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Top 5 Android Apps 2018 for You Mobile


When you have an Android phone or tablet, you sadly (or fortunately, depending on your point of view) do not have usage of something like the stock “Podcasts” software that comes manufactured with new Apple devices. Don’t let that suppress you though, as you still have entry to a lot of options due to amazing selection of programs on the Google Take up Store. Let’s look into a few of the best options below.

Top 5 Android Apps 2018 for You Mobile

1 – Doggcatcher

Top 5 Android Apps 2018 for You Mobile

One of the original podcast software on Android os, Doggcatcher has generated up quite a following over time. While its interface is perhaps somewhat behind the times compared to it is current competition, it remains a feature-packed app, have real profit customize playback speed and auto download/delete episodes of your selected podcasts. If you happen to use a Chromcast stick, this iphone app will work with it, meaning you will be able to stream your chosen podcast to your TV/entertainment system. It costs $2. 99, which, while expensive for an app, is pretty cheap in the grand scheme of things.

2 – Beyondpod

Beyondpod mixes a fantastic user interface with a vast collection of podcasts to choose from, enough that even the most contemporary of you should be capable of finding what you are looking for. Like Doggcatcher, it helps Chromecast. It may also sync across multiple devices, and bring up to date your chosen podcasts automatically. You can purchase Beyondpod for $6. 99, which is fairly pricy. That said, there is a six day free trial, so you can test that out and see if you like it before buying. If you are looking essay writing services Go to https://answershark.com/ for compare and contrast essay writing tips.


3 – Podcast Republic

Top 5 Android Apps 2018 for You Mobile

Podcasting Republic’s claim to celebrity is the fact it allows you to search iTunes’ podcast collection, message everybody iPhone to Google android transplants can finally find all of your chosen shows on your new device.

Like other podcast software, it syncs across devices and can update automatically in the background. This also is capable of offline playback.

Best of all, Podcast Republic is recognized by ads, and so is completely free!

4 – Player FM

The standout feature of Player FM is probably its looks — it adheres to all of Google’s new design motifs.

Like the other software here, Player FM supports Chromecast and all sorts of the basic features you’d expect away of a podcast software, like speed control and offline support. Beyond that, it also supports smartwatches, which could be a significant aspect in your decision making process.

Player FM is totally free, at least to a point. You can sign up to up to twenty shows on the house. There’s a “Gold” version of the software that will be released in the future, but it will surely allow for unlimited podcast monthly subscriptions.

5 – Pocket Casts


Winner of the Google Play Editor’s Choice award for Drive 2014, Pocket Casts is a vital software for most Google Android users.

It supports Chromecast, variable speed playback, gadget support, and sharing with your friends.

Unlike some other podcast apps, Pocket Casts give you a little bit more control. This comes mainly by means of its associated golf widget, which lets you deal with basic functions of the iPhone app from your home screen.

Additionally, Pocket Casts is available on iOS devices as well, meaning you can sync your podcasts on your Android phone with your iPad, or on your Android tablet with your iPhone.

Like some cloud music programs (e. g. Amazon Prime Music, Spotify, and Beats Music), Pocket Casts comes equipped with discovery features that allow you to easily seek out podcasts you might be interested in.

Certainly, other podcast programs have similar features, but Pocket Casts probably offers them in many sleek and easy-to-use fashion.

For $3. 99 Pocket Casts is an expensive app, but based on the reviews I use read, most users believe it to be worth it.


Every in all, you really cannot go wrong with any of these programs. There are plenty of options to choose from, and at a certain point, it really becomes all about user desire. I recommend trying the free options (or Beyondpod’s trial), and see if you want those first. If they don’t suit your needs, then go after the paid options. Either way, with the many quality podcasting programs out there, you are bound to find the right one for you sooner rather than later.

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