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Top Best android games of 2018


Today’s young generation is always found by digging their eyes on the screens while sitting on the dining counters and even the under the blankets. Games are what make them couch potatoes. There are about 1billion applications which are present on Android, which may become your super time-pass or may be an addiction. App developers are putting their best foot forward to give you a gaming experience like never before. Here is the list of games which everyone is playing


PUBG is a game which will be found in any other Smartphone nowadays. PUBG stands for Player Unknown Battlegrounds.  It’s a survival game which is made to test your survival skills. PUBG is a real-time game which makes you experience a tough situation where you have dropped to an abandoned island and you have to fight for your survival with other 99 unknown players. It was basically a PC game but designers have enhanced the situation to make it worth playing on smart phones. It somehow allows you to experience a real-time gaming. You will be launched to game play with you dropping from a parachute to straight to the buildings and lets you to fight for the survival. You can go solo or create a game play with your friends by creating a team.

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The Room: old sins

The room: old sins are the game which is again for the 4th time is nominated for the best games for 2018. With amazing game play and amazing graphics m the room is an epic puzzle game which allows you to provide an experience a day in an abandoned house. It is an exploring game where are exploring a house of an ambitious engineer who has gone missing.   With help of an eyepiece, you are made to look around the different rooms of the dollhouse that has been filled with puzzles and contractions.  While going deeper inside the house you will find what will happen to the wife too. With amazing graphics and creepy voice, effects game play is extremely amazing.

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Stranger things: the game

Just as the game sounds it is as amazing as the show is. Based on Netflix’s original TV series Stranger things. It is a full-fledged action-adventure game which makes you take around to city of Hawkins with a full cast of the original show. You can switch between the playable characters or the cast of the show anytime during the game play. The retro-graphical experience provides a feel which makes you reach another level of the game play. Somehow it is particularly a classic – sedge style game.

Reigns: Her Majesty

Reign is an award-winning which allows you to rule the kingdom. it is the game where you are made the monarch and you made to make some decisions that are affected by the 4 most important factors including the church, the army, the people and the royal wealth.  Like a soulful monarch, you have to maintain the balance between these 4 aspects without letting down the other one. If in any cases your balance is disturbed the whole land and your kingdom will be over in a single minute. The game is super easy and works with shuffling between left and right on cards.


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