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Top 5 Marketing Instagram Tips

Instagram is one of the most popular social media among marketers because it offers a vast choice of options that help to build up brands and companies. Also, on Instagram, a savvy influencer can get a lot of useful information about the latest trends and user behavior, and perform according to that data.

Due to its constant evolution, IG doesn’t lose its position even as TikTok approaches and starts a competition. On this platform, it is possible to promote practically anything. And there are some universal tips that would be useful for brands and non-profits.

In this article, we have gathered the five most effective things to use for your Instagram growth and more likes. 

Top 5 Marketing Instagram Tips



This method of increasing stats on Instagram is a controversial topic to discuss, but if you are going to promote your blog on IG, it has to be mentioned. Many people think that buying stats is a solution to redeem fast growth. But the truth is, purchased stats cannot substitute organic increase of your audience.

Top 5 Marketing Instagram Tips

But nevertheless, it is a fact that paid services are helping to boost your progress. By adding some numbers to your results you can adjust the general image of your blog and attract new users to your profile. Just make sure that you choose a trustworthy and legit service, like smalllikes.com that provides real Instagram likes and followers. Before adding some purchased powers to your strategy, analyze your current results carefully, so you will see if you really need to buy engagement. 


Nowadays the mechanism of advertising posts on Instagram is subtle and effective. You can promote basically any post from your profile that has already attracted attention. Besides, Instagram Sponsored Ads are comfortable to use because you can control the budget – set up a certain sum, which will be the limit for shows of your advertising post. You can choose any type of content to promote:

  • Photo/video
  • Carousel
  • Story
  • Stories Canvas

The clue to the success of your sponsored ads is that you choose content that not only is pretty, and selling, but which resonates with the target audience of your blog. This statement works both for brands and for nonprofits. Good analytical work to find out who is your target group gives you the opportunity to attune your Ads and stream them to the most responsive crowd and also get your most wanted stat – likes.


Even with the launch of the Reels feature, Stories remain the ultimate growth booster for blogs. The idea of vanishing content was not born on Instagram, but this platform has discovered the potential of it. Stories help you to fulfill many things, but their biggest power is that they are a huge attention grabber and they allow you to communicate with the audience constantly and easily. Here are the main points to remember about using Stories: 

  • Post stories often, but find the limit to prevent overloading your followers with them.
  • Create a schedule to upload new Stories periodically throughout the day, so your icon will reappear in your followers feeds
  • Create multiple sections of Highlights and save there your most popular and interesting content
  • Mix behind-the-scenes and campaigns
  • Avoid too much “talking head” format – leave your communication to Lives.
  • Use fun options to engage with your followers – stickers and games will increase your bond with the audience

This category of content is wide and assists a lot in gaining the trust and interest of the public. Besides, users love sharing their creations too! There are many methods like a poll to motivate people to do that, and they depend on the type of profile you have. For brands and companies, the most sufficient practice is to ask your clients to upload posts or Stories with your product. Stories here are preferred – they can be saved in Highlights and remain as permanent feedback that proves your quality and customer service. 

Top 5 Marketing Instagram Tips

To encourage your buyers, you can offer special discounts on the next order, or promo codes for a gift, etc. Anything within your budget. 

Entrepreneurs should pay attention to the fan art. Nowadays celebrities get many artworks dedicated to them – portraits, merch, and so on. The best thing to do here is to repost the pieces that you receive and express your gratitude and appreciation. Often users don’t even need any special motivation for creating artworks based on your photos. 


To create relevant content you have to realize who you are making it for. Knowing the crowd that will receive your posts is what secures your recognition and influence spread on the platform. So, you wonder what are the main things that you should find out about your target audience? Well, here they are:

  • Average age
  • Gender
  • Profession and occupation 
  • Periods of activity online
  • Preferred influencers from Instagram
  • Niches they like the most

Building up a portrait of your average followers is a massive help when it comes to the content planning and choosing methods of engagement with your viewers. Hitting the potentially suitable audience gives you a higher percent of success, then trying to catch a wave with random crowds. 


This is vital for any other social media, but as the competition in every industry on Instagram becomes tighter and tighter, this is the first recommendation to consider. When you are passionate about your theme, you have the resources to share. Your genuine commitment and original thinking will reward you with attention from many people, who will gladly watch your content. 

Everything you do, whether it is a business profile or personal blog, has to resonate with your inner world. In this case, your audience will be hypnotized with your content.