activated on your account, it is going to be difficult for third parties to access your assets. 

Keeping your assets as safe as possible remains the number one priority, including having the 2FA alongside recovery services available at your disposal.