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Top 5 Health Apps To Help You Eat Healthy


The trend of eating healthier has transformed a number of lives for better. App developers have also stepped into the world of health and fitness by introducing some incredible mobile applications which offer a plethora of exciting features. From offering insights on the current healthy recipes and professional tips for providing you with a calorie and fitness log, these apps aid health enthusiasts in a number of ways. Gone are the days when smartphone health apps were limited to calorie tracking only.

You can now obtain information regarding the availability of allergen-free foods and restaurants which offer unique dishes which best fit your needs by using smartphone health apps.  Your smartphone can be your number one health advisor on-the-go by installing any of the following apps:

Health Apps To Help You Eat Healthy

1.  Rawvana:

The idea of raw food sounds perfect for a healthy diet; however, the sight of limp broccoli may not sound as perfect as the idea. Rawvana makes raw diet fun for the pickiest of health-oriented eaters. With its versatile reserve of coconut milk cookies, vegan burgers and Thai rice, anyone can pick the delicious raw recipes to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Download Android or IOS app.

2.  EatingWell:

Top 5 Health Apps To Help You Eat Healthy

Looking for delicious yet healthy recipes? Install EatingWell and search through large reserve of delicious recipes with added pictures. A simple glimpse at the pictures of recipes included in this app will instantly convince you to start eating healthy from today. Perfect for health-conscious food lovers, EatingWell lets you enjoy the deliciousness of life without harming your health.

3.  Harvest:

Top 5 Health Apps To Help You Eat Healthy

Shopping for ripe and tasty healthy fruits and vegetables at the grocery store can be a risky task in a way that you may buy some bland, tasteless, under or over-ripened produce. Eating this tasteless produce is extremely difficult even for the strongest health advocates. To save yourself from the trouble of eating tasteless healthy food, Harvest helps you in picking the best in-season fruits and vegetables.

4.  FoodStand:

Want to keep yourself updated with the latest health and fitness news trending all over the world? Or are you looking for a food tracking app which will not only motivate you to stick to your health regime but also offer you insights on the latest health-related happening around the town? FoodStand is the perfect app for you. Install this today in your smartphone to be a part of healthy eater’s community. Get alerts notifying you about the latest dietary trends, new healthy recipes, and happenings all over the town by logging into FoodStand.

5.  Blender Girl Smoothies:

Smoothies are the tastiest and healthiest way of utilizing nutrition-rich vegetables and fruits. But drinking smoothies based entirely on common fruits such as banana and tasteless vegetables such as kale can be a very pressing task. To eliminate the monotony from your fitness routine, Blender Girl Smoothie app offers you a large reserve of over 100 unique and delicious smoothie recipes. All you have to do is install this app on your phone, log-in, enter your mood, need or craving and Blender Girl Smoothie app will offer you smoothie choices matching your requirements.


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