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Top 6 Best Alternatives to Evernote


Apps and software have come a long way from the simple ones setting reminders and schedules to the latest ones which take down most of our professional work on their shoulders.

It is quite common for most of the users to depend on apps for reminding the day to day tasks, deadlines of assignments, projects and so on.

If you are one among those who depend a lot on apps for professional work also, you probably know about Evernote.

It is a single solution for all your problems. Evernote has helped lot many users by allowing them to take down notes, save ideas and plans, draw maps or diagrams, withhold ideas and sparks etc.

However, there are few situations where Evernote is not the solution for you. If you are using a Linux Operating system, Evernote has no chance.

Further, Evernote has too many features and tasks that it may not be required for many people to go through all that. A simple tool would be enough for a common person.

If that’s the case, let us tell you about some other alternatives for Evernote. We present the list of alternatives for EverNote in this article.

Best Alternatives to Evernote

1.Simple Note

Top 6 Best Alternatives to Evernote

The best thing about Simple Note is the simplicity. It supports only text inputs but can share the information across any device with a screen.

Simple Note offers unlimited storage and it supports various devices running Windows, Linux, Macintosh, Kindle fire, Android and iOS etc.

The only setback of this app is that it can take inputs only in text. If you are fine with it and want a notebook to use across various devices and platforms, Simple Note is the best choice for you.

2.Microsoft OneNote

Top 6 Best Alternatives to EvernoteMicrosoft OneNote is a perfect choice if you manage projects and use Evernote as a pinboard. OneNote is pre-installed in Windows 10 OS with the updated Office suite. Users can download it in the earlier versions of windows also.

It uses Microsoft drive to synchronize the data through the Microsoft account. It stores everything on One drive where each user is allowed a storage of 5GB. It allows users to gather text, links, images, drawings etc.

It also has certain extensions which are very useful. One Note web clipper allows you to capture sections of web pages. Office lens meant for Windows Mobile allows users to take a snap of any board and edit the text later.

3. Google Keep

Google Keep is another tool which can be used as an alternative to EverNote. Google Keep is simple in its approach with a grid-based arrangement. It contains color codes for notes to indicate their category.

It lets users to share their notes with others, set reminders within notes and save list-based notes. Google Now can also read the reminders from here.

OCR technology helps in grasping text from images. Automatic voice-based notes are also recorded. Google Keep is mainly preferred for its simple interface and the ability to connect with various Google services.


NeverNote is the linux based version of EverNote. As the latter doesn’t have a version for Linux OS, NeverNote has come in to play. It is developed by Open Source Community and hence free to use. It offers tools such as color-coded notes, shared notes etc.

It has almost all the features that are present in EverNote. It mainly surpasses the drawback of EverNote which lacks Linux version.

So if you are fan of EverNote but using a Linux OS system, this one is right for you. Download NeverNote for free and make use of all its features in Linux.

5. Google Docs

Though it sounds funny, Google docs can also be used as an online notebook. Open Google Docs and write anything in one of the documents.

It will be saved automatically in your cloud storage. You can access your Google document from any device once you have logged in your Google account.

It is a simple and easy way to share information across various devices and platforms. Google Docs not only supports text, but also presentations, spreadsheets and many more.

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6. DEVONthink

If you don’t mind paying a little for a premium service with advanced features, you may consider using Devonthink. It comes at a cost of almost $50.

It has some amazing features and productive options. But, Devonthink is available only for Macintosh at present. In spite of being one of the best, Devonthink may not be considered much due to its platform dependency.



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