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Top 5 GPS Fleet Tracking System


Many fleet managers wonder if GPS tracking is right for them and their fleet. The answer to this is Yes!

No matter what the size of your fleet is, a good GPS tracking system can always be helpful for you and your company.

In this article, we will share the top 5 GPS fleet tracking system gathered from trusted fleetmatics reveal review.

1.  Telogis Fleet Tracking Software:

Telogis is an advanced and comprehensive fleet management system. Its main features include fuel management, inventory, and most importantly, GPS tracking.

Using this software, you can also track the mileage of your vehicle.

The best part of Telogis is its feature of automated reporting. Automatic reports are generated and delivered to the fleet managers.

2.  Fleetmatics – Intelligence at Work:

Fleetmatics is one of the best GPS tracking software for new and already established businesses. It helps business owners in managing their fleet efficiently and improving their services.

This tool helps you in tracking your devices, data, and drivers in one of the easiest ways. The information provided to you through this software is in an easy format and enables you to make smart choices on the basis of the collected data.

It also gives you an insight into their drivers’ driving habits.

3.  Fleetistics Fleet GPS Tracking Software:

Fleetistics is the one solution of all of your business needs. The features offered by this software help you in enhancing your services and its tools help you in managing your resources easily.

The main features of this software include real-time tracking of the vehicle, driver management, and vehicle maintenance.

It comes in a mobile software format and also as online software; therefore, you can access it easily using your mobile device.

Other than truck fleets, Fleetistics can be used for cars, buses, delivery vehicles, and heavy machinery.

4.  FleetGO Fleet Tracking Software:

FleetGO is a complete solution of fleet management. It helps in improving the efficiency and streamlines processes using real-time tracking and other business solutions.

This company not only provides you with the services but also it offers to help you through its consultants who help you in designing solutions for your various business requirements.

In short, FleetGO through its services helps you in improving the overall efficiency, reducing the operational costs, and helping you in taking a better control of your business.

5.  Teletrac Fleet Tracking Software:

Teletrac is a GPS based fleet tracking software which is designed to answer all your needs regarding your fleet.

The company provides a lot of useful features including business and diagnostic reporting and real-time fleet tracking.

It provides various features that make your job of fleet management easier. The information displayed by the software is in an easy-to-interpret form.

At present, more than 20,000 fleets across different industries are powered by Teletrac fleet tracking software.

A GPS fleet tracking software enables you to remain up to date about all the information of your vehicles, drivers and their driving habits, and real-time location of your vehicles.


  1. Very useful article. giving all the knowledge about the GPS software.telling about so many software that can help us to keep the track of our vehicle just for that extra protection


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