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13 Of The Best Reminder Apps For Android

From that presentation you promised to send to your teacher by today to study for your exams, buy goods for your upcoming projects, remembering everything might be overwhelming sometimes.

But, there’s nothing to fear about – your Smartphone can help you avoid forgetting by reminding you about your tasks by various reminder app for Android available in-app store/play store. There is a range of reminder apps aiming to help you remember your tasks.

Best Reminder Apps For Android: Our Top Pick 👌

1. BZ Reminder

The app is very easy to use and straightforward reminder app. Made for those who want to set up tasks super quickly.

Best Reminder Apps For Android

The app also features widgets, a calendar. This reminder app also reminds you to call whoever you missed a call from. Simply swipe down from the top of your phone’s display (notification bar) to see all the reminders you’ve created.

Adding a new reminder can be done without even unlocking your phone, all you need to do is swipe down and tap on the plus sign and create your new reminder.

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2. Just Reminder with Alarm

It’s a simple all-in-one reminder app for Android just to remind you of everything at a specified time. You can customize each reminder with a picture or a ringtone or even a talking alarm tone. Just Reminder app also offers auto-snooze and LED blink (if your device supports it).

13 Of The Best Reminder Apps For Android

There’s also a backup/restore feature that helps you to backup or restores your reminder plans. You can also categorize your reminders in this reminder app. If you’re not happy with the categories, you can always edit or remove them.

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3. Remind Me

Remind Me is an app with the Motto “Never Forget”. Truly the app never lets you forget your simple daily tasks. The App focuses on these basic tasks with an idea that if a person can manage these simple tasks properly then there’s no room for other tasks to get left behind.

Remind Me App Demo

The essence of this app is to simply let you set reminders once and there you go; the app will fail to remind you. You can also record your own voice as a reminder. If you prefer, you can also choose the default sound or a tone from your Android device’s gallery as well.

Download on Google Play Store

4. To do remainder with alarm

Memory like a sieve? Now there’s no need to remember all those things that you have to do because To Do Reminder will do that for you! It’s quick and easy to use; you can set a task in the reminder list in mere seconds. It’s the best reminder app with an alarm.

To Do Reminder - Make Life Easier

An app can help you to remind – Daily Todo Tasks, Meetings, Homework and Assignments, Business Appointments, Taking Medication/Pills, Paying Bills, Policy renewals, Important Calls, Birthdays, Anniversaries, and many more.

You can see all reminder notes on the home screen using the app widget. You can also set advance alerts for Reminders.

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5. Calendar Notify: Widget, Lock, and Status bar

Calendar Notify is a great reminder app for android. The interface of this app is beautiful and easy to use. The features of this app are simple and easily accessible.

This app delivers a quick view of your agenda and schedule. It offers complete personalization for users’ convenience. 

Effortlessly manage your day with Calendar Notify for Android!

You can look at your scheduled meeting on your phone with one click. This app allows you to make your day effortless. If you are looking for an app that is a bit simpler than the stock Google app, download it. 

To offer a complete customization experience, the developers of this app have integrated some advanced features. In addition, this app gives you complete control over backups by allowing you to sync with Google drive

You can create a favorite design by tweaking colors, fonts, text, layout, and style. You will be glad after knowing that this app allows you to filter all the events to concentrate on the upcoming events. 

Some Features of Calendar Notify:-

1. If you have an awful habit of forgetting events and tasks, Calendar Notify is a must-have app for you. It’s an amazing feature that allows you to create reminders and prioritize them.

Whether you need an app to manage your work roaster, business meeting, or social events, Calendar Notify will put the upcoming event in front of your screen. You will miss nothing if you use Calendar Notify. 

2. One of the most useful features of the Calendar Notify app is intelligent storing- it pushes all-day events below time events so that the next upcoming event always appears on the screen. Along with that, you can change the appearance of the screen by easily applying a new design. 

3. If you are looking for the best reminder app for android that extremely helps you in managing your important dates of the year, then download this app.

Right from the beloved one’s birthdays, anniversaries to important events dates, you can create every event with a date and time in this app. And it’s the responsibility of the app to let you know about the event on time. 

4. Using a reminder app like Calendar Notify will give you peace of mind that you will never miss your important events. Tap an event to open the calendar app and immediately display the event. 

5. The advanced features of this app like complete customization, hiding the icon on the notification, allowing events to be hidden, and so on are only available on this app’s premium version. 

6. Sometimes this app works slowly after updating. 

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6. Google Keeps – Notes and Lists

Google keeps Notes is a great way to organize your day. It is probably one of the hassle-free note-taking apps available right now. Its collaboration features allow you to share notes effortlessly. 

13 Of The Best Reminder Apps For Android

You can also add photos, audio, videos, and other graphics in the notes. If you are a writer, then it is the best app for you. There are plenty of productivity and organization apps out there in the market. But, Google keeps Notes as the one that makes writing, editing, and sharing content over the internet easier. 

The user-friendly interface of this app offers you seamless writing and sharing text experience. You can quickly organize notes by creating subcategories and share with your friends and family at one click. One thing that may bother you and is a lack of text options. 


1. Google Keeps Notes also works as a reminder app for android because it allows you to list a reminder with each note and list. If you are a writer and need a handy app that gives you quick access to your written notes, then install Google Keeps Notes. 

2. Items in your Google keep Notes are shareable and can be edited anytime. You can also share a note or image directly without entering the menu.

All you need to add a receiver email address, and he will get access to retrieve your data. Now, your recipient can edit your text, and you can see it. So, if you do collaborative writing, then this app helps you a lot. 

3. You can also add a widget on your phone’s home screen for quick access to your notes. That means you can view your app without opening an app. By pressing on the widget, you can open the note and review it effortlessly. 

4. Want an app that allows you to share your plans with others in real-time? If yes, then download Google Keeps Notes. You can easily schedule the plan and add your friends’ email IDs so that they view and make changes.

Furthermore, this reminder apps for android keeps a backup in Google drive so that you can retrieve your data from any platform. You will be glad after knowing that this app is absolutely free to download. 

 Download on Google Play Store

How to use Google Keep Notes like a Pro! (Tips & Tutorial)

7. Life Reminder: Best Medicine Reminder App

Life Reminder is another amazing app for reminding you about important events and tasks. If you want to achieve productivity in life, use Life Reminder because it allows you to create a task with a deadline and remind you about it before half an hour.

13 Of The Best Reminder Apps For Android

If you work from home, it is difficult for you to balance your personal and professional life effortlessly. 

This app lets you know about the important events on your phone screen with details. Sometimes we forget to drink water and take medicine in the rush of work; you can also set a reminder for that.

All in all, it is the best reminder app for android users who want to work without missing deadlines.

 Along with reminder features, you can do lots of things with this app, like an alarm to wake in the morning, something to do when you arrive at work, and so on. I understand the need for ads, but they sometimes make users annoyed. 

Features Life Reminder:-

1. Life Reminder is a simple yet powerful reminder app for android users who want to finish everything in a timely manner. Many people struggle with productivity and are good at procrastination.

This app allows you to schedule every task, phone calls, special event, and other special dates effortlessly. It comes with a plethora of time management features that help you to achieve productivity throughout the day. 

2. The app is handy and easy to use. Creating and scheduling events is very simple. Its user-friendly interface allows you to set a reminder for the important tasks within a few clicks. 

Once you schedule a task, you don’t need to worry about the reminder; the app will notify you on time. You can easily set up phone calls, business meetings, and messages on schedule. All in all this app never lets you procrastinate when it comes to starting work on time.

3. Additionally, this app uses material design, supports seven languages, and sets reminders on this app. This app also allows you to see all your reminders when needed. 

4. If you are looking for an app that helps you achieve tasks in a timely manner, you should download this app. It is the best reminder app for android users who want to achieve short-term goals on time. The specialty of this app is that it never lets you miss your deadlines. 

Download on Google Play Store

 8. TickTick: ToDo List Planner, Reminder & Calendar

Tick Tick is another amazing reminder app for android users. It has come with lots of features, including recurring tasks, scheduling events, including reminders, and so on.

13 Of The Best Reminder Apps For Android

This app allows you to customize a calendar as per your requirements. Whether you work from home and the office, it works best either way.

 If you are looking for something that can make your day-to-day task easier, then download it. It works great for a variety of situations.

In this highly competitive world, if you want to keep yourself ahead of your competitors, you need to make yourself organized. Creating a to-do list is one of the best ways to finish tasks in a timely manner.

Best Reminder Apps For Android

Tick Tick app is only designed for users who want to achieve productivity in their life. You can sort goals by date, priority, and title.

Furthermore, you can easily customize your scheduled tasks with reminders the way you want. Users are expecting more when it comes to calendar customization. 


1. Want an easy-to-use reminder app for android that can help you to finish work promptly? If yes, then Tick Tick is a must-have app for you.

Because it helps users to organize tasks effectively and remind you on time, if you are a person who needs some kind of push to start a task, then use this app because it notifies you about your scheduled task the way you want. You can set your task with a voice command as well. 

2. This app reminds you about the scheduled events and gives you peace of mind that you will not miss any deadline. With five calendar views, it allows you to handle your scheduled tasks more conveniently. 

The user-friendly interface of this app helps you to organize the tasks effortlessly. The seamless calendar integration can be customized as per the users’ requirements. If you want to be more productive in your life, then you should use this app. 

3. Before reminder apps, we usually email the to-do list to the team. You can share the list of tasks with your friends and colleagues with the help of this app.

It is one of the fewer reminder apps that allows you to collaborate with others. Scheduling, reminding, and sharing with friends are the top rich features of this app. 

4. One of the significant reasons to use this app is that it enables users to sync across multiple platforms. Its features work seamlessly across ten platforms. There is no doubt that this app has made our working life easier and hassle-free. 

If you are looking for a reminder app for android that helps you organize work and personal life better, then download this app. 

 Download on Google Play Store

9. Google Tasks: Any Task, Any Goal. Get Things Done

It is a simple app that works as a task manager and a reminder to help you organize and remind you of the task on time. In this hustle-bustle working life, it has become very difficult for us to remember everything.

Best Reminder Apps For Android

Here the importance of reminder apps for android has taken place. Whether you want to handle your personal or professional life, this app works the best when it comes to scheduling tasks. 

The interface of this app is user-friendly. Quickly and easily, you can prepare the task list, and this app will give an alert on time. If you are looking for an app that will allow you to remember essential deadlines, then download this app.

 It will make you mentally relaxed by notifying you about the tasks. When you use this app, you will love its responsive features. It would be better if they add a start view option in this app.  With a simple swipe, you can create and prioritize your tasks.


1. This app allows you to organize the tasks the moments they pop in your head. It is very easy to create and manage a list of tasks.

If you want to customize your tasks, you can also do that anytime. If you haven’t used any reminder app and look for a simple and less functionality-based reminder app for android, use it. It’s easy, and the peasy interface allows you to organize a task into multiple lists. 

2. The task adding process of this app is very fast. Within a few tabs, you can create multiple lists and prioritize your task. All in all this app allows you to categorize your task according to its importance or anything you feel. 

3. If you work in a team, you can use its collaborative feature to share your notes and to-do-list with your team members. Furthermore, whatever device you are using, you can sync this app with multiple devices

4. The developers of this app are very responsive; if you report any issue, they will resolve it. There are fewer reminder apps out there in the market whose developers fix the issue or consider the users’ suggestions. 

It would be better if they add a start view option in this app. 

Download on Google Play Store

10. Microsoft To-Do: List, Task & Reminder

If you think Microsoft To-Do is just a listening app, then you are wrong. The premium graded version of this app allows you to organize your tasks in one place.

13 Of The Best Reminder Apps For Android

This reminder app for android comes with a lot of impressive features and is completely free to use. Furthermore, you can use its colorful theme to personalize your to-do list. However, you can use its dark mode as well. 

You can do so many things with this app, like creating a grocery list, working tasks, daily schedules, surprise parties, plans, and so on. The sole purpose of this app is to make you updated regarding scheduled tasks. 

If you are looking for an app that can keep you up to date regarding your tasks, then download it. This app works as a personal assistant that reminds you of everything that you wanted to achieve. 

Features of Microsoft To Do:-

1. Almost every reminder app for android allows you to schedule a task with one click. But, Microsoft is one of those apps that supports all kinds of file formats and top-notch sharing options.

It allows you to attach up to 25 MB size files to any lists or tasks. It is a highly recommended app for writers because it makes their writing and sharing blogs task hassle-free. 

2. Not all reminder apps offer personalization support to their users. Microsoft To-Do offers complete customization by letting you choose themes, text fonts, create tasks, plans, and set reminders for important events. 

3. This app comes with an amazing feature that enables you to sync this app from an android device with your Windows device so that you can access the information anytime and anywhere. 

4. Microsoft To-Do is the best app for managing tasks, and it will remind you about it on time. It works for you as a personal assistant who will take care of your to-do list and save you from missing deadlines.

If you really want to live in a well-maintained routine, then download this app. And last, this app won’t disturb you if you put your mobile in do not disturb mode.  

 Download on Google Play Store

11. Pi Reminder: Todo, Alarms & Reminders

If you are a busy person and a list of overwhelming tasks makes you feel anxious, you should take smart personal assistance like Pi Reminder.

Best Reminder Apps For Android

This app lets you schedule the tasks, and it will remind you about them on time. It is a kind of reminder that won’t disturb you if you put your phone on, do not disturb. 

One of the best things about this app is that creating a to-do list is very simple and fast. This app keeps your tasks organized by its smart and attractive features.

So, if you seek an app that will make your work life easier, you should download this app. It is very easy to use and manage. Sometimes it causes issues when syncing with multiple platforms. 


  • After knowing that this app allows you to add reminders for others near you by sharing the reminder, you will be glad. Along with that, this app leads your busy life in a better way by reminding your important tasks on time. 
  • This app can sync to multiple devices so that you can access the information anywhere from any platform. 
  • Wow, you can add a reminder with your voice command as well. This feature will definitely save you time. 
  • You can also place a widget on your home screen to keep track of your tasks. 

Download on Google Play Store

12. Galaram – Alarms and Reminders

Say hello to another reminder app for android that is a more effective and rich-features-based app than other reminder apps.

The interface of this app is highly engaging and responsive. Along with scheduling tasks, you can set up the alarm as well. This app has also come up with the snooze option that allows you to delay the alarm for a few moments. 

Introducing Galarm

So, if you are looking for an app that offers you an opportunity to create a to-do list along with reminder alarms, then download this app.

To remember stuff, you can also set a time interval throughout a day and week. Many users have claimed that they feel difficulty in snoozing apps. 

Features of Galaram:-

1. This app allows you to set the alarm for the selected people effortlessly. If you travel from one place to another place, it adopts your time zone.

All your alarms are stored in the cloud, so when you switch your phone and reinstall the app, the alarm appears instantly. Furthermore, you can access the app offline as well. 

2. Galarm will notify you about the scheduled event on time so that you can work on time without missing the deadlines. 

3. This app also supports the Spanish language as well. 

4. You will be glad after knowing no account is needed to access this app. Galarm allows you to block a user, so you do not receive alarms from them. 

 Download on Google Play Store

13. Voice reminder – Recordable Notification and Alarm

With the Voice Reminder app, your reminders will be read aloud to you so you can be reminded of your tasks even if you’re sleeping or Driving.

13 Of The Best Reminder Apps For Android

You can create your reminder by tapping on the plus sign at the top right and fill in the necessary information. Once you’re done typing in your message, the reminder app will read it aloud after pressing the microphone button.


We hope this comprehensive guide on the best reminder apps for android. We need to do so many things in a day. To manage our working life hassle-free, these above-mentioned reminder apps help you a lot. Choose any reminder app for android to schedule the tasks that are important to remember.