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Top 5 Pay Per Call Network to Work With


If you are working with the pay per call network and not much happy with the current one then this post is for you. Here in this article, we are going to discuss some of the best pay per call networks you can work with.

I have selected these pay per call networks based on various factors and some of those are-

  • Trust in their current operation
  • User feedback
  • Affiliate managers and their support
  • Number of offers and range of offers
  • Payout and threshold and much more

We have filtered these data with the help of PayPerCallNetworks who offer you the way to select different ad networks and fast-track your application. And then find the information about them and get in contact directly. There you can get clarified with the ways of working or any other kind of query you have.

Let’s start and check these 5 pay per call networks!

1. LucraTel

Every day Publishers ask me who I send my calls to and the answer is always, LucraTel.
They stack up their agency with plenty of verticals to choose from. At LucraTel you can sort through categories such as Payday, Debt, Credit Repair, Insurance, Home Services, Solar, Rehab Addiction, and several others. What I truly enjoy is getting paid twice per month on any campaign, no threshold.
LucraTel has been around since 2012 and in the pay per call world that’s forever compared to most. They are honest, brilliant, and helpful to deal with. You need to be working with LucraTel for all things PPCall.
Did I mention you can track all of your calls in one centralized location without secondary accounts? Yeah, they’re the only ones to do it that way and I love it. You can even order custom landing pages that are mobile-optimized for your campaigns directly from the LucraTel crew.
If I can sum it up in 3 reasons to work with LucraTel, here it goes:-
1.) x2 payments per month or faster
2.) Huge buyers network
3.) Extremely reliable

2. Palo Media

PALO Media is a leading pay per call network that offers a wide range of offers in the various verticals. The campaigns are customized in order to meet the demand of both advertiser and publisher. They were founded in 2007 and since then they are delivering the quality phone calls.

3. HQ4Ads

They are one of the leading pay per call lead generation businesses in the industry known for highly recommended offers and strong business relationships.

As an advertisers, you get direct access to high-quality phone calls from qualified prospects interested in your business. Publishers get direct access to multiple campaigns types and strategies in verticals that perform exceptionally well using PPC (pay-per-click) advertising. HQ4Ads is a top-tier network for advertisers and publishers alike to grow their business with pay per call.

Some of their top performing verticals include:

  • Mortage
  • Debt Settlement
  • Tax Settlement
  • Insurance (Auto, Life, Health)
  • Finance
  • Health
  • and many more

4. AllFinanceLeads

If you are looking for a rewarding, trustworthy, and on-time payment pay per call network that works exclusively with financial leads, you need to work with AllFinanceLeads. They entered the scene with  industry experience and have added all those to AllFinanceLeads. They also considered as one of the leading performance marketing experts in the financial niche.

5. Crossblade Media

Crossblade Media is performance marketing ad network and they have plenty of pay per call offers to promote. They operate on cost per lead, cost per acquisition, cost per sale and pay per call model which makes the Crossblade Media even more useful and beneficial for both advertisers and publishers. You need to look for the highest converting campaigns which provide amazing ROI on their campaigns.

6. CallTrader

CallTrader is a leader Pay Per Call network where you will find a variety of different offers and campaigns. If you are looking for some cool offers, CallTrader is one of the best in the market. They have a lot to offer for all- advertiser, publisher, and agencies.


These were the top 5 pay per call networks we have selected.  There are many others which can be on the list. To fast-track your application to these and many other networks, visit  the PayPerCallNetworks introduction portal.


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