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Top 5 Whatsapp Tricks That You Should Know


Whatsapp has grown to become the world largest messaging app,and its excellent features are what has seen it grow to over two billion users making families as well as friends to be connected via the app. The app is owned by the Facebook owner, Mark Zuckerberg and it has more than 4.5 billion photos that are usually shared every day while this app usually supports over sixty languages. Also, it has been able to witness the growth of videos shared to hit over 1 billion videos every single day.

This instant messaging service has continued to introduce new and amazing features which have ensured that it increases the user’s engagement. Among the features that were introduced included Whatsapp Status, deleting messages and sharing of the live location for everyone. While you may be aware of many tricks, there are some that will sound very new to you,and it is these tricks that many people use when it comes to how to catch a cheater.

  • Pin Chats on Whatsapp

This feature allows the users to be able to pin to a maximum of three chats on top of the chat list. These pinned chats will always remain on to,and this means that you will first see them as they matter most to you! To be able to pin a chat, you need to tap and hold a specific chat that you wish to be able to pin. Tap Pin icon which appears on top of the screen. When you want to unpin a chat, all you need is to tap and then hold the chat that has been pinned in the chat list and remove the pin icon.

  • Creating a Conversation shortcut

If you are a very frequent user of the Whatsapp, you may be having trouble when it comes to opening Whatsapp or even finding the person that you want to converse with! You have an option of pinning the chart,but it is only limited to three charts.

However, Whatsapp allows you to be able to create a shortcutfor a conversation on the home screen. To be able to make a shortcut, get to hold a chat on top corner and then select the three dots menu. Click on the Add chart shortcut,and it will be created on the home screen. This method always is the easiest,and you will have an easy time when locating the people that you want to converse with.

  • Getting Old Status Back

In many occasions, most of us usually miss the old Whatsapp status list that hasbeen replaced with the new stories. Many stories usually happenin a single day. For example, on Instagram, or even on Facebook, they keep storage of all the posts that are made. To access the status option, press on the tab where you were changing status. Tap on the three dots and click settings. Navigate to About >>Phone number. From here, you can easily be able to change it.

  • Deleting messages for everyone on Whatsapp

Deleting messages for everyone on Whatsapp is one of the best features that was introduced by Whatsapp. It helps especially in cases where a wrong message was sent to the person. Deleting message for everyone ensuring that it is deleted on both ends hence no trace will be left. The message is going to be replaced with a message ‘This message was deleted.’ It is important to note that you have up to seven minutes to delete a message sent as over seven minutes, this operation will not be possible. To delete the message, you will need to tap and hold message and then click delete for everyone.

  • Using Starred messages on the Whatsapp

The starred messages are one of the features that allow the users to be able to bookmark specific messages that you need to star. To be able to start a message, tap and hold the message and a star icon is going to appear on top of the screen and select the star icon. To redo this process, follow the same process.


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