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Top Best Android Apps for Your Car


So, you have a brand new Android device. Cheers! Android is really the best mobile OS out there, and the devices being made are just fantastic. However, there is a myth that a smartphone in a car will just distract a driver. Well, this is partially true. When using a smartphone in a car, a driver should be very careful. At the same time, with the right set of applications it is possible to turn your Android device into a great helper. Android smartphones are not only for run. There is an array of apps that can make a driver’s life much easier and sometimes even save life. So, here’s the list of apps that I think every driver should have in his/her smartphone.


This request is a real catch for drivers who want to cut down fuel expenditures. GasBuddy will point out gas position contribution the lowermost fuel prices. By searching out your terminus or current site, the app will map up the adjacent stations where you can fill up. Using GasBuddy is particularly helpful when driving long reserves, as you will always know where to fill up your car for fewer.

Maps, Navigation and Car Mode

These apps come with all Android devices (version 2.0 or higher) and can make your driving knowledge more smooth and enjoyable. Paper maps are unusable, unless you have an extra pair of hands to hold them. With Android maps you can drive in the right way without making recurrent stops or asking someone to check the road on the map.

Navigation is obliging while you are driving within the trace area of a data sign. The Car Mode will come in handy when your hands are busy. It will pull off Voice Actions and make navigation instructions safer. At the same time, it will point out the adjacent hotels, restaurants, ATMs, gas stations and other spots.

Gas Mileage Calculator

As the name suggests, this app will help detect gas mileage of your car. All you need to do to determine your mpg is to enter the cost of all fill-up. The main drawback of the Android gas mileage calculator is that it does not save the results. In other words, it eliminates the option of further examination.


If you are anviolent driver and are loving of speed, reflect downloading Trapster. This app knows the sites of about 5.5 million speed traps located worldwide. Thus, evading speeding tickets with this app is calmer. Another helpful feature of Trapster is the in-built local speed limits signals.


This Android application was industrialized for electronic vehicle drivers. The main drawback of electronic vehicles is the incomplete range. This can be a massive problem if you do not know where the adjacent charging station is. PlugShare will assistance you find the adjacent charger. However, remember that this app provides info about charging stations situated in North America.

Since current smartphones have fantastic performance, it is easy to handle all those apps. But be careful. Do not get unfocused by your phone while driving. This can be rather unsafe. By the way, if you have a smartphone and don’t have a car, it is high time you purchase one.

Waterproof Car Cover helps for car protection

Luckily, using a car cover can deliver a good amount of car protection. When the wind blows, even if it’s just a light breeze, it can blow branches, small pebbles, and dirt against your car. It might not be noticeable, but this does injury your car. The scrapes of the dirt and other wreckage can, over time, start to wear down your vehicle’s vivid paint job, sendoff it looking cloudy and worn.


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