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Top 7 Software Development Trends in 2021 & 2022

When it comes to the software industry, there is no shortage of possibilities and potentials for creation. Technology is changing every day, and software giants worldwide always bring something new to the table. Nevertheless, with the help of a software development agency, you may create the next software products that can cater to market needs. Let these trends help you plan your next big profitable project in the decade.

Prioritizing Cybersecurity

Protection and safety are some of the basic needs of people. The same concept applies to identities and data online. As such, agencies and companies provide the best security practices and software creation and development methods. There is a staggering statistic in 2020; there were about 1001 data breach attacks in the United States. As such, software development agencies now put a heavy priority on cybersecurity. The aspect of security online should be a non-negotiable factor, and regulatory bodies work hard to implement these practices.

Rise of Artificial Intelligence

advantage of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is the application of computer systems to perform tasks that need human intelligence. As more machines and devices mimic the function of the human brain, activities become more predictable and more efficient all around. Moreover, there are various applications of AI that don’t only fall on everyday tasks. Healthcare and finance sectors apply AI to industry operations that result in faster work and optimized functions. Expect AI demand to increase from this year’s current global market valued at around 327.5B USD.

Expanding Internet of Things

There are many opportunities to create infinitely many software products for the market. The Internet of Things results in the rise of connecting not only people but also smart gadgets. Once these smart devices connect to the internet, people can transfer data, manage systems, and operate tasks. Now, even small-sized items can provide a lot of function and benefit at home, in school, or in business. If you are looking for the following software project to manage, companies worldwide launch hundreds of smart devices every year.

Use of Immersive Technology

Immersive Technology provides experiences of reality into another immersion. Such popular technologies include Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Mixed Reality. While the market for Immersive Technology is still in its early stages, the rising trend and popularity of these innovations raise demand for the following years to come. Various industries like the gaming industry utilize Immersive Technologies to provide a better consumer experience to the market. While the most prominent notion of Immersive Technology is entertainment, there are endless opportunities to use VR, AR, and MR to basic human needs.

Shifts to Cloud Technology

One of the most in-demand resources right now is cloud technology. For something as vast and infinite as the internet, trillions of data are available and created every day. Infrastructure for data storage and other cloud computing services are very costly to set up. As such, while thousands of companies are developing software, other businesses focus on providing services for storing these data over the cloud. Developers now can concentrate on software development instead of worrying about more storage devices for the project.

Going beyond with Blockchain Technology 

When transparency is the priority, there’s nothing clearer than Blockchain technology’s way of recording non-changeable data. Before, only the financial industries used Blockchain technology to secure ledgers of financial transactions across peer-to-peer networks. There is a rise in various industries using blockchain to store information with minimal or no access for tamper. This is the application of blockchain technology in software development: developers can now secure and protect the data of developed software via blockchain technology. 

Cross-platform software development 

For developers and software agencies, investing in many languages and tools to provide broader platform markets can be a very costly move. Why would you spend two or three more times creating native applications to offer to iOS devices, Android devices, and other systems? The solution to developing software that can cater to multiple platforms is called cross-platform development. The most popular cross-platform framework right now is Flutter. 42% of software developers use Flutter to create various software projects. The numbers are expected to rise in the next few years as agencies shift to hybrid apps over native apps.