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Top 5 Best Innovations in Car technology


These cars can’t fly but these are still pretty cool development in Car technology

While smartphones are getting thinner and faster, the automotive industry is changing the world.

Ready to be excited? These are the upcoming five major automotive innovations.

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Cars with artificial intelligence

Advances in artificial intelligence (AI) will be the main driving force behind autonomous vehicles.

The biggest challenge that autonomous cars must overcome is that no two situations will be the same. In addition, vehicles need to respond immediately to unique traffic, pedestrian and road conditions. This is where artificial intelligence comes into play.

Engineers cannot predict and write instructions for each scene, so vehicle manufacturers need to use big data and machine learning to make vehicles act like human drivers. It requires a lot of processing power and extremely advanced sensors, but some of the largest automotive and technology companies have invested millions of dollars in artificial intelligence research. AI will not only benefit unmanned vehicles.

The company is also developing a learning system that can record your daily driving life and automate things to make them easier.

For example, on the way home, listen to the radio 2 commuting in the morning and the classic FM going home? The car will learn this behavior and automatically change the station.

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Vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure communication

This is very suitable for safety and is absolutely necessary for the future of a completely autonomous car.

Car-to-car communication essentially communicates with cars. If all cars are equipped with this technology, it can achieve a more advanced car fleet on highway travel.

With this technology, your car can react to changes in the speed of the vehicle ahead in a matter of milliseconds. Ultimately, this will reduce phantom traffic congestion, increase road capacity (because you can install more cars in a smaller space) and reduce accidents.

V-2-V communication is also safe before autonomous vehicles become a reality. For example, if a motorcycle or emergency vehicle quickly approaches from behind, you can receive a notification in the HUD.

You can also receive notifications to warn you of potential dangers before they enter the field of view. For example, you can pop up a notification reminding you of a car parked on the road after a blind corner, giving you plenty of time to slow down.

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Fast and wireless charging

Although we are talking about battery issues, it is now the best time to discuss charging technology. If the car company does choose to travel along the super capacitor route, the electric car can be charged in minutes rather than hours.

From London to Scotland? You may only need to stay for 10 minutes instead of currently taking more than 40 minutes to charge. There are also several companies working on wireless charging, which will make the electric car’s possession and life easier.


A complete autonomous driving system

If car manufacturers can believe that we may cruise on self-driving cars as early as 2025.

The car will be equipped with a series of sensors that allow the vehicle to observe its environment in 360-degree views. The type of sensor used depends on the manufacturer, but most will use a combination of lidar, radar, laser and camera.

young woman reading a magazine in a autonomous car. driverless car. self-driving vehicle. heads up display. automotive technology.

These will provide the car with a 360-degree view and advanced AI to interpret the data from these sensors, keeping the vehicle on the road and reacting to what is happening.

When your car does all the work for you, you will be able to relax and watch your favorite Netflix collection on your way to work.

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Improved electric vehicle

Before electric cars became the real mainstream, their series needed to compete with internal combustion engine vehicles. This can be done using a higher density battery or supercapacitor.

Car technology

Supercapacitors can have sufficient energy density to comfortably exceed the current 300-mile range of electric vehicles. So far, studies have shown that they have a higher energy density than lithium-ion batteries, which can hold 180 watt-hours per kilogram, compared to 100-120 watt-hours for conventional lithium-ion batteries.

Car technology

Which technology might the automotive industry use? This remains to be seen, but Elon Musk said that the breakthrough in electric mobility is more likely to come from supercapacitors than batteries. The cheapest electric car and more environmentally friendly planet.


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