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TOP 5 states with the highest salary for students

Working while in college will supplement your student loan and allowances. It helps you to afford a better quality of life in college. You can buy all the gadgets you desire and take vacations while you still have time before work or family responsibilities tie you down.  

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One of the greatest challenges of working while still in college is managing your homework. Employers do not recognize assignments or school projects that you have to complete. Get custom thesis writing service to complete your homework and other assignments while you meet work-related deadlines. 

How much should a student be paid? If you intend to work while studying, you should consider the salary offered in your host state. You will avoid working long hours without requisite compensation, just because you are a student. Here are the states paying the highest salaries to students.  

1. Utah  

Utah is considered a new or emerging state. It is attracting decent visitor numbers because of its attractive work environment. Surveys also place the work environment among the most satisfying in the USA. As a result, people work for fewer hours yet enjoy the best returns. The higher pay also enables them to spend more time enjoying their earnings.  

The median annual income in Utah is $65,327. It is ranked among the most attractive places for investors. As a result, they are looking for competent personnel to work in their companies. Students, therefore, have an excellent chance to work in such an environment.  

Utah is one of the best places for students. It has some of the best universities and colleges in the USA offering sciences, arts, business, and humanities courses. The weather is attractive with numerous outdoor activities to cover your free time. Education is affordable in Utah, allowing you to save most of what you earn from your job.  

2. Virginia 

Virginia was named one of the best places to live in 2019. It offers a median salary of $64,725 and is rated among the best job markets in the USA. Virginia also ranks top among the states with the most conducive economic and environmental conditions.  

Virginia is located in the Southeastern region of the USA. It is also in the Mid-Pacific region. This is a combination of an environment that provides one of the best living conditions. It allows you to study as well as enjoy excellent weather for outdoor activities.  

Virginia is attractive to technology and accounting workers. It hosts some of the most prestigious universities in the USA. Studying in Virginia gives you a chance to also work for some of the best brands around the world, including 21 of the Fortune 500 companies.  

3. Minnesota 

Minnesota is considered a place to settle. It is attractive to persons looking for a place to build their dream. What better place to start than working while you study? 

The climate in Minnesota gives you all the reasons to stay. It experiences normal winters and summers and is not prone to storms. The median annual salary is $63,405 and ranks top among the most attractive work environments 

Minneapolis was named the Most-literate City in 2015. This is an indication of the quality and commitment to education by authorities in the area. You have all the chances you need to pursue education as well as work in your desired sector.  

4. Wyoming  

Time is of the essence if you have to move between class and your workplace. You will want to live in Wyoming where the average commute time is 18 minutes. It allows you to get to work and class in the shortest time.  

With a median income of $61,865, you will be working in one of the most rewarding areas. The city is one of the least populated in the USA. If you are interested in the mineral and tourism sectors, this is the place to be.  

5. Colorado 

Colorado ranks among the states with the most jobs for college students. It also features among the best paying for starters and highest job growth. It offers a median salary of $61,114. The state has numerous technology, space, and energy industries. It also hosts some of the most prestigious learning intuitions.  

Choosing a job in college goes beyond the actual pay. Consider your ability to complete college as well as the quality of education you receive. Choose a state with opportunities within your area of interest.