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Top 5 Smart Lock — Do you need one?


The world is on a never-ending path of progression, and this has made our lives so much more comfortable in numerous ways. There have been many technologies, but one that stands out amongst most of them is the invention of the smart lock. These devices have provided both convenience and additional security that goes a long way.

best door smart lock
best door smart lock

Top 5 smart lock

There are many smart locks on the market today, but the following is a list of the best smart lock models that money can buy:

i. Kwikset Kevo

Kwikset is a reasonably favorite brand on the smart lock market. It uses Bluetooth connectivity as well as radio frequency identification. It facilitates easy opening, and that is why it has dominated the market. Consumers can open locks using a smartphone.

The system is compatible with both Android and iOS. The settings can be altered to unlock a door once a synced smartphone is nearby. It is unique in that a total of 2 devices can be allowed to gain full access. Also, guests can benefit from the use of eKeys. In case, the user’s smartphone disappears then there is a lost phone option which resets the entire access system.


The following are its benefits:
•It has excellent customer service.
•The product exhibits excellent performance.
•The device is sold with one physical key for those members of the household who are not tech-savvy.
•It is compatible with thermostats hence can be used to control temperature.
•Easy to install and calibrate.

The limitations include:
•The red blinking might annoy some users.

•The price might be high for some consumers.

ii.Schlage Sense

This smart lock device is an ideal mix of quality, advanced technology and simplicity. It is equipped with a touchpad to access doors. The touchscreen display facilitates longevity. Schlage provides its users with comfort since it can be accessed via a backup key. It means that users do not need to worry about losing codes and passwords.

It is accompanied by a lifetime mechanical warranty and a 3-year electronic warranty. The device perfectly fits on any standard door. It is also associated with good battery life.


Its pros are:
•It is compatible with iOS and Android devices.
•Siri voice control can control.
•It is quite easy to control.
•The built-in alarm is tamper proof.


The disadvantages include:
•It has a limited Bluetooth range
•To control it via a remote, the user must own an Apple TV.

Schlage vs. Kwikset is a common comparison because both are dominant models.

iii.Lockitron Bolt

It is an excellent home security brand. It is an ideal blend of stylish and high-tech hence can complement home décor because of its white and beige colors. It has a keyless design that is the core of any good smart lock.

The Lockitron bolt is installed indoors hence protecting it from intruders. It has an informative app that alerts you whenever someone enters your house.

The pros are as follow:
•It provides satisfactory performance.
•It is relatively affordable.

The limitations include:
•It has basic features.


It features a glossy exterior that is black. This brand is known for its superior performance and top quality. Consumers who are keen on elegance and sophistication will be impressed by this product. It provides the user with various ways of unlocking it, i.e. via a touchpad, Bluetooth or a manual key.

It has unlimited e-keys for guests, but the user will have sole control of settings. The product has an app that can be operated over web browsers and phones.

The benefits include:
•It has an aesthetic appeal.
•It exhibits an easy installation process.

The limitations are as follows:
•Rotating the lock can be an uphill task.

v.Yale Touchscreen Deadbolt

It is a top-notch brand that supports Amazon Alexa vocal orders. It can be easily synced with an array of smart house settings. The most beneficial feature is the ability to store over two hundred fifty pins in the system.

The smart lock is compatible with home security systems such as Control4, Alarm.com, Honeywell, etc. This means that it is very useful regardless of the security system that is available.

The benefits of this smart lock are outlined below:

•It is easy to set up the product through the programming procedure that is provided.
•It has a suitable privacy mode for people who require time alone.
•It has a traditional key that can act as a backup.
•It does not require bandwidth to connect to PCs, tablets or phones.


The limitations are:
•It might be expensive for some users.

The above insightful information clearly shows the top 5 smart locks, their features, pros, cons and why we need them. Get yours today!


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